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The skies will be set aflame and the seas will overflow with wreckage in Vlambeer’s stylish arcade shooter LUFTRAUSERS! Select from over 125 combinations of weapons, bodies, and propulsion systems and take to the skies to battle enemy fighter planes, battleships, submarines, and rival aces for glory, honor, and high scores.

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Game description

The skies will be set aflame and the seas will overflow with wreckage in Vlambeer’s stylish arcade shooter LUFTRAUSERS! Select from over 125 combinations of weapons, bodies, and propulsion systems and take to the skies to battle enemy fighter planes, battleships, submarines, and rival aces for glory, honor, and high scores. Bravely volunteer for one of over 100 daring missions to unlock new Rauser combinations and vibrant color variations and become the most legendary Rauser pilot of all time!

Key Features:

  • Bold Aerial Combat – White-knuckle battles against a crimson and cream sky harken back to the pure arcade shooters of the past with tight gameplay, ridiculous combos, and challenges that can only be mastered by the most elite rauser pilots in the world.

  • Customizable Rausers – Unlock unique weapons, plane bodies, and propulsion systems to radically alter your fighter in over 125 deadly combinations. Each daring configuration not only radically alters how your rauser handles and attacks but also rearranges the dynamic soundtrack crafted by KOZILEK.

  • Daring Missions – Make your fellow airmen proud as you tackle over 100 challenging missions from your commanding officers and face off against rival aces in a dogfight to the death.

  • Glorious Achievements - You know, a little something to brag about on shore leave.

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Devolver Digital
Vlambeer / Croteam
Action, Simulation, Indie, Mac
Devolver Digital
Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1.2Ghz+
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 compatibale + 256MB Video
  • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space


  • OS: OSX 10.8+
  • Processor: 1.2Ghz+
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 compatibale + 256MB Video
  • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
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Raining Hell


I played the free online version of this game a ton, so I was pretty familiar with LUFTRAUSERS when I first got it. But the huge difference in the free version and the Steam version were so cool. First of all, the whole customization options weren't in the browser version. Being able to change things about the ship and how it handled were really neat. I liked the variety of options and how it greatly changed the play style. Also, the ships and planes were also very different. I was pretty used to handling aircraft carriers by the time I got a hold of the Steam version, but the subs caught me by surprise. Not least of all though was the airship that lowered itself like a massive cloud of death from above. That really threw me off, and I started to find myself weaving through bullet-hell, and trying to position myself in a way that I could still fire at the enemy. I wish though that there was more variety with the music. It hypes you up pretty well, but hearing the same track over and over got old eventually. There are unlockable color palettes you can use, but some of them were actually somewhat painful to look at, and all of them were merely cosmetic. The game in itself is pretty good though, so all these are extras that should have no real bearing on how you play the game. I will say this much for the game: it definitely didn't disappoint. This game is worth it, in my opinion.

Super fun dogfighting arcade game


Luftrausers is a joy to play. The combat is awesome, you can fly around and shoot, but also turn off your engines to turn around really fast and aim. There's a good amount of customization, you can change your weapon, body, and engine. That allows for some great variation. Examples on weapons are a laser, missiles, and a shotgun-like thing, examples on bodies are a heavier thing that makes your plane slower but can take more damage, a smaller body that does the exact opposite and a nuclear bomb-body that explodes on death, and examples on engines are a faster thing that makes turning harder and an engine that shoots bullets. It's pretty awesome really. There's also many different enemies: standard weak planes, more durable jets, boats, stronger battleships with a ton of cannons and a a mini-boss-like blimb, for example. if you're interested in an arcade shooter, get this. It is truly amazing.

Awesome arcade dogfighting game!


LUFTRAUSERS is an over-the-top arcade dog-fighting game by Vlambeer. If you've played any other of their games, you know what you can expect: arcade games at their core, but with a much more modern design. Your objective is to survive as long as possible, trying to keep your combo up, and unlock plane parts by completing missions. It's you against an army, and it's pretty damn chaotic! Context I've had this game for a few months, and yet, when I first tried it, the controls didn't seem all that good, and I put it on hold... Until recently. I decided to play it for a bit more, to get used to the controls and I was very impressed! This is one of the best games of this genre I've played. It's quite similar to Super Meat Boy, in the sense that the real joy of playing it is in the subtlety of the controls. Mastering it feels very satisfying! Every ship part interacts with your overall movement, making the planes feel great to control. Presentation The graphic style reminds my of Papers, Please!, although that may be because of the main color-scheme, as well as the soviet-esque aesthetic. It's pretty simple, but I don't really have any problems with it. Everything seems carefuly designed, especially when you take into account how few colors are used! You can always distinguish enemies and bullets clearly, with one intentional exception: clouds. Even in them, you can still see what you need, but it's... well, clouded, I guess. One really awesome addition is that you can unlock different color-schemes. Most of them aren't actually practical, giving the game a crazy psychedelic feel, but I can see some being more clear to some people. It's mostly there to keep things varied. And it's just cool to be able to change the whole look of the game for a few runs. It's something I'd like some games to have more often! The music is also pretty interesting! Everything is composed of 3 tracks: percussion, bass, and lead. Your ship also has 3 parts. You can see where this is going: The music is determined by your ship's composition! All of the tracks are in the same key and rhythm, composed so that they could be switched at will. So, every time you start a run with a different ship, the music will also be different! It's low res and old-school, but if fits the rest of the game. I really enjoyed it! Structure So, there are 2 modes: normal, and SFMT. The latter is basically hardcore mode, and you'll often die within 5 seconds. That mode is utterly unfair, and it's there to see which players can persevere through hardship long enough to unlock the uber plane. More on it later on. You'll start with only 1 of each part, but you'll be able to unlock up to 5 per type, by completing the missions. Each part has very different strengths and weaknesses, and will certainly change how you maneuvre your ship. There is only one missions per part, in SFMT, but they're far harder than their normal counterparts (well, mostly one, but still...). There are also missions for the Random part. As the name indicates, a part of the type is chosen when you launch. There's only one "map", if you will. There's water at the bottom, and dangerous clouds on the top, but of which will hurt you. Enemies spawn in waves, of several types. More and bigger enemies will spawn depending on the enemies you've previously kill, making the progression very dynamic. While there's still a great deal of randomness, you can kill the enemies most convenient for your objective (spawning a special enemy, getting higher score, surviving longer, etc.) Some of the missions are based on spawning a Blimp, or an Unclassified ship. Part of the fun is in figuring out when these spawn and out to do it more or less consistently. The forums are also fairly active, with people figuring it out in a group, instead of just checking a guide. You can play the game for the highscores (with leaderboards!) or to complete every mission. The missions are very nice to make you learn the game! First off, you'll have to use different combinations! And second, the missions are also more of less designed for the part's strengths and weaknesses. They're there to help you realize how to play them in a certain way, taking full advantage of it. The game is also hard as nails, so you'll keep going back to it to reach higher and higher, so you might as well try everything! Control and Mechanics This is undoubtedly, the most important part of LUFTRAUSERS, how the ship controls. Basically, you use Left/Right to rotate, and then the Boost to propel yourself in the given direction. I'm sure there's a significant number of games that use this scheme, but I was used to traditional twin-stick shooters, so it definitely felt weird, at first. Once you get the hang of it, though, it's amazing! This is not all, though. Every weapon also has a recoil associated with it, so you'll also be sent back, by some weapons. The propellers are stronger than weapons, of course, but it's the interaction between the two that's so satisfying. Also from that, each part is really different from one another. For example, there's one that gives you a very strong boost, but your turning speed while boosting is very low; One makes you immune to water, but clouds hurt you more; One shoots bullets to propel you, but is weaker than most, while damaging enemies behind you... I won't spoil more of these. The weapons range from a laser, to a spread gun, to a cannon with a very slow recharge... etc. The body mostly controls your HP, and resilience to damage. There are a few differences, though. For example, one drops periodical bombs, while another has a nuke on death. There's one that makes you immune to collision against other planes, but has much less HP. etc. One important aspect! Your ships regenerates health. However, that only happens while you can shoot, but are not! This means, if your weapon is reloading, you will not heal. If it's ready, though, and you're not shooting, you'll heal. Bullets are very damaging, so you have to very carefuly balance when you're shooting, and when you're not. Bottomline Even the description of the game is taking too many words...! The point is: the attention to detail is absolutely incredible. Everything seems to be part of a major clockwork design. Everything works together beautifuly and is really a blast to play! If you like score-attack games, and are willing to stick with the controls for the initial habituation, I'm sure you'll not be disappointed! Now, onto the interesting aspects at play. The game encourages you to try different combinations and learn how to master it As I've mentioned, the missions are a major focus on this game, with the intent of teaching you. It's a commonly used tactic, nowadays, but it works, here! It's a great way of keeping things varied, never feeling stale. Besides, it keeps you engaged. Missions pull you in In a sense, it keeps you always expecting something else. Many times I find myself stopping to play a game, because I'm not sure it still has something to show me. In here, you're always teased with these missions, and even the achievement. There's something big to look forward to, and it keeps you coming back! One more try! Yep, it's that kind of game! As soon as you die, you'll want to jump right back it! Each run shouldn't take you much longer than 5 minutes, if you're lucky. It's hectic and stressful, but in the best of ways. It's challenging and, at times, almost frustrating, but you know that it's always your fault when you die (not on SFMT, that's a freaking nightmare, it's unbalanced, but there's a purpose to it...). I would be repeating myself, at this point. Definitely give it a go, it's f'n awesome!

Cute airplane bullet-hell game.


Luftrausers is a bullet-hell shooter. You fly a plane and try to shoot down other planes while more and more planes fly in from the sides of the screen. As more opposing planes and boats appear, so will more bullets. Dodge the bullets, shoot down your enemies, change some settings for your plane. Simple, fun. Your plane does not get stronger. There are different weapons to collect, and ways to customize your plane, but there are no direct upgrades (only side-grades). For example, instead of your fast-firing basic gun, you might get a slower firing spread-gun. But you cannot just upgrades your firing speed or damage. This is all fine, of course, as it keeps the game challenging; but if you're an upgrade junkie that likes to feel overpowered, you won't find that here. I don't know how I feel about the game's replay value. I played this game for about two hours when I first got it and then stopped. I haven't started up the game since then. If you like bullet-hell style games (or things like Geometry Wars), you might want to check out this title. The developers for Luftrausers succeeded in making a fun, simple, shooting game. I'm rating it as a 60/100 because I don't know if I can recommend it at full price. I got it on sale and I think that it was a good deal.

Fun for short sittings.


This is probably the best 2d arcade shooter I have ever played. It's easy - destroy everything, gather points, do missions and unlock stuff for more fun. Since most of gameplays won't take longer than 5 minutes it's a great game for short sittings. There are many options to customise your plane - not only weapons, but boosts and your armory. The graphics might not look exciting but trust me, once you will play it you will love it. Also music, while there aren't many tracks, it does sound nice. If you love arcade shooters you will love it too. Maybe you are looking for a game for short sittings? LUFTRAUSERS is very good choice then.

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