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Explore the most realistic and beautiful realtime simulation of 'Lunar Flight' in this unique and challenging game. Experience the heart pounding sense of dread as you deliver supplies to moon bases with only seconds of fuel to spare!

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Game description

"Alongside the delicacy of the simulation, Lunar Flight’s great achievement lies in its aesthetics." - rockpapershotgun.com

"I was pleasantly surprised at the quality, look and feel of Lunar Flight." - impulsegamer.com

Lunar Flight has been updated with new Multiplayer modes and many more new or improved features. New Difficulty options make it more accessible than ever before ensuring anyone can make progress and become a thrust vectoring master!

Key Features:

  • Weapons Systems with Countermeasures

  • 2 Multiplayer Modes (Mission Score & Deathmatch)

  • Upto 16 Players

  • A New Multiplayer Leaderboard

  • Integrated Server Browser

  • New Difficulty Options

  • New Skill Based Scoring System

  • 10 New Multiplayer Specific Achievements

  • Performance Improvements Upto (25%) Faster Rendering

  • Improved UI

  • Improved Special FX

  • Miscellaneous Polish & Bug Fixes

Game info
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Sunday, January 15, 2012
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements


  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz or equivalent processor
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Hard Disk Space: 900 MB
  • Video Card: 500 MB Video RAM and at least Shader Model 2.0
  • DirectX®: 9.0c
  • Sound: Windows compatible sound card


  • OS: 10.6 or later
  • Processor: Intel Only
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 900 MB
  • Video Card: 500 MB Video RAM and at least Shader Model 2.0
  • DirectX®: 9.0c
  • Sound: Any
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Lunar Flight

Absolutely love this!

The first contact is a little bit confusing, even for someone like me who spent hours and hours on Flight Simulator : indeed flying this lunar module is tricky, cause every move you made in a direction of course, you have to reverse it in order to stop it. The module movements feels very natural, you really feel the weight of it (to have cargo loading is an excellent idea !). Indeed flying the module reminds me my firsts steps with helicopters in Flight Simulator : gently use the commands, be precise, anticipate. I really enjoy playing the game for 4 or 5 hours and then begin to feel like I was at the end of what the game has to offer. The missions are very similar from one to another. But then I tried my first time trial... And seeing I was very far in the score board, I searched on youtube for lunar flights video and came accross the ones by imsorry. Revelation ! Before that I was only using the rcs translations and used the main thruster only to control altitude. But these video show me it is possible to use all of the 3 rotation axis ! I then spent hours and hours again to get better with this new technique, practicing and practicing again. A real pleasure when you begin to feel speed and trajectories ! Today Steam shows me I spent 22 hours in Lunar Flight from now on ! In conclusion, for the price it costs, this game is an absolute must have ! You will learn totally new techniques to fligh, very interesting and challenging !

Love this Simulator!

Simply amazing. I love this simulator so much, I suck at it and I'm having tons of fun with it. And if you suck at a game, but you're having fun. You know it's a pretty damn good game. The only problem I've had was with using my Joystick, other then that no problems. I would also like to put clarification to people saying the first time loading takes really long, I've posted this and got in the same day, a response from the owner saying that in the first time starting up, it will cache 1.7GB of information so you have a better performance. He will later add a loading screen to make that more clear. And to people reading UnbiasedOne's review, it's complete.... argh. The stupidest thing, ever. First of all he complains about the loading time, alright. I explained that here and if he just waited and then gave it a second try he would see that it then takes

Better than Moon Tycoon...

If you knew attrocities of that horrible game which is Moon Tycoon, so you can probably find a little paradise in this game, just a little I said... Visual effects are very encourageous but not totally moving yet...It's very dead in this game, there is not a good rythm of gameplay and "weather" environment, even if the screenshots are charming... However, it's a correct simulation game, not the first or the last, it keeps his promises that's all... Just a little last point, concerning gameplay feelings, it's a delight...especially with X360 controller, it's properly adjusted...

Original simulator

In this game you can feel a fantastic experience: a travel to the moon. The gameplay is basically fly the lunar module from base to base without running out of fuel, transporting cargo or recovering it and landing without crashing, this isn't easy because the flying is very complex but once you learn to read the instrumentation you will be a master and then you can try the time trials and see the leaderboards. Maybe the missions can be a bit repetitive but with this wonderful atmosphere and the realistic sound effects you need to try this game at least once.

Turn Back Now!!!

GAMEPLAY: Unfortunately, I was not impressed with this game at all. Maybe it just wasn't for me, but the awkward controls and unfriendly camera(s) turned me away from enjoying just about anything in this game. At it's core, Lunar Flight is an update to Lunar Lander from the gaming days of yore. I could see this game's potential for those who enjoy a deep simulator with a steep learning curve. However, for anyone else, your money is better spent elsewhere. VISUALS: The visuals in this game were relatively good. The graphics and models won't blow you away, by any means, but it does feel like a relatively new game. The cameras are a little stiff and hard to manage, and sometimes they don't convey the information you need as well as I'd like. The camera is really my biggest gripe with the visuals. Everything else is decent. SOUND: The sound effects in this game really lend themselves well to this game - all fit perfectly. For me, this was one of the strongest aspects to this game. There isn't much in the way of music, but that's okay. Rocketing around the moon doesn't really need music. Instead, this game has a lot of ambient sounds over the radio system in your little lander. It works. OVERALL: This game was not enjoyable at all, for me. However, all is not lost. If you really enjoy simulation games and don't mind the learning curve, then this game may be for you! Definitely watch a few videos before picking this one up, and if you're the impatient type, avoid it entirely.

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