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Mario Kart 8





Turn your world upside down! Take on these twisting gravity-defying courses in Grand Prix, Time Trials, and VS Race modes.

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Game description

Turn your world upside down! Take on these twisting gravity-defying courses in Grand Prix, Time Trials, and VS Race modes.

  • Sometimes victory is only an item away!

    Unleash powerful items to turn the tables on your opponents!

  • New racers hit the track!

    With Bowser's minions, Baby Rosalina and Pink Gold Peach all making their debuts behind the wheel, you'll have more character choices than ever before.

  • Mix and match parts to build your perfect vehicle!

    Combine a chassis, tyres, and a glider to create a dream machine that suits your driving style and a character's stats.

  • Connect and compete with racers from around the world*!

  • Compete with up to 12 players from around the globe!**

Set up custom tournaments with your own rules.

Voice chat with friends between races.

Download ghost data from racers around the world and try to beat them.

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Friday, May 30, 2014
Digital Nintendo Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements

Requires a Wii U and Nintendo Network ID Account

Recommended Requirements

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Best Mario Kart so far


Mario Kart 8 is (as the name suggests) 8th Mario Kart from Nintendo. They've had the tradition of making one for every console they have since SNES, and I think that's very fitting release schedule, yearly franchises wear out fast but making one for every console. Every generation has the chance to experience Mario Kart for the first time, my nieces love this game and they haven't had the chance to play any of the other ones. MK8 doesn't do anything that new, the gravity stuff doesn't come a whole lot into play during gameplay, because the camera stays the same you rarely notice the level twisting and turning upside down or twisting and turning all over the place. Only place where it comes into play is that you get a speed boost during anti-gravity when you hit another player, or a blue bumper, during it. Online play is a miracle because of how well it works. It matches you with players all over the world. I've had players from all over Europe, Asia and America playing on same race, and there's no lag anywhere to be seen, it all works just flawlessly. 60fps also makes things buttery smooth, and the colorful art direction Nintendo always has just pops everything out of the screen. It's just really good, despite being done before. Nintendo just has this way of making games that despite rehashing a lot of ideas they're still extremely good experiences.

Upside down


I wasn't a fan of Mario Kart series at all. The only multiplayer car combat, if you can even call it that, that I enjoyed was Carmaggedon for some reason. Every entry of Mario Kart bored me. With this game, I didn't have high expectations at all, and man I was blown away by this game. Gameplay is incredible, graphics are stellar and not greys and browns like it was in Wii game, and also much better online than Wii game, which dropped connection like crazy! All of the stages are really, really great fun and there are only some minor complaints to be thrown at this game, first being online exploits - when the players slows down his internet connection, he is invincible and no amount of red shells or blue shells will stop him from winning or slow him down, since instead of disconnecting the player, it keeps him to the end of the race, which sucks. Other thing is minor, really, but the new gimmick of driving on walls is sadly incredibly and criminally underused. There are only couple of stages that make great use of it, in others it's more like a throw away. Great game, especially if you have someone to play it with you!

best mario kart in history


i got mario kart 8 from a premium pack so it was my first wii u game. pros:nice graphics, online multiplayer, co-op multiplayer, many modes, singleplayer, unuique racing mechanics, DLC, maps from other mario kart games including zelda themed maps. cons: coudlnt think of any lol



Updated classic and the original 1992 Super Nintendo Entertainment System console go-karter now for the Wii U. Looks great, with bright, vibrant colours, in smooth, crisp High Definition, while the default, standard Wii U game-pad may look daunting; however I found it easy to get used to and was enjoyable and straightforward to use. Contains all the previous power-ups (stars, red shells, blue shells, shrinkage) along some new ones, while the courses are entertaining, thrilling yet gradually get challenging, allowing you to learn and get used to the tracks. Also now online!!! You can now race against others online in various modes across the world- a must-have for the Wii U!

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