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Mass Effect: Andromeda takes you to the Andromeda galaxy, far beyond the Milky Way. There, you'll lead our fight for a new home in hostile territory - where WE are the aliens.

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Game description

Mass Effect: Andromeda takes you to the Andromeda galaxy, far beyond the Milky Way. There, you'll lead our fight for a new home in hostile territory - where WE are the aliens.

Play as the Pathfinder - a leader of a squad of military-trained explorers - with deep progression and customisation systems. This is the story of humanity’s next chapter, and your choices throughout the game will ultimately determine our survival in the Andromeda Galaxy.

As you unfold the mysteries of the Andromeda Galaxy and the hope for humanity lies on your shoulders – You must ask yourself… How far will you go?

Key Features:

  • Be the Pathfinder. Chart your own course in a dangerous new galaxy. Unravel the mysteries of the Andromeda galaxy as you discover rich, alien worlds in the search for humanity’s new home.

  • Return to the Mass Effect universe you love. Lead the first humans in Andromeda on a desperate search for our new home. In this new chapter of Mass Effect, meet and recruit all-new, interesting characters caught up in an epic space saga filled with mystery and galactic conflict.

  • Battle like never before. New additions like destructible cover, boosted jumps for added verticality, and all-new weapons and Biotics make combat more thrilling than ever.

  • Play your way. Build a formidable hero with amazing weapons, powers and tech. With a much more flexible skill and weapon progression tree, you can replicate your play style to make you unstoppable against powerful alien enemies.

  • Join the APEX Forces. Multiplayer in Mass Effect Andromeda places you into a class-based, 4-player co-op fire-team experience. Team up with three of your friends to take on the enemy threat and protect the interests of the Andromeda Initiative.

PC Gamer - 8/10 "an improved combat system and a full-feeling, spectacular sci-fi world to explore"
Forbes - 8.5/10 "Andromeda is welcome return to one of my favorite fictional universes"
Gameinformer - 8/10 "It is a fresh start for the franchise and invigorated by a renewed sense of exploration"
Staff Review
by Green Man Gaming

As a passionate yet lapsed lover of Bioware's planet-hopping, alien-romancing Sci-Fi RPG franchise, I had very high hopes for Andromeda. I wanted adventure, I wanted discovery, I wanted stunning otherworldly environments full of promise. I wanted zappy guns, a nippy spaceship with a cool name on the side and an attractive, brightly-coloured extraterrestrial to warm my bed.

I was not disappointed on any of these counts.

This game's protagonist, Ryder, like the original trilogy's Shepard, can be male or female and has the hero's mantle thrust upon them early - in this case, when they are unexpectedly elevated to the role of Pathfinder: the gun-toting explorer in charge of settling new worlds in the Andromeda galaxy.

It soon becomes clear that the Andromeda Initiative - a huge colonization fleet of Humans and other Milky Way-dwellers that set out on its 600-year journey after the events of Mass Effect 2 - has not turned out as planned.

The habitable "golden worlds" they expected are not as they seemed. Hostile dark energy fields pervade the galaxy. Mysterious warlike aliens known as Kett are everywhere, and they are not at all pleased to welcome you to the neighbourhood.

All of which means you're in for a fight - which is good news, since the combat is light-years ahead of the last game for sheer action, speed and intensity.

There's more of Destiny here than Knights of The Old Republic; the well-balanced jetpack jumps and boosts give you the tools to flank the enemy (before they flank you) and, although the new Smart Cover system is slick, if you try to hide and take pot-shots instead of keeping moving, expect to be flushed out and blasted to atoms by some seriously aggressive AI enemies.

Off the battlefield, MEA has all the vital Mass Effect ingredients in place. Fully-voiced cast of characters with rich backstories and a relationship with Ryder that you can develop into a friendship, even a love affair, or absolutely trash with soap-opera consequences? Check.

A blanket of shiny new star systems to explore, mine, settle and fill with bullet-holes and empty thermal clips? Check.

A brand-new, top-of-the-line starship with room for all your space-faring buddies, a shelf for collectible spaceship models and a garage for your two-door planetary buggy, the NOMAD? Checkity.

Completely new, fascinating alien species to make first contact with (and ideally not declare war on)? You betcha.

That amazing sense of exploration, of landing on a planet, seeing an alien landscape and setting off to find out what's behind that massive purple crystal or that field of glowing hairy orange plants shaped like question marks? Oh yes.

This is without even going into the new, improved APEX multiplayer, which expands on ME3's co-op horde mode, offering a whole load of new options as well as feeding rewards from multiplayer activity back into single player. Spoilers: it's pretty damn cool.

So, the elephant in the room: let's talk about *those* reviews. I got seriously worried when I heard the controversy over this stuff and saw some of the more...shall we say...emotional criticisms online. I considered sitting this game out. I'm so, so glad I didn't.

Yeah, some of the faces are weird. While the actual textures are great, the facial animations often look stiff and odd, a far cry from the smooth, fluid and vibrant character and attack animations you see elsewhere in Andromeda. But, to be honest, I quickly stopped noticing. They're not *that* bad. They're really not. And if I missed out on the awesomeness of this game because of them, I'd kick myself. Really hard.

As for the writing, I'd say Andromeda's dialogue lives up to my beloved original trilogy, building up connections to characters through pulpy Sci-Fi melodrama in exactly the same way. Just like Mass Effects 1-3, some lines are rousing and epic, nuanced and characterful – and others fall embarrassingly flat. That's show business, baby. I still end up spending ages on the Tempest chatting to my shipmates while a galaxy full of secrets waits for me.

In the final calculation, ME:A still captures that Bioware magic in a major way. You're humanity's first pioneer in a new galaxy where every step is a discovery. You've got your own ship, your own crew, a big pile of guns, thousands of lines of dialogue, a mysterious cosmic force to investigate and hordes of hostile aliens to shoot. What's not to love? Now, if you'll excuse me, I have planets to colonise.

-Alex E

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Electronic Arts
Authorised Distributor
Tuesday, March 21, 2017
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes

Keys will be delivered either before or within 48 hours of release.

Minimum Requirements
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • PROCESSOR: Intel Core i5 3570 or AMD FX-6350
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB, AMD Radeon 7850 2GB
  • HARD DRIVE: At least 55 GB of free space
  • DIRECTX: DirectX 11
Recommended Requirements
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • PROCESSOR: Intel Core i7-4790 or AMD FX-8350
  • HARD DRIVE: At least 55 GB of free space
  • DIRECTX: DirectX 11

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Reviews for Mass Effect Andromeda

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A new twist on a classic series

So, I played and beat the game. No, it wasn't perfect, but what game is? I didn't seem to notice as many of the graphics glitches that others complained about, so perhaps that helps my reaction to the game. I'm actually very excited by this new series. The original trilogy had an overarching theme of doom and destruction, where the fate of all life was threatened. Andromeda did have threats, but I never felt all that drama in this, but instead I sensed something different and refreshing: hope. The Andromeda Initiative, even with all the problems they face, have a sense of hope and wonder for this new galaxy, they want to see what it will hold for them and their descendants, and they want to build a brighter future. Yes, there's dark elements, but that bright light offsets a lot of the doom and gloom for a fun experience to me. I highly recommend this game to any and all that might be interested.

Great game, if you can overlook the flaws

I played Mass Effect Andromeda for 158 hours now and i don't plan to quit any time soon. Yet it takes a certain personality to enjoy it as much as i do... Do you get bothered by bad cutscene animations? Sketchy Ai behaviour? Somewhat average story and characters? And of course there is lots of non-gamebreaking bugs... ME:A had a rough landing and there is lots yet to be fixed. Suffering through these problems might lead you to the part that i enjoyed, the gameplay itself. I find the combat to be very satisfying. With lots of powers and guns to try out, there are many ways you can shape your Ryder to be the best killing machine. The combat is full of tense moments, with death being ever present risk if you are not careful. On higher difficulties enemies can be somewhat "bullet-spongy" though. You spent most of the time exploring and doing missions, to what degree you complete the side missions is up to you. A lot of them might be too generic, but I felt compelled to explore every nook and cranny and do as many missions as possible. Not just because i got rewarded with Habitability of planets, but i found great satisfaction with completing the map and solving all that can be solved. To others, this might feel like useless filler. Your character progresses through all this, either with XP, money, materials and research points to be used for crafting or just by making Heleus more habitable for the Initiative. Bit by Bit you get better and better, which is the part that i most enjoyed. Though before you get all the options you first have to go through a slow and narrow start. I spent most of my time in the Co-Op Multiplayer, where you are pitted against waves of enemies. Most advancement there is from random chance loot boxes that can be either bought for real money or you can pay for them with multiplayer currency that can be grinded by playing. Do you hate the grind with passion? Or do you like that there is something to look forward to, even though you have to work for it? One thing to note is that the rarest weapons are not always the best and the starting weapons are by no means the weakest, especially the Charger submachine gun. The lack of decicated servers is the biggest flaw of multiplayer. It is always a roll of dice if the player hosting the match has good internet connection and sometimes the latency can be simply too much. Playing with people you know alleviates this. On the technical side something that surprised me was that the game ran pretty well on my outdated PC, my i5 3350P processor and my nvidia GTX 550ti were well below minimum requirements, yet i always ran between 30-60 fps with some fps drops in certain situations or highly detailed places. The game is not without few crashes that are small issue in single player that has frequent saves, yet are highly disheartening in Multiplayer. All in all i would say that most of the critique is well deserved. But i am hopeful for future improvements, first patch already showed that some of my pet peeves were fixed and i think many more fixes are to follow.

If it ain't broke, why fix it?

The title of this review pretty much sums up the philosophy the developers approached this game with. Whilst there have been a few changes and improvements, nothings been changed greatly from the previous games. You travel the game map, visiting systems, scanning planets and occasionally landing on one. Combat is pretty much like ME3, though the new skill set system means that you now have a much greater range of abilities at hand. Since you can only have three active powers at a time, you swap out your current ones for ones more useful to the upcoming mission. Weapons and equipment can still be purchased or looted, but the crafting system is nice and easy to use though I'd completed the main story and majority of side missions long before I reached a high enough level to unlock any of the top tier stuff. Weapons and armor are very distinctively different and different types can be combined based on stat boosts, though there are some clipping issues with mixed armors. The characters themselves are decently written, but a few are so similar to previous characters, you'd be forgiven for thinking they've just transplanted fan favorites over at times. Dialogue is a bit iffy in places, but there are some chuckle worthy moments and the overall script isn't bad. Conversations between team members are the better ones. Graphically, again not much has changed. There's more detail, some of the landscapes are more stunning and the lighting is dangerously on the verge of Abrams levels of lens flare, but it still looks like a tarted up ME3 for the most part. There are some visual glitches though, one mission requires you to destroy some landing pads and the resulting fires caused massive artifacting when looking in that direction, even through wall, no matter what settings were used. This seems to be known issue. There's also weird glitching with Ryders face during conversations and hair has a tendency to go low res. In addition, during conversations, the camera sometimes finds something else to look at instead of whoever is talking. Other issues included side missions not completing correctly and remaining stuck in the log. At least one romance not triggering a key conversation correctly and missions auto completing on save load after death. But if you can look past the glitches and the too familiar nature and the ho-hum tedium of a couple of sections, there's a very solid game here with lots to do and enjoy. Just needs a bit more polish.

The game is just fantastic, loved how Ryder differs from Shepard

I like this one more than any of the other 3 ME. I feel this one closer to Dragon Age, which I always preferred more than ME. The saddest thing is that I almost not buy this game because of the bad review from this magazine, which, up to now, for more than 13 years that I'm following, I thought they were pretty accurate but his time it's gone out of control. I have spent for now 40+ hours single player and 12+ multiplayer. Combat is a blast. So many different classes and powers to try. I'm having fun exploring and with the missions. Multiplayer is very addictive though it could use a bit more of variety from the type of missions. The variety comes from the opportunity it gives you to try out all the classes and powers. That's when it shines. It is the first game I play in PC (apart fro WOW) in years and from the technical point of view I feel it could be more polished (but I do not know if this impression is from coming from the console word to the PC one) If you like Dragon Age, and if you ever liked ME this game is pretty good .

Mass Effect Andromeda

Ahhh... I had received a key for Mass Effect: Andromeda two weeks ago from the Loot Boxes, and activated the game even though I'm not that big of a fan of the Mass Effect series (and generally Sci-Fi games, but there are some exceptions). At the very first days it was released it had a few issues, like a few bugs or the characters models had those well known "eye issues", but it got fixed with a patch immediately. Leaving that aside, Andromeda is a big game, with big opportunities, a lot of quests/side quests, a lot of exploration due to Open-World situations, solid combat/shooting mechanics, amazing graphics, and a lot of effort made by BioWare to deliver a satisfying Mass Effect game. It isn't the best in the series for me, as I prefer Mass Effect 1 & 2, but for sure a tremendous journey. I was hyped by how good it looked, spent hours doing quests and exploring various locations the game lead me to. It was better than expected, was pleasant & not boring. EA's strongest Mass Effect game is probably Mass Effect 2, but Andromeda I'm sure can live up to the expectations most people would have. If not, you still can't deny that this is a very good game, really fun, and that EA handled it really well with the DLC thing (we all know how greedy EA is, and how many DLC's they release these days). 4 out of 5 stars for me, because it was very good.

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