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Mechanic Infantry





2D old school platformer in an original HD graphic universe!

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Game description

In a world governed by machines, your infantry survives with the energy provided by generators that have unexpectedly broken down. Your friends have disappeared and the lack of resources will drive you to fight against the extinction…. Now, brave the danger and repair the energy sources in order to save your fellows!

*Features: *

  • Nervous platformer gameplay
  • Big pursuit with boss
  • 50+ levels
  • 5 different environments
  • High scoring game mode

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Slak Games
Slak Games
Thursday, September 1, 2011
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS : Microsoft® Windows® Vista / 7
  • Processor : 1.2GHz processor
  • RAM: 512 Mb RAM
  • Video: Video Card (256 Mo) support Pixel Shader 2.0 and Vertex Shader 2.0
  • DirectX® : DirectX® 9.0c
  • Hard Disk : 150 Mb
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Mechanic Infantry

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Feels like all the "different" platformers rolled into one


Mechanic Infantry has all the elements of the craziness one can find in Super Meat Boy, the neat retro design of VVVVVV, and a style all its own. Instead of having all the time in the world to make sure that next jump or wall bounce is a success, you just have to hope for the best and take it - being chased through a platformer is truly a unique experience. The game looks great, and thanks to the nice but not overly demanding graphics, this game runs on just about any system, new or old. The effects many of the traps employ are great to look at, and the developers ensured they stand out enough to be noticed, since some levels are a little crazy on the wacky colours aspect. The sound is good, but not something I particularly enjoyed in this game - it honestly feels more like audio filler, than anything. Controls are good, but they can take some getting used to before you're ripping through the levels - this controls a little differently when it comes to climbing up the walls. The only negatives I can really list would be the three crashes to desktop I experienced, but none happened in the same place, nor repeated themselves on my subsequent trips through the game. All in all, Mechanic Infantry is a good game, and a nice change from the standard fare when it comes to fast-paced platformers.

looks good, plays terribly


Mechanic Infantry looks like a neat little game, clearly inspired by Super Meat Boy but with enough quirks to set it apart. The gameplay is more or less the same - get to the end of the level without dying, collect stuff to advance. This time you're being chased, so there's no careful lining up of jumps. It's rather frantic sometimes and that's where the problems begin. The controls are just not very responsive. I had also the weird problem that I could wall jump but not double jump with the keyboard and double jump but not wall jump with my controller. Switching controllers during the first few levels was okay, but later playing this way gets impossible. I sent the developers an email about my problem, but they never got back to me. That's quite disappointing, to be honest. All in all, I wouldn't recommend this game. At all. It looks interesting, but it's currently unplayable.

Another 2D scroller


Mechanic Infantry has some nice sounds, some nice visuals, but runs on much of the same mechanics we're used to seeing in sidescrollers, dating back to the 90s. With the overwhelming number of low-fi scrollers, and the big hits like SuperMeatBoy standing out, Mechanic Infantry sits somewhere towards the higher end of the crowd. Providing some atmosphere assisted by the beat of the music, the game features some intense "chase" scenes where you run from large, angry, machines (advertised as 'pursuit'). The duration of the game (over 50 levels) is more than fair for the price, and it serves as a reminder that casual 2D scrollers can be a great deal of fun, even if you're not holding a weapon. For an indie game, it is rather amazing in its looks and sounds. That said, the music is a bit repetitive, but the beat is required, so that is forgiven. The graphics are quite pretty, and all of the sprites fit nicely with the background, building a cohesive setting, but it is a bit dark (but not hard to see, just 'negative') at times. From my gameplay, it feels like these were both intended effects, so are forgiven as they are expected. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a low-stress/casual sidescroller, and welcome their next title.

Very addictive


Mechanic Infantry an addictive indie game with over a series of 50 platforming levels, it will keep you entertained for quite some time. The game will always keep your on your toes because there are huge robots chasing you, which means you cannot just stroll through the game. The boss fights are a really nice touch to the game, so being chased and fighting bosses is really a lot of fun. The only drawback about this game is it's bad controls. You sometimes don't feel like you are in control. But if you're able to get past the frustrating controls, Mechanic Infantry is a really fun game. If you like platformers then you cannot miss this one.

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