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Mother Russia Bleeds


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Mother Russia Bleeds

$14.99 USD

$5.10 USD


$5.10 USD

Mother Russia Bleeds is an ultra-violent co-op brawler overflowing with an unmistakable style and unforgettably brutal action for up to four players at once.

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Game description

Mother Russia Bleeds is an ultra-violent co-op brawler overflowing with an unmistakable style and unforgettably brutal action for up to four players at once. Set in an alternate U.S.S.R, the story centers on a desperate crew of imprisoned street fighters that must overcome an oppressive criminal authority and crippling drug addictions through any means necessary. Battle solo or alongside friends locally and online in an exceptional story mode campaign or harden your resolve in a multitude of formidable challenge and versus modes.

Key Features:

Merciless Struggle: Pull yourself up from the cold, hard ground to punch, claw, and stab your way through the most perverse elements of society from a wretched human testing laboratory to decadent S&M club.

Powerful Narcotics: Embrace your crippling addiction with a quick injection to crush skulls, snap necks, and tear flesh from bone in a drug-fueled maniacal rage. Find your next fix flowing through the veins of your fallen foes and jam your needle into their convulsing bodies to fill your beloved syringe.

Savage Game Modes: Bust skulls and break some jaws in a slew of intense gameplay modes including the classic arcade campaign, the brutal survival mode, and the soul-crushing boss rush mode.

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Devolver Digital
Le Cartel
Devolver Digital
Monday, September 5, 2016
English, French
Digital PC Download
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You will get your key before or on time and date of release
Minimum Requirements


  • OS: Windows 7 or later


  • OS: Mac OS X 10.8 or later


  • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or later
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Great hand drawn animated with unique atmosphere and feel

as some people have stated the hitboxes are a bit unfair save for dash attacks, but this ensures the player doesn't have an easy time stunlocking a big group and plays the game as intended. if you're looking for a button mashing adventure this is not the game for you. If you're looking for a game that genuinely rewards adaptive tactics and has realistic consequences for taking on 7 to 8 enemies directly then this is your game. The brutal and unforgiving gameplay completely complements the story and aesthetic of the game. this game is brutal on many levels not unlike hotline miami, both will have you fight like hell with realistic consequences both in gameplay and in story. as for criticism the pixelated graphics feel out of place, mostly due to them clashing with the realism in theme and in gameplay. in hotline miami the retro graphics complemented the trippy retro aesthetic, but in this game the retro graphics complement nothing and just stick out like a sore thumb. they make me feel cheated out of observing the brutal events in gruesome detail, but some might prefer the pseudo-censorship provided by pixelation. other things like unrealistic idle animations and repetitive attack animations also detracted from the otherwise very engrossing sense of realism provided by the gameplay mechanics and story themes. most of these might be derivatives from the classic arcade fighter formula but they just don't work with this game.

Solid and brutal but not perfect.

My childhood time was spent on the arcade, one of my beloved alltime arcade classic will be Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, it's a masterpiece and while Mother Russia Bleeds is a solid game but the gameplay is lacking fluidity. The main selling point is brutality and in this part is surely done well, beating thousands of thugs into a bloody mess sure is relaxing but it would be even better if the developers would play a little Capcom classic I have mention earlier.

The good and bad of old school beat em ups

Mother Russia Bleeds is a beat em up game with a focus on more graphic kills and content. You have four characters to choose from with differences to appearance and some stat changes but they all have very similar movesets with different animations. You have the usual punches, kicks, grabs, and rushing/sliding attacks and you can sometimes find melee or ranged weapons to make use of. It's things you have seen before and that have been done better in other games but the things that make this game unique is the heavy amount of violence, which ends up being more cartoonish in effect, and the drug that you can inject it to either heal yourself or to power up your attacks, this drug ends up being the only way to heal in the game as you aren't going to be finding hamburgers and chicken in barrels or lying on the ground. You can get more of this drug by taking from dying enemies, you have to be quick as they can die before you can get to them and have to weigh the risk of possibly trying to acquire it while other enemies are nearby. You can play the game in co-op or with the aid of a computer, the AI is poor though and can struggle to do certain things, including healing you. The art is well done and there are some nice touches such as your characters taking a different stance once they have lost some health. The dialogue is more what you would expect from an "edgy" kid trying to offend and doesn't end up being humorous or leading to any interest story or character moments. For a game with such a focus on the level of violence it doesn't always mix well with the gameplay, when you could have had a more amusing game with you tearing through weak enemies and focusing the gameplay more on that it instead can become tedious when you enemies start taking 20 hits to put down. Enemies can also feel overpowered, back in the arcade style of 80s and early 90s games that only put in certain sections so you had to put more money in the machine without any though to balance or fun, these same sections also require the more skilled player to use cheap methods to survive. It makes some of the mistakes of older beat em up games that there is no reason to continue, story and writing are poor, it doesn't make full use of it's level of cartoonish violence, extracting more of the drug can hurt the flow of combat, and gameplay wise the combat does not come close to the move variety or satisfaction of the better games of the genre. On the positive side the game has a good art style, some entertaining kills, the levels and boss fights offer a good amount of variety, and it will satisfy the people who are stuck more in the past still believing that Double Dragon and The Simpsons were the best the genre ever saw.

Nice graphics, gory and fun gameplay and around 6 hours long!

If you've ever played side scroller beat?em up games like Streets of Rage then you know what to expect in terms of gameplay when it comes to Mother Russia Bleeds. The main difference is however that in Mother Russia Bleeds everything is super violent. Beating people up in a game like this has never felt better in my opinion. The graphics, while obviously pixelated, look really nice and the game probably took me around 6 hours to beat which I feel is pretty good for this style of game and for the price.

Mother Russia Bleeds: an average beat em up

Mother Russia Bleeds is set in fictional late 1980s Soviet Union where corruption is wide-spread and Russian mafia is doing bad stuff. Main character is on a trip to vengeance mafia's wrong doings. Many of the jokes made were terribly done and fell flat. The controls are responsive and work like you would expect. There's an ability to rebind the keyboard buttons as well. Among the other things I should write about is that Mother Russia Bleeds lacks online co-op. Which is a bit of a shame since it would have greatly benefitted from having it. The doesnt feel like its lacking in content though as Ive only played 7 hours and the game is still throwing me into missions. Furthermore, there is an arena mode that just provides way more action than the story mode. One minor gripe I had was that savepoints occur before cutscenes for Bosses. This means you're forced to watch the same cutscenes over and over again every time you die to the Boss. The major gripe I have is that the game balance is way. It played either too easy or too hard as difficulty spikes are everywhere. Visually, the pixel art is beautiful and is very well presented. It matches the dark brooding look of the game very well. Mother Russia Bleeds is an average beat em up game but it's worth a try for those looking a new take on the genre.

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