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Mystery Bundle - 3 Pack





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Are you feeling lucky? Get three fantastic titles in our new Mystery Bundle! Buy now to uncover the secret keys within.

NB. Do be aware that this Bundle may contain Steam, Origin, GOG or Uplay keys. Check your key delivery email for further information. Game keys are allocated randomly and customers may receive the same game twice, or a game they already own.

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Green Man Gaming
Green Man Gaming
Green Man Gaming
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Reviews for Mystery Bundle - 3 Pack


Bought 8 3 packs cause why not for the price. Got a bunch of duplicates of indies, only decent I got out of them is Sim City and Dragon Age Inquisition. I am done now :D

The reviews weren't wrong

So I, just like you were looking at the reviews to see what people have got and saw that some people have pulled Titanfall 2 from this. I had some spare change in my account so I thought why not and bought it... I got Titanfall 2. Damn.

I thought they were kidding...

So I buy a lot of Mystery Bundles, because I tend to get more than my money's worth, play some indie games I wouldn't have thought to try otherwise, and my friends appreciate getting free keys when I get duplicates. I sink a couple of bucks in when I need new stuff to play. So when I read people were claiming they got Titanfall 2, The Witcher 3, etc. I thought it was an elaborate troll. Then I pulled an Origin key for Titanfall 2. My mind is blown right now.

Better price, but still

From others, I get the picture, that maybe in this pack, there are newer games, than in the 1 pack. I'm not sure about that, + for this price, you get it 5 times. Not much difference, but still 2 games more. Anyway, take this with a grain of salt, since some of my friends got pretty new games from the pricier bundles. My best from the one pack was a 2 year old game, that was highly rated, but still old, so yeah...go for it, if you're feeling lucky.

Its only 100 beacuse i got Titanfall2

I really cant believe my eyes honestly when others said they got Titanfall 2 I said yeah right wont happen to me, but low and behold it was there the key for Titanfall 2. Thank you GMG you made my day.

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