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NBA 2K13 was a monstrous release for the world's #1 NBA video game franchise, with more than 38 Sports Game of the Year and "Best Of" mentions. NBA 2K14 will raise the bar yet again, providing the best basketball gaming experience for legions of sports fans and gamers around the world.

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Game description

NBA 2K14 marks the return of the world's biggest and best NBA video game franchise. Following more than 38 Sports Game of the Year and "Best Of" mentions last year, 2K14 is set to rule the virtual hardwood once again. This year, 2K joins forces with the league's most dominant force: LeBron James. With a soundtrack hand-picked by the King, refined controls featuring the new Pro Stick™, the return of Crews, new Signature Skills, enhanced defense including blocked dunks, and more, NBA 2K14 will raise the bar yet again.

Key Features:

  • Crews - The single-most requested game mode is back! Face off against opposing crews online using your MyPLAYER. Create your logo and face off in 5v5 battles with other crews featuring leaderboards and stats. (PS3 & Xbox 360 only)

  • Dynamic Living Rosters® powered by Stats, Inc. - Player attributes and tendencies automatically update daily to reflect true life hot and cold streaks. Now, each game played in the NBA can have an effect on your game.

  • King James Soundtrack - Featuring artists and tracks hand-picked by LeBron James, including JAY Z, Eminem, The Black Keys, Daft Punk, and many more.

  • MyTEAM - Back and better than ever, with new player modes, multi and single player tournaments, and much more. (PS3 & Xbox 360 only)

  • MyTEAM Pro Stick™ – Throw down show-stopping moves, pull off intricate shots, and toss flashy no-look passes with deadly accuracy with Pro Stick control. Easily the most intuitive basketball controls ever implemented.

  • Signature Skills – Six new Signature Skills, ensuring each NBA player’s unique abilities are represented in the most authentic way possible.

  • More Signature Styles - New jump shots, dunk and layup packages, dribble moves, free throws, pre-game intros, getbacks, celebrations and more.

  • Depth of Content – With significant upgrades in nearly every aspect of the game, both on and off the court, NBA 2K14 boasts more animation content than any previous basketball title, and includes more than 3000 new animations.

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2K Games
Visual Concepts
2K Games
Friday, October 4, 2013
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • CPU: Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz Single Core processor or equivalent (2.8 Ghz for Vista/Win 7/Win 8)
  • RAM: 512 MB or more (1 GB for Vista/Win 7/Win 8) Disc Drive: 8x or faster DVD drive Hard Drive: 8 GB or more free space
  • Video: DirectX 9.0c compatible (see below) Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible Input: Keyboard or dual-analog gamepad
  • Video card with 128 MB or more memory and one of the following chipsets is required: Radeon HD 2400 or greater; NVIDIA 6800 GT or greater; DirectX 9.0c compatible card with Shader Model 3.0 support.
Recommended Requirements
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo processor or equivalent
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Disc Drive: 8x or faster DVD drive
  • Hard Drive: 9 GB or more free space
  • Video: Shader Model 3.0 support with 512MB Ram (Nvidia(R) GeForce(R) 8800 GT or better)
  • Sound: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
  • Input: Dual-analog gamepad

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Reviews for NBA 2K14

I expected more

NBA 2K14 is one of the worst games I've ever played in my life, the characters are very repetitive leaving very much to be desired, and also the controls do not work properly. The game's graphics are one of the strength point, it has an amazing quality leaving any player impressed. In the other hand the game's gameplay is horrible, the controls respond poorly badly to all commands and interaction with the scenario is also bad leaving the game even more annoying. I would not recommend this game, as well as being extremely annoying and have some errors at various times, the graphics and the characters are extremely poorly designed. Causing the game to get busy and stop being played in a few hours.

It's a basketball game on your computer

You know what basketball is, right? Well, this game tries to emulate it and sell it as a simulation, but I've never seen a real basketball game situation where 3 players are guarding the same guy... often, 2 of my computer controlled teammates will leave their positions and start obstructing me while I'm guarding my own target, which leaves the area around my basket and 2 opposition players totally unguarded. The player switching mechanic is just primitive, press A (360 control scheme) to switch/scroll! through your players, and maybe the game will pick a player you want to control in time to prevent the other team from scoring. There is another way to switch players, but it's even harder to navigate, press RB (360 controls) and then press the button displayed above the head of the player you want to control (there is no way to do it in time to prevent the other team from scoring, and some of your players will often be out of view, along with the button prompt above their head, so it's worse than the A button solution). The player physics feel really stiff, for example when you want to go for a quick counter-attack after stealing the ball, when you pass the ball to the player that's in front, the ball passing player first completely stops and then passes the ball, usually giving the opposition enough time to set up their defense. Another example (my favorite) is when you knock the ball out of the opposition player's hands, and it falls behind him, your player will often not pick up the ball, even though you are holding that direction with your controller (he just won't move for 1 - 2 seconds), and the same opposition player that lost the ball will recover, turn around and take the ball before you are able to. You can usually expect delayed response from your players from any directional inputs you give them, and I think it's because of the motion capture, this game takes it's physics and animations seriously, or at least it tries to, I had a few situations where the opposition players would go through me with their ball dribbling hand and score. The game's menu is probably the worst menu I've ever had to navigate in any game, I don't even know how to explain the way it works. You can't turn off auto subs, the game's coach decides to take out LeBron James and put in Andersen and there's nothing you can do to prevent it, the best you can do is wait till you have the ball again and reverse the decisions made by the coach. That would be all that's bad and horrible and inexcusable about this game, I think... (haven't touched the online modes, but I've read that you can't play against your friends unless the game graciously pits you against your friend while you both search for an online game at the same time). The game can be fun when it's working as intended on the court, and it's a shame that so many issues (not bugs necessarily) are plaguing it, and it's probably worth the money when on sale, if you like arcadey sports games and don't care about NBA roster updates (or slightly worse graphics than the new game). My score might be a bit strict, since I had some fun while playing the game (and I'm going to keep playing it), but I feel the game could have been a lot better without much effort from the devs, they only needed to fix a few of their own mistakes without adding a thing. Score 6.5/10.

Nothing new, still perfect

Best sport game series ever comes every year and also this year it dominates. There are minor improvements, so if someone has already 13 edition except new rooster there is nothing worth buying. Those kind of games should be made every 2-3 years, 2k14 should be more like DLC to 13 than a new game. Without older versions it's definitely worth buying, it's perfect in almost every possible way. Smooth gameplay, great atmosphere, great commentary, great realism, good physics, lot of options to make it even more realistic, just everything is in the right place. This year even few European teams arrived. You don't even have to like baseball, it's that great. Maybe only flaw is lack of national teams, but for now we have few European clubs and that number will grow in the next edition.

Pretty much the same old

2K14 shares most of its assets with last years release, the game definitely has been tweaked for the better, new animations are great and the game feels a bit more fluid. Not quite sure about the controller changes though, I think they should have left them be, overall a good basketball title, just lacking from the console counterparts.

great game

I've played the PC ports of this NBA2K series since 2K11. To me, 2K12 was the peak of the series so far. This year though, it seems like they're taking advantage of no competition and are taking it easy. Why? - Players feel much less flexible/agile than in previous years - They changed the controls, again. 2k13 probably had the best gamepad config to date - Players are much more sloppy with regards to ball handling. Rebounds go through their hands, silly collisions cause players to lose the ball, sometimes players will randomly animate in ways not appropriate to the situation (sometime causing out of bounds calls) - Inexplicably consistent blowing layups and dunks, sometimes with completely clear path - Physics sometimes act weird. Going for a steal sometimes you'll knock the ball out the other side of the court or even into the crowd. This has an unintended funny side effect of making some blocks look way more spectacular than they should be Still, even having said that laundry list of things that bother me, I'd recommend the game (unless you want to manually patch the new rosters into 2K13). I'm hoping we get a mid-season patch like we did last year to fix these annoyances. These opinions only cover single player mode.

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