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Nightclub Imperium




Build your own nightclub empire and turn night into day! Only the best truly make it in the night club business.

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Build your own nightclub empire and turn night into day!

Start a new adventure and make people dance the night away as the ruler of your own nightclub empire! Assemble in the large cities of the world; clubs, bars, shops, cinemas and discos. Put on your customers the best offer and weigh up how much return can bring an investment.

Even if you start small, you can gradually with some tactical skill displace your competitors out of the city and thus create a true nightclub empire. Only if you have a good nose for the location planning and set the prices intelligently, will you expand beyond the borders. You can create clubs, shops and cinemas and these also assist. An important issue is security, so bodyguards are among your staff.

Only if you consider everything will you truly make it in the night club business.


  • Game completely in 3D

  • Multiple zoom levels in cities with fantastic geographical landmarks

  • Countless buildings are waiting to be created

  • Personnel Management

  • Extensive planning of marketing activities

  • Computer opponents can be chased or defeated

  • 85

  • 0

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

System Vista / 7 CPU: CPU Intel or AMD up from 2.0 GHz RAM: 1024 MB Hard drive space: 750 MB Graphics card: Vcard Geforce ® ATI Radeon ® up from 256 MB, Scard DirectX 9.0c or higher

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A great sim/strategy game!

Nightclub Imperium lets you build up your own night club business from scratch across multiple cities and venues. Featuring extensive management, design, finance, and construction gameplay, this game is extremely detailed and in-depth. If you love simulation games, and you like strategy games, Nightclub Imperium is the best of both worlds!

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