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Discover a dark cyberpunk world beset by plagues, war and squalor. Play as the new front line of neural police as you hack into the jagged minds of the insane.

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Game description

What would you do if your fears were hacked? >observer_ is a cyberpunk horror game from Bloober Team, the creators of Layers of Fear. Discover a dark cyberpunk world beset by plagues, war and squalor. Play as the new front line of neural police as you hack into the jagged minds of the insane.


Observe and Report - You are Dan Lazarski, an elite neural detective known as an Observer, and part of a corporate-funded police unit whose purpose is to hack and invade suspects’ minds. In this future, anything you think, feel, or remember can be used against you in a court of law.

A Dark Dystopia - The year is 2084. If you somehow survived the Nanophage, odds are you were killed in the War. Those who live have turned to drugs, VR, neural implants— anything to distract themselves from this new reality. But they can’t hide from you.

Interactive Insanity - As you hack into the unstable minds of criminals and victims to look for clues, you will relive their darkest fears, forcing you to question your own reality – and your sanity.

A New Horror from the Creators of Layers of Fear - The largest and most frightening world yet from Bloober Team! Lose yourself – and your sanity – in the dark dystopia that is 2084. >observer_ is a horror experience meant for mature audiences. What you see will disturb you.

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Aspyr Media Europe Ltd
Bloober Team SA
Aspyr Media Europe Ltd
Tuesday, August 15, 2017
Spanish, Russian, Portuguese-Brazil, Polish, Japanese, Italian, German, French, English, Chinese (Simplified)
Digital PC Download
Customer notes

Other Requirements: Initial installation requires one-time Internet connection for Steam authentication; software installations required include the Steam Client. 

Internet Connection and acceptance of Steam™ Subscriber Agreement required for activation. See www.steampowered.com/agreement for details.

Minimum Requirements

PC Specs:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 
  • CPU Processor: AMD A8-6700 OR Intel Core i3 
  • CPU Speed: 3.1 GHz 
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM 
  • Hard Disk Space: 10 GB 
  • Video Card (AMD): R9 270 
  • Video Card (NVidia): GeForce GTX 660 
  • Video Memory (VRam): 1 GB 


  • Operating System: 10.12.6 (Sierra) and 10.13 (High Sierra)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 (4 cores)
  • Processor Speed: 3.3 GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Hard Drive Space: 20 GB
  • Video Card (ATI): R9 M290
  • Video Card (NVIDIA): GeForce GT 680
  • VRAM: 2 GB


  • Operating System: 16.04, 17.04, SteamOS 2.0
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 / AMD A8-6700
  • Processor Speed: Intel (3.4 GHz), AMD (3.1 GHz)
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Hard Drive Space: 10 GB
  • Video Card (NVIDIA): GeForce GT 680
  • VRAM: 2 GB
  • Peripherals:Microsoft® Xbox® 360 Controller for Windows® (Wired), Steam Controller

NOTICE: INTEL and ATI video cards are NOT SUPPORTED to run Observer Linux

Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for >observer_

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A mix between SOMA and Layers of Fear.


If you enjoyed Layers of Fear you'll probably enjoy Observer, it's a similar game with a cyberpunk setting and a bit more content in between the heavily scripted, horror based sequences. The visuals are up and down but the voice acting and soundtrack is amazing for the most part. Overall if you're after a pretentious walking simulator with very little actual gameplay and almost unfailable sequences, then this is the game for you. People seeking an actual challenge might want to look elsewhere.

Excellent entry into the horror genre


After the remarkable work in Layers of Fear and the thrilling expansion Inheritance, Bloober Team have stepped up their game with Observer, imagining a different face for terror, an abstract and artificial one that is hidden deep within the mind. Through disturbing images and an impeccable audiovisual finish, OBSERVER gives life to a new world of nightmares. As a single pet peeve, perhaps it does present / display a somewhat linear game scheme, but it is far from being a hallway of jump-scares and scripted scenes, like Outlast 2. There is not much to complain about here really, it has an excellent plot with multiple endings and an impeccable stage construction with an overwhelming setting that bifurcates reality. Not only is it a weirdly unsettling horror game, it's a good adventure with an incredible setting. The cyberpunk environments are rich with detail and thick with atmosphere, raising favourable comparisons to the Blade Runner movie. In short, >observer_ is not the typical horror storytelling adventure, that's clear. It is a game that moves away from the repetitive formula of jump-scares to a more immersive and personal experience.

Great cyberpunk adventure.


Observer is a great game in many respects. The main story is very involving, and the additional events are also not bad. The world that combines cyberpunk with the Polish Republic is wonderfully crafted. Graphic design is beautiful and optimization is good. In the game I spent almost ten hours checking all the little details to get out of this universe as much as possible. I recommend very strongly, especially that the price is not excessive.

Another great horror game from Layers of fear developer


Observer is the newest game from Layers of fear developer. "What do you do if your fears are hacked?" This is a phrase that is a slogan of the game. The game is in horror genre and puts players in a cyberpunk world in the near future, where the illnesses, war, and discomforts surround humanity, and technology has reached to a new levels where new branches are formed of police forces that controls people's nerves. These special agents called "observers". You are in charge of a well-trained psychological detective named Dan Lazarski who his main skill is to hack and penetrate the brain of the suspects. Due to the brilliant record that this studio has, it's undoubtedly a great game that fans of horror games must experience it.

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