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Ortus Arena is a two players game in which players battle over arena domination using specialised warriors, each master of their own element. The energy conquered can be spent on attacking in one’s own turn or defense in the opponents turn.

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Game description

Ortus Arena is a two players game in which players battle over arena domination using specialised warriors, each master of their own element. The energy conquered can be spent on attacking in one’s own turn or defense in the opponents turn. The art of war means putting your available energy to its most effective use. Ortus is about a delicate balancing act between attacking and defending in which each of your 8 warriors is of crucial importance between victory or defeat.

Ortus Arena is the digital implementation of the physical, two-player board game Ortus©. It allows players with a knack for tactical gaming to challenge their friends (both local or online) or climb the ranks against others of the same skill level. A clever AI is present to be combated in the solo game mode. The average duration of one game is a half hour.


● Two difficulties:
Apprentice Mode: Here you can fight with 8 warriors, attacking with melee or ranged attack. This is the mode to learn the basis of the game, when you are comfortable enough with this mode, you can try…
Master Mode: Unleash the true strategic power of the game. Your soldiers now have powers according to the element they represent.

● Multiplayer mode: Local or Online, you can try to outsmart your friends!

● Solo mode: You can learn the game’s basis with the campaign which is also a tutorial, or you can try to beat the AI if you’re on your own.

● Learn the strengths of your elemental soldiers on Master Mode:
Earth: Those soldiers can hide and thus can’t be targeted, unless there is another earth soldier in the same row. Their attacks are more powerful than the other characters and they cost more energy as well.
Water: They are the only ones that can attack several enemies at once, all around them or on a line. If you don’t block the first impact, then you’ll have to pay a degressive cost of energy for all the soldiers the attack targeted.
Fire: Fire soldiers work by pair. Their attacks don’t cost anything so you just have to pay for their movements on the board. If they are correctly aligned, they can protect one ally, and have to be in a triangular position to attack your opponent’s soldiers.
Wind: They pay no Energy for flying in a straight line to the end of their Hexline. They possess ranged attacks that costs energy.

● Three ways to win!

  • Control 5 Energy Wells
  • Knock out 8 of your enemy’s soldiers
  • Get your Guide to the center of the map!

● Strategy prevails! No dice rolling, no card drawing, the victory in entirely up to your logical and strategic skills. Luck has no place in Ortus, but your brain does!

● Online Leaderboard: Depending of your online scores, you’ll climb higher and higher in the leaderboard, test your might and try to be the better!


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Plug-in Digital
Firebrush Studio
Action, Mac
Wednesday, September 28, 2016
Digital PC Download
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Minimum Requirements


  • OS: Windows XP SP2+


  • OS: Mac OS X 10.8+
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Nice And Peculiar Strategic Competiton!


Very interesting and challenging game, with a nice Japanese atmosphere to give it some soul, if you like it. The strategic set up is good and it's not going to annoy me anytime soon. I'd recommend it, but since the multiplayer nature of the game, I'd say it would really be worth a shot if a community builds around it.

Good digital version of a board game


Ortus Arena was a Kickstarter funded board game that was also released on tablets that has now made its way to the PC. Gameplay involves you moving your soldiers around a map to acquire energy wells. Energy wells will each grant you addition energy on your turn which is used to pay for movement and attacks and on defense on your opponents turn. The goal of the game is to hold five wells or to defeat eight of your opponents soldiers. Soldiers will respawn on the next turn if they die and in the master mode of the game they can have one of four elements. Depending on their element they might have defensive abilities, different attack values, different attack costs and types, or different ways of moving around the board. It's a good game, with the downside being that there will likely be little in the way of any multiplayer community.

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