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Pixel Puzzles Pack






- Pixel Puzzles: Japan 
- Pixel Puzzles: Undeadz 
- Pixel Puzzles 2: Space 
- Pixel Puzzles 2: Birds 
- Pixel Puzzles 2: Anime 

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Pixel Puzzles: Japan

A traditional jigsaw puzzle style gameplay with light video-game interactivity.

Pixel Puzzles: UndeadZ 

A traditional style jigsaw puzzle game with top down shooter gameplay throw in to ruin your day and peaceful puzzling experience. Dead things want to eat you whilst you puzzle. You'll have to keep the dead dudez at bay with a mixture of mines, barricades, bullets and nades.

Pixel Puzzles 2: Space

A traditional style jigsaw puzzle game, featuring 25 images in a universal style, with each puzzle piece uniquely shaped in a way no physical puzzle could be. Use satellites to help solve puzzles. Launch the floating payloads to utilize power ups or build a rocket and save the stranded spaceman from the barren rocks beneath his moon boots.

Pixel Puzzles 2: Birds

Features some truly fowl images indeed. A traditional style jigsaw puzzle game, with crabs scurrying around so WATCH YOUR FINGERS!!!

Pixel Puzzles 2: Anime

A traditional style jigsaw puzzle game, featuring 25 hand drawn images in a Kawaii style, with each puzzle piece uniquely shaped in a way no physical puzzle could be. Use Pixel Pixie's dust powers to help solve puzzles. Ghosts, rotations, locations - the pixel pixie can help with it all, because no pixel puzzling anime experience would be complete without a fairy addicted to dust!

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Decaying Logic
Thursday, June 23, 2016
Digital PC Download
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terrible interface makes this worse than free jigsaw puzzle websites


When doing a jigsaw puzzle, it's pretty standard to assemble the edge pieces and bits with any obvious pattern first. For example, this game has horse puzzles, so if I were doing a puzzle showing horses running on a field, I would assemble the horses first before going through the more tedious part of trying to figure out how the nearly identical looking green pieces fit together to make the field. PPU does NOT let you do that. There is NO OPTION to snap together neighboring pieces other than placing them in their exact correct spot in the finished puzzle. The first free jigsaw puzzle site that I searched for on the internet had that completely OBVIOUS feature, but somehow PPU does not. What this game DOES have is the bizarre and unwelcome feature of snapping a piece into place if you accidentally put it near its correct spot, even if you had NO idea that that is where it should go. To return to the horse puzzle example, if I start it off by randomly placing one of the many green tiles that form the verdant field that the majestic horses are galloping on in the middle of the board and that happens to be its correct final spot, it will lock into place. I don't know about you, but that it is NOT something that I want in a jigsaw game. The point of a jigsaw game is the satisfaction of fitting pieces together, NOT having the game instantly confirm that that is the spot where the piece was eventually supposed to go, so now it's locking it into place to make sure you don't do something silly like try to match it with other pieces that look like they're from the same part of the puzzle. This is the equivalent of playing a murder mystery game and having the game immediately tell you "THIS GUY IS THE KILLER!" the first time you click on a character. The last flaw I want to mention is that any pieces you haven't grabbed yet whirl around wildly in a pond. Just... why? Who thought that was a good idea? Who wants to have to grab pieces randomly because they're swirling around like they're getting blasted by a leaf blower? Just play some jigsaw puzzle Flash games and ignore this trash.

Compilation of smaller themed puzzles


Pixel Puzzles Pack will get you five different jigsaw puzzle games, each game with puzzles focusing on a certain theme. Each game can have a few unique features, such as Pixel Puzzles 2 Space which has a low gravity effect where unused puzzle pieces can float around slowly. Some will also have powerups that can show you where a piece goes or that can give you an image of how the completed puzzle will look. There is a feature that will help you place pieces in the correct area which might leave too much room for error is it can lock in pieces that are further away from the target area than you would expect. One thing that can be a problem is not allowing you to save in the middle of a puzzle. The puzzles are of the smaller kind being about under 100 pieces or under 400, so there are no large puzzles included but if you are doing one that is over 300 pieces, especially if a child is doing it a save ability would be helpful. If you or someone you know enjoys smaller jigsaw puzzles these pack might be a good game for you as it will give you a lot of them to relax with and they might have some animations or other amusing features for players.

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