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Experience the dramatic intensity of the frontlines of a war through the eyes of the first of a new breed of super soldiers in this gritty and epic first-person action game.

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Game description

"gripping and intense" - ThunderboltGames.com

"excellent level design and the infusion of the augmentations into multiplayer via a class-based player structure adds a welcome bit of variety to the mix." - GamesRadar.com

Experience the dramatic intensity of the frontlines of a war through the eyes of the first of a new breed of super soldiers in this gritty and epic first-person action game.

An augmented super-soldier must stop a renegade regime from eradicating the civilized world.

Hong Kong, 2065. 2nd Lt. Nathan Frost is just a regular grunt in an international army called the Liberty Coalition. When he takes massive injuries from an explosion on the battlefield, Frost undergoes an experimental procedure. The outcome of the surgery is something more than human; a transformation that makes him a unique weapons-grade warrior, with abilities that far surpass those of the average soldier.

Empowered with these extra-normal abilities via implanted augmentations, Frost is immediately sent to the frontlines of a war as a secret weapon against the destructive regime. Stranded in hostile territory, cut off from command and far outnumbered, Frost and a handful of men must try and stop the entire renegade militia's plan threatening to plunge the world into darkness.

Key Features:

  • Engage in battle online multiplayer with up to 16 players & voice over IP support in classic and new multiplayer modes.

  • A wide variety of game pacing ranges from the frenetic chaos of battlefield action to tactical stealth infiltration style missions.

  • Equip yourself with an arsenal of experimental weaponry such as the Riot Wall™ and Attack Drones, and other high tech gadgetry. Used in combination, the equipment yields a variety and depth of gameplay never before realized, especially in multiplayer play.

  • In multiplayer, vehicles are co-operatively used; one guy drives while the other mans the mounted turrets.

  • Augmentations such as Invisibility, Reflex Boost and Electrical Storm give you an edge on the battlefield against your highly equipped and battle-ready foe.

  • Pick-up & play, visceral action pulls the player through a cinematically immersive storyline from Minute One of play.

  • 11 missions spanning across 16 maps including the Opera House turned Prison, a Buddhist Temple converted to a Military Base, and the sprawling urban Wastelands.

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Square Enix
Crystal Dynamics
Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP (Windows 95, 98, ME and NT are NOT SUPPORTED)
  • Pentium IV, 1.5 GHz (Or AMD Athlon XP equivalent) processor
  • 256 MB System RAM
  • 128mb 100% DirectX 64 MB 3D Accelerated video card with Pixel Shader v1.1 Capability
  • 100% DirectX 9 Compatible Sound Card
  • 3GB free uncompressed hard drive space (additional space may be necessary for saved games)
  • Keyboard and mouse
Recommended Requirements

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Deus EX: the good Saturday cartoon edition


Everything in this game looks and feels like it crossed G.I. Joe with the first Deus Ex. It has slightly over the top heroes and villains alike, constant combat, and lots of cool weapons and gadgets. From the deus side of the family it inherited some seriousness, but only enough, to make it entertaining for adults too. So, the story is there. It's not worse then say, a call of duty story, but it's nowhere near Deus Ex. Then again, you won't really notice that, if you're a fan of the other games, and like me, you imagine this game is part of that universe. It's hard not to. Apart from some very minor inconsistencies, it could fit in rather well in the universe. The implant even have that blue veins look, and there are a couple of characters with old implants, also, the pain caused by the body's rejection of said implants appears here as well. Also, if you like me, imagined this is indeed a Deus Ex game, then the G.I. Joe moral of the soldiers isn't that eerie, because you know that underneath the Honor and Heroism, there is something more sinister going on. There is even evidence of that here, too bad the games never does anything with it. The gameplay is a solid fps. You have a ton of guns, each with a secondary fire option, and the ammo is kinda scarce enough, to encourage you to use other guns then the assault rifle. Some of the guns have crazy overpowered alt fire modes. Right from the start, you have a silenced pistol, that can shoot a mini rocket, that has roughly the same power as a frag grenade. The sniper rifle can make enemies fight for you, and so on. There's also a gravity gun like thing, i never used, apart from trying out once, and an instant hack tool. There are also thrown weapons. Nothing special here, you have like 6 types of grenades, but also, there is a portable riot wall, and a walking spider bot thing...well, i guess it was something special back in the day. You also have powers. You can have energy shield, invisibility, bullet time, and a rather useless lightning attack. Seriously, the other 3 are golden, but the lightning....your guns are better. There's also an infra vision power, that can be useful at times, especially if you want to do the stealth approach. In theory it also helps against the invisible enemies, but in practice, those guys only appear in tight places, and you have plenty of area effect weapons to counter them. The level design is also a trait inherited from Deus Ex. You can mow down every single enemy if you like, but you can also sneak around the level, hack the turrets, and kill everyone. Or sneak into a vehicle and kill everyone. The only problem, is that it feels way to easy...but the last parts of the game make you forget that pretty fast. Until then, you felt like a one man army, and at that part, you actually have to be one. The multiplayer probably was fun with all the powers, crazy weapons and vehicles. Unfortunately, the online servers are long gone. You can still play in LAN. The graphics are also very dated. In the time of writing this is a 12 year old game, so it's not really a surprise. My brother said it looks like the first Half Life, but in my opinion, it looks more like a cleaner version of Deus Ex, with the lights turned on. So, overall, a pretty decent if short game. It only took me 6 hours to finish the story, but i loved every minute of it. If you like retro games, this one is pretty fun. PS: Snowblind is code name for EMP. There's no actual snow in the game...in fact, you never leave the city. I had to clarify that, because i read many praises for its tundra environment that i never encountered...maybe it's in one of the multiplayer maps.

Awesome to this very day!


If you're into FPS games and don't mind older titles then you should pick this title up! The graphics, audio, and gameplay are all great, even for nowaday standards! Eidos has always been instrumental at producing or participating in good game design, and this is one of those that doesn't disappoint. The voice acting is pretty good as well, but has it weaker points (one or two bad actors), although the action is relentless with plenty of stuff to destroy. The game installs and plays at a seamless level. And if you run an older PC that is not capable of running newest games - this is one of the prettiest and best shooters you will be able to run without any problems!

Underrated but not amazing


This is a really good and unique FPS. The tundra-esque setting looks great and the enemy/level designs are really cool. The weapons are a mix of standard and futuristic, and it controls really well. it doesn't have a very engrossing story, but it's more than fun enough to make up for that. There ae better games out there, but this deserved more than it got.

Great game


This game reminds me a lot of Deus Ex and rightfully so. It is made by the same developers and it is essentially a spiritual sequel to DE. They are both set in a sci-fi world with soldiers that are enhanced with powers (augmentations). Gameplay is really smooth and action-oriented and though very linear, it's not as scripted and riddled with cutscenes like many shooters nowadays. This is a game about shooting people, and not about dogs or fish-AI. Graphics are quite good and even stands up today as they didn't go for the realistic look. The only downside is that game may crash a lot on modern systems, and it's quite short. Although for this price it is definitely worth it.

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