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Game description

Resident Evil 0 reveals the truth behind the Mansion Incident, the catalyst for the entire storyline of the Resident Evil series. This remastered version takes the story and gameplay of the original and adds stunning HD graphics, 5.1 channel surround sound, optional modernised controls and widescreen TV compatibility. Get ready to discover the terrible secrets lurking in the origins of evil.

Game info
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Sony Interactive Entertainment
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • Additional hardware required for Remote Play.
  • 1 player
  • 11GB minimum save size
  • Remote Play
  • 1080p HD Video Output
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Resident Evil 0

If you enjoyed the original game you will enjoy this update

Resident Evil 0 serves as a prequel to the original title, showing what Rebecca was doing before the events of the first game. The lightning, character models, and textures have all been updated and even in the original Gamecube version the environments were atmospheric and offered some nice details. The story cutscenes have unfortunately not been updated like the rest of the game. You can choose to play with the old style controls but a newer and more easy to use method was created and chosen for the default. The game still has the old elements that people might not like from the old Resident Evil titles like managing the inventory and the game itself never did tell an interesting story or add much to the overall franchise lore. One new addition is the ability to unlock and play as Albert Wesker with new abilities throughout the original game. If you enjoyed the original game you will likely enjoy this and enjoy having it on a more modern platform but if you never were a big fan of the series or if you just didn't enjoy 0 this won't do anything to change your mind.

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