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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City





It is September 1998 and the action focuses on the ill-fated Raccoon City and the horrific consequences of the deadly T-virus outbreak, developed at the Umbrella facility.

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Game description

It is September 1998 and the action focuses on the ill-fated Raccoon City and the horrific consequences of the deadly T-virus outbreak, developed at the Umbrella facility. With a cover up required, Umbrella orders an elite team into Raccoon City to destroy all evidence of the outbreak and eliminate any survivors. Meanwhile, the US Government has quarantined the city and dispatched its own team of elite soldiers to determine the source of the mysterious outbreak.

You are an Umbrella Security Services soldier (U.S.S.), competing alone or in up to four player co-op in a battle against all the competing forces at play in Raccoon City. Expect the return of original Resident Evil enemies, iconic landmarks such as the Raccoon City Police Department and fan favorite characters, including Leon S. Kennedy, who, as a rookie police officer in Raccoon City, is on your hit list to eliminate.

Key Features:

  • Experience the Fear: Set in the terrifying world of Resident Evil

  • Three Corner Conflict: Bio-Organic Weapons (B.O.W) and zombies create an unpredictable third force and additional challenge on the battlefield, adding chaos to the shooter game play.

  • Campaign Mode – both single player and up to 4 player co-op: You are part of the Umbrella Security Service. Protect the truth behind the T-Virus outbreak by any means necessary. Fight Online: Robust and fully featured online multiplayer modes

  • Define your Play Style: Gain new abilities and skills unique to your playable character as your experience level increases.

  • International Team Development: a high quality, fully loaded, third person co-op / multiplayer shooter developed in collaboration between Capcom Japan development studios and an experienced Western multiplayer specialist studio.

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Slant Six Games
Wednesday, May 18, 2011
English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows Vista(R)/XP, Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo 2.4 Ghz or better, AMD Athlon(TM) X2 2.8 Ghz or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Video: NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) 8800GTS or better, ATI Radeon(TM) HD 3850 or better
  • DirectX®: DirectX(R) 9.0c or greater
  • Hard disk space: 8 GB free hard drive space
  • Sound: Standard audio device
Recommended Requirements
  • OS: Windows Vista(R)/XP, Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad 2.7 Ghz or better, AMD Phenom(TM)II X4 3 Ghz or better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Video: NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) GTX 560 or better
  • DirectX®: DirectX(R) 9.0c or greater
  • Hard disk space: 8 GB free hard drive space
  • Sound: Standard audio device

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Reviews for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

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Interesting spin-off

Operation Raccoon City is a spin-off of the Resident Evil franchise like "What if we go full throttle on the Third Person Shooter genre". And that's exactly what RE ORC does. You play a bunch of Umbrella Security Service agents trapped inside Raccoon City. In fact, you are the very reason why this town turned to Hell on Earth. So you have to accomplished several missions to please Umbrella in order to get the right to be evacuated from there. ORC's plot is as simple as that and that's ok. The problem is, the game developers don't seem to know if they have to stay consistent about the franchise canon or if they must alter everything. The result is that we get a mixed bag of both. The campaign offers great fan-service moments by making you visit famous locations and fighting enemies from RE2 and 3. Some scenes are even directly copy/past from the originals games. But on the other hand, places like the park, the police station etc... are not exactly the same than before and/or are not placed where they should be in Raccoon City. Same thing for the story. During one mission you get to see what happened "behind the scene" of RE2 or 3, but during another one the plot becomes completely irrelevant to the franchise canon. Gameplay-wise, the action is top notch and the guys at Slant Six Games have managed to give ORC a true identity. This game doesn't play exactly as ant generic shooter. Its mechanics and its enemies change everything. You can make human enemies bleed or throw pheromones at them to enraged zombies and BOWs so they will attack them. You, also, can bleed and that puts you in great danger. Finally, everyone can become infected. Without a vaccine, the infected turns immediately into a Crimson Head and attack every living thing around him. All of those elements make the combat quite tactical. Using a group of zombies to attack enemies is a efficient way to progress. Last thing : you can use the "Quick Draw", a fun way to move your character while covering every direction with your handgun. Useful when you're surrounded. Making your way through dozens of zombies is really satisfying. Their behaviour is well rendered. The shooting has an "arcade" feeling to it (ie : In Hard mode, RE ORC is the kind of game where you have to shoot a human several times in the head to perform a headshot) but it's not bad. On the contrary, this is quite original nowadays where lots of game try to be "realistic". Each character has three special skills. Vector can get invisible, use a motion detector or disguise himself as a human enemy. Four Eyes can infect a human enemy, throw pheromone or even make one BOW or zombie her ally for a short period of time. You got the drill : everyone of them is unique and has at least three ways to be played. And that's where is the best part of the game : Multiplayer. Sure, it is a bit laggy but the gameplay is good. Team synergies are important and, most of all, BOW's are important. There is no other multiplayer game where a Hunter Alpha or a zombie pack can get between you and your target. And on some maps, a Tyrant T-103 can even spawn! Will the players keep on fighting while this new threat goes berserk inside their rank or will they cooperate to destroy it? It's up to them! In retrospect, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City is like most of the franchise's spin-off. It has flaws (It's buggy. The A.I. is bad. Online is laggy. Outside levels lack atmosphere like screaming in the distance and things like that. The game is sometime consistent with canon, sometime is not) but it has also great ideas and mechanics. Sure it is different than the main games. That's the whole point of a spin-off! And this one deserves a sequel. It needs it to shine! Come on Capcom, don't let ORC in oblivion! Release a new game! One that is polished and that is true to the canon. I want to see the Wolf Pack again in a Operation Sheena Island game!

You should have known better...

Let me start with this: I loved Operation Racoon City. Even so I agree with the critics. The graphics are ok, you really have some weapons to purge the city and the idea of having skills is nice. The problem: uncut. The game had so much potential in my honest opinion, and somehow just don't seem to use it. If you can get over the part where you're a bad guy, there's still the matter of this levelling up thingy. Getting XP for killing more infected, picking up some this and that? Nice. But getting all the skills after the first level? Nope. Don't get me wrong you can upgrade the character after that too, but loses it's magic. Next: Covering system. Looks good. uhm... automatically? It's ok but sometimes being in cover while walking along a narrow floor, flattening against the wall? … Ok, next. Different weapons? Pretty, but you won't get the feeling of one weapon: "This is my boomstick!". And well try this game and you'll see one part...completely unacceptable. Just beacuse. You'll get it when you reach it... Despite these a huge point should go for this: This is Racoon City! (yup, no Sparta...) The game offers 4 player coop too, which you'll need trust me. The AI is...dumb, that simple. If you get over it, it's funny...but you, you won't. Even so Resident Evil: ORC (hehe) is a nice one, next time just give it more time Capcom, please.

Prelude to new RE style

This spin off is like a beta version of how RE6 will look like. That's good thing because Capcom would take all the flaws and improve RE6. Sadly, they don't do enough. The game is Action shooting base game. There isn't much story line here just a straight forward action game with not so useful skills. "It's not a RE game" just keep this word in mind and you might enjoy the game. One of the worst thing is allied bot. They just suck and can't do much even sometime they stuck and force you to back track yourself. Good thing is co-op is still fun. Overall, the game is slightly above average.

Welcome to Raccoon City - Population: You

The overall impression I was left with from playing this one was Resident Evil 4 in multiplayer. I loved that title, and love playing this one as well! My favorite part of it has to be the fact that you're able to play as members of Umbrella's special forces unit. This puts the player in a unique position where they're pitted against both the zombies ravaging the city, and the more positive cast members belonging to the RCPD - characters we've played as ourselves in the past which must now be eliminated. It's a unique feel because the player gets to see parts of this blast from the past that were never told before. I find the gameplay itself enjoyable, and being able to kill zombies in a Resident Evil title with friends online is unbeatable as a time killer.

You sure my team aren't zombies?

Set in Raccoon City during the events of Resident Evil 2 and 3, this game has you taking your team through streets, alleys and masses of zombies in order to complete your missions. Story - You are part of an elite team sent to Raccoon City by Umbrella to retrieve samples of the G-Virus created by William Birkin. Later missions will have you taking down the power in the city and destroying any evidence about what Umbrella has been doing. Along the way, you will meet some characters you should recognize if you have played the older games. The events of this game are not part of the series though, which does make sense. Presentation - This game is looking great. For a ruined city, this place is perfect. Raccoon City is wasted, just as it should be. Destroyed cars, dead bodies and burning wreckage all over the place. The indoor locations like Umbrella labs also look perfect. Moving onto the enemies, these are also as they should be. The zombies themselves look perfect for what they are. Now we get to the sound, and that isn't so good. Forgettable music, poor voice acting and lacking sound effects all make me wonder if they tried here. Even the moans just aren't what they could be. Controls - As a game developed with consoles in mind, it is best to stick with a gamepad. Even the HUD features a DPad to select your grenades and healing items. Playing with the pad, most of the controls worked decently, though attempting to make headshots with the analog stick was aggravating. More than once, I'd use my mouse to aim for those bits. Gameplay - This game takes a massive departure from most of the other titles in the series, being a team based third person shooter with plenty of ammo to let lose at your enemies. Most enemies are bullet sponges though, and it will take time to clean up the mobs in your way. Nothing inspired here, it plays like many other team based shooters, such as the Left 4 Dead series. There are six different character classes to pick from, each with their own active and passive skills to level up and use during gamplay, allowing different gameplay styles in your team. You have a Assault member, great with their guns, Demolitions who can set traps, a Medic for healing all your woes, a Scientist who can infect and control enemies, the Recon is all about stealth and finally the Surveillance member for boosting your ability to detect items and enemies. The only problem with your team is that they are incredibly stupid, with me left wondering if even the zombie AI is smarter, since that lot don't get lost when attempting to hunt. This is easily fixed by having friends play, but unlike more popular titles, there isn't a lot of players around. Lifespan - With a total of six levels, I found this game to be rather short. Once you have beaten the game, you have a few things to do, such as trying to get higher ranks in each level, powering up each of your six characters and finding enough intel in the levels to unlock all images in the Gallery. There are a number of multiplayer modes, but like co-op, you aren't going to have many people willing to play with you. I wouldn't depend on that unless you want to gift out several copies to people on your friend list. There are also a number of DLCs available, though I'm only going to mention the important ones here, the Echo Six content. This adds additional missions to the Free Play mode, in which you play as another group, working against Umbrella. This group is nothing more than reskins of the original team though, with the same skills available, but the missions themselves are different. If you care for the gameplay, these are worth purchasing. Closing - While this game is nothing special, I enjoyed it enough that my purchase during a 75% off sale didn't feel like a rip off, as any early buyers would have felt. It has uninspired gameplay and isn't popular enough to fill a team for co-op, but it isn't bad.

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