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Someone is trying to murder Jesus. Disguised as Caesar with the Roman Empire by his side, an evil impostor from the future has set hundreds of deadly traps. Redirect the traps, kill the Romans and protect Jesus!


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Game description

In this fantasy puzzle game you need to kill Romans, by redirecting traps and keeping Jesus and his friends alive.

Someone is trying to murder Jesus. Disguised as Caesar with the Roman Empire by his side, an evil impostor from the future has set hundreds of deadly traps.

Your Mission:
- Redirect the traps
- Kill the Romans
- Protect Jesus & his friends from an onslaught of weapons

- Boulders, Spikes, Skulls, Fireballs, Holy Balls, Holy Cows
- 50 Levels of increasing difficulty
- A variety of physics-based challenges
- Steam Trading Cards
- Steam Achievements

Find the impostor & destroy his Time Machine, before his machine destroys Time!

Only YOU can Save Jesus!

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Almighty Games
Almighty Games
Thursday, August 4, 2016
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Dual Core
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated Video card
  • Storage: 775 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectSound-compatible sound card
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Save Jesus

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Should be free


In fact, you just might find a free flash version of this game, if you look for it hard enough, but don't bother. It can be amusing for a few minutes, but this game outstays it welcome pretty fast. In it's core it's a very simple physics game, reminiscent of The Incredible Machine...kind of. Of course, this is nowhere near as good as that game. So...if you want the title save Jesus in your library, go for it, it's cheap enough. If it's on summer sale,m you might randomly get an actually good game as a gift here. Otherwise, not recommended.

I got bored very quickly.


Save Jesus is a budget puzzle game which in terms of presentation and gameplay resembles mobile titles and that's a bad thing in my opinion. It should have been ported to Android device (assuming the touchscreen-oriented controlls) than be released on steam. As for the game, the gameplay is bearable, it's very simple without too much depth, you click through state after stage getting bored pretty quickly. It's a pass from me.

A puzzle game that looks and plays like a simple flash game


Save Jesus has you trying to save Jesus from Roman soldiers but dropping objects on them or killing them in some other way. You click on blocks that you want to destroy in order to effect level. You might have to remove a block to drop a rolling rock on top of a Roman soldier and remove another block to keep it from hitting Jesus. As you play some new things are introduced such as explosive crates and objects that can destroy your weapons. Each stage also has stars that need to be collected by moving your weapon into them and you will get a rating of 1-3 stars. The game looks like a simple flash game without any interesting or impressive visuals. You can likely find other games like this for free and can find better ones if you want to pay, apart from some amusement from the game's theme there isn't much that will make this worth a look.

He's a Life Changer, Miracle Arranger


Oh, boy. What do we have here? It's a physics puzzle game in which you kill Romans by using traps against them to save, well... Jesus. Aside from the appeal of saving the son of God, there isn't much going for this game. The art style is unappealing, the gameplay is simplistic and the music is easily forgettable. My complaints are big and they keep getting bigger, but that's because Save Jesus just isn't a fun game.

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