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Serial Cleaner Soundtrack





Get down to the groovy sounds of the 70s with the official Serial Cleaner soundtrack.

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Game description

Get down to the groovy sounds of the 70s with the official Serial Cleaner soundtrack.

Track List:

01. Music to Hide Corpses To (Main Menu Theme) - Rob Zahn

02. No Sweat - Robert Purzycki

03. Sucker Punch - Jan Sanejko

04. Horoscope Date - Jan Sanejko

05. The Deadly Telegraph - Magdalena Urbańska

06. "M" is for Murder - Magdalena Urbańska

07. Fishy Business - Jan Sanejko

08. Hammering Out - Magdalena Urbańska

09. Gator Tears - Daylight Sound Creators

10. Disco Fever - Robert Purzycki

11. Close Shave - Rob Zahn

12. Heavy Load - Jan Sanejko

13. Cold Brew - Robert Purzycki

14. Awaited Abundance - Magdalena Urbańska

15. God of Thunder - Rob Zahn

16. Killer Clown - Robert Purzycki

17. Home Invader - Rob Zahn

18. Mafia Manslaughter - Rob Zahn

19. A Shot in the Dark - Daylight Sound Creators

20. Lair of the Beast - Daylight Sound Creators

21. Smile for the Camera - Rob Zahn

22. The Cleaner's House - Rob Zahn

23. Neat Freak (bonus track) - Rob Zahn

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Curve Digital
iFun4all S.A.
Curve Digital
Friday, July 14, 2017
Digital PC Download
Customer notes

Requires the base game to activate this DLC.

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Serial Cleaner Soundtrack!


The Serial Cleaner soundtrack is one of the best I heard, and the reason why is because it suits perfectly to the game. It's two different things when the soundtrack is amazing or when the soundtrack is amazing AND goes perfectly fine with the game. In that case, it's amazing & suits perfectly. I must admit it reminded me of Driver: Parallel Lines. As other people mentioned already, it is indeed fit with the 70's aesthetic. You might want to listen to those songs even when you're not playing Serial Cleaner, so, if you think purchasing it, I can totally understand (same reason I did as well). The song genres vary, but think of it as if it were 70's right now, this was the music they had. Thr price is.. yeah, not really cheap, but it's worth it if you liked the soundtrack in the first place. If you are patient enough and don't like the price, grab it at a sale. Incredible soundtrack!

Very good soundtrack


The soundtrack for Serial Cleaner will get you 23 tracks from the game, the music being one of the game's stronger features. A lot of soundtracks for indie video games will often give you only a small amount of music but this includes more than what you will often find. Another issue is that a lot of indie soundtracks sound very similar from one track to the next, Serial Cleaner offers more variety, all fitting with the 70s aesthetic but having different styles to many of them. The other problem with indie soundtracks is that they often just aren't something that you would want to listen to outside of the game, that also does not apply to this one. It is a bit higher priced than many other game soundtracks but for the higher quality it is worth it if you like the music of the game and want to support the developer.

Not bad soundtrack, but not a good deal


Soundtrack of Serial Cleaner fits the game perfectly - it is a mix of jazz, funk, electro and rock from that time period. It is a nice listen, but I don't know if I would listen to it outside of the game actually. Maybe some tracks, but not all. While the music itself is not bad, what is bad is the price - it is half the price of the game, in which you can hear it. If it was a part of deluxe edition with 2pounds higher price, I would recommend it wholeheartedly, but nearly 5 pounds (or 4,24 as it is now) doesn't sound like a great deal. They could've at least threw in some art-book/scetch book. Nice music, but not worth the price.

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