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Skullgirls 2nd Encore Upgrade





Hear Skullgirls' story as never before, try your hand at all new trials and challenges, and see how long you can last in Survival! Also unlocks all five additional characters: sing zombie opera with Squigly, and make beautiful music with Big Band!

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Game description

Additional Notes: Requires Skullgirls base game

Hear Skullgirls' story as never before, try your hand at all new trials and challenges, and see how long you can last in Survival! Also unlocks all five additional characters: sing zombie opera with Squigly, and make beautiful music with Big Band! Unleash Eliza's skeletal Parasite, and howl at the moon with Beowulf! And, finally, learn why humans cry with Robo-Fortune. All while taking advantage of the full range of color options so you'll look spiffy in your next match! It's everything you want, in one convenient package!

This upgrade adds the following to the base Skullgirls game:

  • All DLC characters: Squigly, Big Band, Eliza, Beowulf and Robo-Fortune!
  • All DLC charcter colors: Brings all 14 characters up to 25 total character colors!
  • Fully Voiced Story Mode: Skullgirls' excellent cast of voice actors bring the story to life like never before!
  • Challenges: Win a variety of challenging battles with unique conditions, and even play as Marie!
  • Trials: Learn actually-useful combos, from basic bread n' butter to more advanced ones!
  • Survival Mode: Endless waves of enemies await - how long can you survive?

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Autumn Games
Lab Zero Games
Action, Indie
Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Spanish, Portuguese-Brazil, Japanese, Italian, German, French, English
Digital PC Download
Customer notes

Requires Skullgirls (base game) to use this DLC

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The necessary upgrade for a fun 2D fighting game


Skullgirls is a really fun 2D fighting game that became as an indie game and grew it's way to be one of the best fighting game to date. One of the most interesting things about the game are it's characters, and of course, this generous upgrade add 5 more characters to the small but good rooster of the game. Also comes with some skins and a fully casting voice for the campaing to enjoy while playing and listening to the characters story. I highly recommend this to fully enjoy this awesome game. Recommeded.

The best DLC created for one of the best indie fighters


Skullgirls has always been a great game, and while the DLC characters are great and fun to play as, there really was not much incentive for newcomers to buy each individual DLC. However, the 2nd Encore Upgrade is probably the best one Lab Zero has created yet. Survival mode is fun, Challenges can be quite challenging even for experienced players, Trials are quite good and helpful if you want to learn how to play a specific character, and the fully voiced story mode lets the voice actors shine. Not only that, by buying the 2nd Encore, you get every previous DLC ever released, making it a must have for new players. I would recommend getting this at full price if you do own less than at least two of the previous DLCs and enjoy the original game. I would recommend getting on sale if you already own everything else.

Great upgrade to the game


Skullgirls 2nd Encore is an upgrade for the base game that adds in five DLC characters, voice acting for the single player mode, character colors DLC, challenges, trials that will teach you different moves, and a new survival mode. The games graphics are beautiful and well detailed and having access to additional character colors in a game like this is always a nice addition. The roster of the game was never that large but ever character was very unique and well made, and that holds true for the five additional characters that come with this who might make use of music to fight enemies, launch detachable rocket heads at their opponents, or make use of wrestling moves while building up audience hype to increase their power. While the roster isn't huge and you aren't going to get a more detailed story like Blaz Blue or the newer Mortal Kombat games the great gameplay, character designs, and low price make the game worth checking out for fighting fans.

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