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Sniper Elite III - Sniper Rifles Pack





Own the landscape and keep your foes at a distance with three of the greatest sniper rifles ever made. All three rifles can be used in any game mode in Sniper Elite 3.

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Game description

Own the landscape and keep your foes at a distance with three of the greatest sniper rifles ever made. All three rifles can be used in any game mode in Sniper Elite 3.

This DLC pack includes:

  • Kar 98k rifle

  • M1917 Enfield rifle

  • Springfield rifle (tuned)

Game info
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Friday, August 1, 2014
English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Customer notes

Sniper Elite III is required to play this DLC.

Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® Vista (Service Pack 2) or Windows® 7 (Service Pack 1) or Windows® 8 or Windows 8.1. Windows® XP is NOT supported.
  • Processor: Dual-core CPU with SSE3 (Intel® Pentium® D 3GHz / AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 4200) or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Microsoft® DirectX® 10.0 compatible graphics card with 256 MB of memory (NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 series / ATI Radeon™ HD 3870) or better
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Hard Drive: 18 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Microsoft® DirectX® 10.0 compatible sound card or better
  • Additional Notes: Windows® XP is NOT supported. Ensure graphics and audio drivers are up to date.
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Sniper Elite III - Sniper Rifles Pack

Sniper: The Elite Pack

Fair play, Rebellion. Sniper Elite III is a fantastic sniper game experience. Feels great to have the role of the sniper, exclusively. Now, the Sniper Rifles Pack, features 3 well-made and awesome sniper rifles which I'd say that it's not necessary to purchase them if you wanna play the base game. It's an extra addition to the gameplay and it's always nice to have more available guns and try them out. Of course each one might have a little difference (I'm talking about the statistics) but you can work your way through the game with the main sniper rifles too, easily. Now, if you wanna collect all DLC, or just like them and want those Sniper rifles, get them. But generally you can play nicely and without them, so, no problem. I'd suggest for a sale for this DLC as well if you wanna purchase it. Nevertheless, the pack itself is nice. As I said, extra sniper rifles!

Three well known rifles

If the standard weapons that come with the game are not enough for you, you can add three new rifles with this DLC pack. While not large enough to be called an important expansion, it can add a lot of fun for people interested in World War 2 firearms, as the three included rifles are pretty well known. The first one is the German Kar 98k rifle, then there's M1917 Enfield rifle and finally a tuned version of the Springfield rifle. Each comes with its own characteristics and feels different, so you can choose which one suits your prefereces best. Of course, you can play the game without them and not even notice the differece, but if you are interested in one of the featured rifles, the DLC pack is not expensive.

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