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STAR WARS™: TIE Fighter Special Edition






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STAR WARS™: TIE Fighter Special Edition





Become a recruit of the Imperial Navy under the command of Darth Vader, and pilot space vehicles that will leave you breathless. 

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Game description

Become a recruit of the Imperial Navy under the command of Darth Vader, and pilot space vehicles that will leave you breathless.

In the wake of the Battle of Hoth, through their treachery at Yavin, the alliance of Rebels and other criminals have threatened the very foundation of the peaceful Empire. The Imperial Navy is called upon to eradicate the last of the rebellion and restore law and order. As an Imperial navy starfighter pilot, you will safeguard imperiled lives thoughout the galaxy. Join the Emperor's cause in eliminating the Rebel uprising as the Empire strikes back!

**Key Features:**

- Includes STAR WARS™: TIE Fighter and STAR WARS™: TIE Fighter - Defender of the Empire, both 1994 (DOS) and 1998 (Windows) versions, and STAR WARS™: TIE Fighter - Enemies of the Empire 1998 (Windows).

- Get swept away in story line loaded with spectacular cinematic cutscenes!

- Step into a 3D world filled with Imperial and Rebel starfighters!


Game info
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Friday, July 1, 1994
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements

- OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
- Processor: 1.8 GHz
- Memory: 1 GB RAM
- Graphics: 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (DirectX 9 recommended)
- Storage: 406 MB available space
- Additional Notes: The Windows version of STAR WARS: TIE Fighter (1998) requires a controller or joystick. STAR WARS: TIE Fighter (1994) can be played with a mouse and keyboard.

Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for STAR WARS™: TIE Fighter Special Edition

Excellent space combat sim that has you working for the Empire

TIE Fighter is a space combat simulation that has you playing as an imperial pilot from the time immediately following the battle of Hoth to when Thrawn was promoted to Grand Admiral. The story of the game is actually interesting, even opening with a classic text crawl but done in an imperial propaganda style about the need to restore order to the galaxy while the Imperial March theme plays over it, you also start out as and are treated as a regular pilot, given an easily destroyable unshielded TIE fighter and must earn your way to piloting more advanced ships. Threats don't come just from the rebels but from pirate factions, civil wars, and imperial traitors. Tie Fighter includes a large number of missions with the main game and expansion giving you 54 and the additional scenarios in the 95 Collectors Edition (which was recently added to this version of the game) adding an additional 22. In addition to primary objectives you might be given secondary objectives during extra briefings from imperial intelligence that will help you rise through the ranks even faster, bonus missions can also be uncovered but you will not be told what they are. X-Wing Alliance was my favorite game, and the most advanced, but TIE Fighter is both a great game and puts you in a unique place as a pilot of the empire, and it is well worth playing.

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