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The legendary fighting franchise returns with STREET FIGHTER® V!

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The legendary fighting franchise returns with STREET FIGHTER™ V! Stunning visuals depict the next generation of World Warriors in unprecedented detail, while exciting and accessible battle mechanics deliver endless fighting fun that both beginners and veterans can enjoy. Challenge your friends online, or compete for fame and glory on the Capcom Pro Tour.

The path to greatness begins here: RISE UP!

Key Features:

  • New and Returning Characters: Classic characters like Ryu, Chun-Li, Charlie Nash and M. Bison return! Many more new and returning characters will be added to the diverse roster, offering a wide variety of fighting styles for players to choose from.

  • New Strategies and Battle Mechanics: Highly accessible new battle mechanics, which revolve around the V-Gauge and EX Gauge, provide an unprecedented layer of strategy and depth to the franchise that all players can enjoy.

  • V-Trigger: Unique abilities that use the entire V-Gauge, which allow players to turn the tide of battle.

  • V-Skill: Unique skills for each character that can be done at any time.

  • V-Reversal: Unique counterattacks that use one stock of the V-Gauge.

  • Critical Arts: Ultimate attacks that use the entire EX Gauge.

  • PC and PS4 Cross-Platform Play: For the first time in franchise history, the online community will be unified into a single player pool, allowing for even more rivalries to be born.

  • Next Gen Visuals: Unreal Engine 4 technology pushes the realism and next-gen visuals to new heights, making this latest entry the best looking and most immersive Street Fighter game of all time.

  • Rise up: Ranking leaderboards track players careers and are integrated with the Capcom Pro Tour, the premier league destination for competitive fighting games.

  • More to Come! Stay tuned for more announcements regarding new characters, stages, features, and more.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Recommended: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-4160 @ 3.60GHz
  • Memory: 6 GB DDR3
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 480 (or higher)
  • Network: Broadband Connection Required
  • DirectX: DirectX 11
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset
Recommended Requirements
  • OS: Recommended: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4690K @3.50GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB DDR3
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 960 (or higher)
  • Network: Broadband Connection Required
  • DirectX: DirectX 11
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset

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Reviews for Street Fighter V

Will light your yoga fire

The series that catapulted the one on one fighter genre into worldwide popularity is back and better then ever. Featuring the iconic characters that had most of us lining up at arcade cabinets and saving our quarters for the console versions, Street Fighter 5 looks fantastic with its brilliant full HD graphics. With dozens of signature moves and combos both old and new, this game will leave you with blisters on your thumbs that you'll wear with pride. Including a variety of eye catching new backgrounds, the real attention grabber in Street Fighter 5 is how quickly and fluidly the action unfolds. The modern game engine is an evolution in the art of fighting, and Street Fighter 5 proves that even the best game series can get better. Online competition keeps the action fresh, and a never ending lineup of potential competitors world-wide may make it difficult for you to tear yourself away from this top notch game. At least until the next one comes out...

Cool Game

i found this game to be loads of fun i believe they have fixed the issue everyone is talking about in the comments i have logged over 30 hours in this game and am still having fun with i. you do need a controller or fight stick if you want to play this the pc controls are not really good. i find it is not that bad grinding out lp for new fighters and stages but it does take more skill the further you go. i suggest for new players play ryu to start he is a good character to learn the basics with he is made to be easy to pick up then find what character you are good at

Best fighting game of all time, period.

Yeah, the launch was lame, lot`s of problems and lot`s of missing contents, but don`t let this get on your way. On what it really matters, SFV is an absolute blast. I don't play it every day like I did when it launched, but every time I sit with a friend to play it's amazing, guaranteed fun. This is that kind of game that deserves to be on everyone's library.

My sincerely advice

If you?re looking to get into fighting games and play local/online with real human players, this game is for you. If you?re here for a singleplayer experience, sadly you won?t be playing the game for too long. Coming from someone who wants to play strong players, improve, and get that sense of accomplishment you feel when you?ve leveled-up your game, I highly recommend Street Fighter V. The gameplay is as solid as the other games. If you are absolutely new to the series you might need to do a bit of research yourself on the mechanics of the game, maybe how combos work, what meters do what, but they?re simple enough to understand. It would likely be faster to read reddit/forums than to use the tutorial to learn the game. It has its gameplay complaints with things like anti-air jabs, Chun?s instant air legs, whatever, you?ve likely heard it on forums, but to be honest it?s not as bad as the internet makes it out to be. A competitive game with this caliber is bound to receive balance changes and additions, so for now, we can leave it to Capcom to fix anything that could be too problematic. With that said, the balance feels pretty good. It isn?t perfect by all means, but I?ve never been frustrated at losing because of some arbitrary tier list. In terms of execution, they've made the game very accessible. So much that I believe anyone that puts in the effort can learn optimal combos with most characters. You don?t even need to use a fightstick for this game. You can be good with a gamepad or stick, whatever your personal preference. That being said, this isn?t a free ticket to wins. You?ll hands down easily lose to anyone with much better tactics and decision making. Combos can only get you so far. You need to work on your reaction time, hit-confirms, character knowledge, etc. Learning these are the easiest it has ever been with so many online resources and simply just playing the game with an open mind. So how is the online? Well to be completely honest YMMV. Personally, my experience has been stellar. The amount of times I?ve had laggy teleports in-game are easily forgettable. This may be different depending on your area. I live in the US west coast in a very populated area with better than average internet. I mainly get auto-matched up with US, Canada, and Mexico, with a few more foreign countries every now and then. Casual and ranked matches take no more than a minute to find with 4-5 connection as my usual search criteria. And for the first time in Street Fighter, you can seamlessly crossplay PC and PS4 users. So is online good? For me, yes. I?ll briefly talk about the character DLC. If you?re looking for a few fighters, completing all of the stories and trials, as well as doing a bit of survival should easily get you enough in-game fight money for 4 out of the 6 season 1 fighters, and more if you really grind survival. If you want to get the full experience immediately, honestly, get the season pass, but I would strongly advise getting it on sale rather than pay full price. If you?re that hard-pressed to getting all DLC characters for free (this isn?t even including any future fighters), you?ll be grinding for a while. If you want to subject yourself to essentially ?working? less than minimum wage just to beat the pay system, that?s up to you. Use your time however you please. I have a lot of fun with this game. It?s easy for me to get a quick game, whether I want to turn on my brain in ranked or relax a bit in casual. I've had plenty of long late-night sessions with close friends online with little to no hiccups. Ibuki and Urien are extremely enjoyable for me to play, especially as a Third Strike fan. Admittedly there were some bumps at the beginning, but it?s shaping up to be better and better with every update, and unless Capcom does something incredibly stupid, I can see people including myself playing for a long time. Crossplay increases the playerbase by so much more, and I wish more fighting games supported this feature.

Should be little cheap

Street fighter was one of best games i played in my childhood. This one is missing much content to fight with other competitors. There is no story mode for single player and many other things which should have been there. Its not worth buying for 60 Bucks but if u want it, get it in sale :)

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