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Inspired by Super Mario World, Super Ubie Island REMIX is an adorable platformer. Help Ubie defeat Dr. Terrestrial, discover secrets, repair his ship and escape Climate Island. Run, jump and glide your way through more than 25 insanely fun levels!

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Game description

Super Ubie Island REMIX is an adorable platformer with retro influences developed by Forbes 30 Under 30 developer Andrew Augustin.

Ubie, an adorable little alien from a distant galaxy, has crash landed on an unknown planet. There can only be one person behind this: his fiendish and decidedly less cuddly rival, Dr. Terrestrial! Now it's up to you to help Ubie get back home by fighting enemies, discovering secrets, and repairing Ubie's ship!

Inspired by Super Mario World and other classic platformers, Super Ubie Island REMIX is a game with old school roots, a full original soundtrack, adorable characters, beautiful graphics and an engaging adventure.

Key Features:

  • Save Ubie by overcoming difficult trials and bosses on his way back home

  • Chill out to a wide selection of remixed and revamped background tracks, as well as the original mixes

  • Uncover the secrets of Climate Island, with many hidden items, levels and characters to find

  • Explore four unique worlds with their own landscapes and inhabitants

  • Rescue lost worker bees and return them to their Queen for reward and fame

Game info
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Black Shell Media LLC
Notion Games
Action, Adventure
Black Shell Media LLC
Friday, January 15, 2016
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Graphics: Any graphics card that can handle WebGL
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Super Ubie Island REMIX

A cute and enjoyable platformer that can also be challenging

Super Ubie Island REMIX is a 2D platformer with great controls, good music, and a cute artstyle, but don't let the art fool you into thinking that it can't also be challenging. The game has four different worlds and allows you to replay any of the levels which have hidden things to collect in them and have secret areas to find. There are a good number of levels but they can be short. You are able to float to the ground slowly by using a balloon and can double jump, enemies are defeated by falling onto their heads. After an enemy is killed an outline of them will continue to move around in the same pattern they did and in a short amount of time they will respawn. The graphics are simple, looking like an older flash game, but they fit the game very well. It's not that long but it's a fun game worth playing for platformer fans.

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