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Switch Galaxy Ultra Charity Pack





Requires Switch Galaxy Ultra (base game) to use this DLC

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Game description

Requires Switch Galaxy Ultra (base game) to use this DLC

- 15 new levels
- 1 new ship
- 4 Music Tracks:
● Gobble by Kove
● Promises by Nero
● Another Day by Modestep
● Lost and Not Found by Chase & Status

We wanted to do something special for the game and so designed a DLC pack were all our profits are going direct to our favourite Charity, Caudwell Children. Yes seriously, we aren’t making a penny from this DLC Pack. In the pack you will unlock an exclusive branded ship – the Orion, 15 new levels including 2 extra challenge levels, licensed music from artists Chase and Status, Kove, Modestep and Nero and the knowledge that downloading this pack will go towards helping children who need support.

Amur needs a guinea pig, the Outer Reach Council have finally agreed to subscribe to Dakur’s network and someone has been selected to test out all the highway’s to make sure they are working and of course safe. That someone just happens to be Vince and Dakur’s new ship, the Orion, has been sent to pick him up. Are you ready for a new challenge?

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Green Man Gaming
Green Man Gaming
Friday, November 20, 2015
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Dual Core or better
Memory: 2Gb RAM
Graphics: Intel HD3000

Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Switch Galaxy Ultra Charity Pack

Great Value and all for Charity!

All money earned by devs with this DLC is supposed to go to Caudwell Children charity which on it's own is pretty damn awesome! In an age when big AAA devs charge us 1-5$ for one character skin, releasing big DLC 100% for charity is something unexpected and what you should totally support! But charitable or not - what matters for you as the buyer is content, so let's speak a little about that. For such a cheap DLC it gives you really nice amount of stuff - you get 15 new levels (including 2 all-new challenges!), new ship and 4 new Music Tracks. Starting with music tracks - they ain't bad, but worse than ones you can get in Music Pack DLC - so if your main focus is awesome soundtrack this game features - pick up Music Pack instead. The New Ship, Orion, while nice and Shiny offers nothing special or worthwhile as well - but it will look good on your screenshots ;p The main meat of this DLCs are new levels - and these are good quality. 13 usual levels are well made, offers considerable amount of challenge, are fast paced and will test your reflexes. They are not crazy hard but not ultra-easy as well. And 2 new challenges are great - they would be worth the price of the DLC on it's own! All in all - it's one of the best values I've seen in a DLC in a long time, and especially considered it all goes to charity you really have no reason not to pick this one :)

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