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Strategy has a new name and it’s damn TASTEE. Recruit a team of volatile mercs and execute dramatic gunfights on a mission to take down the Cartel. Out think, outmaneuver, and eliminate enemies in a fresh take on simultaneous turn-based tactics. Precision planning meets epic action.

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Game description

One of Destructoid's top indie games to look for in 2016.

This is TASTEE: we do take out.

You are the director, you will coordinate a master plan using every tool at your disposal. Off the books, unsanctioned and highly illegal, you'll be doing the dirty work the government can't.

They are elite, elusive, and deliciously dangerous. Independents and rogues, these mercs do not play well with others and we're going to cram them all into your rundown diner: TASTEE. They're an unruly powder keg waiting for a spark...but fortunately most of these guys like explosions. This is your team.

Your job is to recruit these hired guns and form the TASTEE team; use them to orchestrate missions to take down the Cartel. Misfits and outcasts, each merc has refined their own personal MO when it comes to death and destruction. Their unique set of skills is exactly what you'll need to steal guns, interrupt supply lines, save hostages, formulate traps, and execute epic gunfights on your mission to take down The Cowboy - the big boss responsible for a global crime epidemic. Lethal tactics have been authorized... Good luck.

Key Features:

Single Player Mission Mode:

  • 30 Missions across 10 locations

  • Recruit mercs, each with their own unique skillset

  • Mission Leaderboards - Replay missions, best your own scores and top others’ to climb the global leaderboards.

A diverse roster of 12 mercenaries, each with their own special abilities and weapons

  • Each character has their own particular skill set, their expertise ranging from clever gadgets to lethal combat abilities

  • 4 distinct character classes: Gunmen, Snipers, Shotgunners, Bombers

  • Mix and match your mercenaries to create the optimal squad for each situation

  • Coordinate attacks by pairing units with complementary skills and abilities. For example, Linus breaks through walls, attacking from unexpected locations and opening paths for teammates; pair his skills with Bodark's swift disarming shot to take enemies by surprise and leave them vulnerable.

10 Unique, Randomized Tactical Maps:

  • Rich, detailed locations highlight dramatic cat-and-mouse armed encounters.

  • Destructible environmental objects - Destroy doors and cover objects to alter the playing field.

  • Randomized Maps Elements - Destructible object placement is randomized on all maps, creating different pathways and strategy possibilities for each match.

  • Learn the maps to formulate strategies - Find ideal sniper locations, quick getaways and lanes to lead your opponent into an ambush.

Competitive Online Multiplayer Play:

  • ELO-ratings based global leaderboards - Defeat other players in the community to move up the rankings and become #1!

  • Asynchronous Online Matches - Play Head-to-Head matches asynchronously - submit your turns at your own pace. E-mail notifications inform you when it's your turn and when someone has challenged you to a match.

  • Cage Matches - Play Head-to-Head matches live - submit your turns before the timer runs out.

Share your Best Match Replays:

  • Just won an incredible match? Share the replay with other Lethal Tactics players!

Practice Mode:

  • Play full matches versus AI.

  • Practice your tactics and test unit combinations.

Steam Achievements:

  • 42 achievements - Play all modes to earn them all!

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SkyBox Labs Inc
SkyBox Labs Inc
Strategy, Indie
Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements


  • OS: Windows Vista
  • Processor: Dual Core, 2.5Ghz (Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon X2)
  • Memory: 4096 MB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 4000 Series / Nvidia GTX 200 Series / Intel HD 4400 Series
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for TASTEE: Lethal Tactics

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Similar to jagged alliance but much better


Great game! Smooth gameplay! Reminded me of jagged alliance but everything works better and smoother. no more bugged and randomed bsheet.

Not the best strategy game, but it still shines


TASTEE is all about slow, planned, tactical and premeditated combat. Every turn is planned out to the last move, position and view angle and the game stands strongest when you take the time to do so. Now, it needs to be noted that this is a Niche title for sure and that unless you enjoy a slow paced & tactical game play, that it might not be the thing for you. But if you do... boy is this a treat! A well put together story mode, coupled with a great tutorial set the stage for what you'll learn is some of the most chess-like mind-melding and enjoyable turn based action I've played in ages. With a great variety of maps, an interesting (and mostly balanced) mix of characters to choose from and great use of the environment to obstruct, empower and employ player interaction allows for this game to shine. What i'll say as well is that the games controls are quite fiddly. Making you sometimes waste time to get an action "just right". Also the PC Options and performance are bare bones and "acceptable" at best. Not perfect, but still a really good turn based tactical action game none the less.

Tactically long


If you like planning out moves down ahead of time like you did in frozen synapse, , then you'll love Tastee. if you have a patient and tactical mind, the game rewards you with these glorious moments of success and destruction as the ambushes and rushes play off. I found that playing without patience was the fastest way to a quick defeat as your squad falls under a hail of bullets as you mismanage them. Don't expect the ai to give you a fair fight because it seems as if it knows what you're going to do ahead of time. Therefore, you have to take things slow, very slow. This is why patience is a necessity in Tastee. Furthermore, you cant even change the ai difficulty, so if you\'re having trouble, you can't turn the difficulty to easy or anything!. As for human opponents , I couldn't find many online. This may be a concern for most people but I mainly play single player for the solo experience. This game really does feel like frozen synapse sometimes when I'm playing it. It becomes apparent in features such as hold on sight. However, features such as individual; character stats, weaknesses, strengths, and more distinguish Tastee from Frozen Synapse. As a result, it plays as if it's xcom fused with frozen synapse. Tastee is great fun for those looking for tactical gameplay!

Great single and multiplayer for a good price


TASTEE Lethal Tactics is a turn based strategy game similar to games like Breach and Clear or Frozen Synapse, a little bit like Door Kickers. Gameplay involves making a team of four out of the game's 12 characters, each character has their own dossier and a unique ability, though they are each part of one of the games four class types, which include shotgunners, gunmen (pistols), bombers, and snipers. Each character also has a unique ability such as sensors, shots that disrupt enemy aim, stealth, or extra health. Gameplay involves you giving orders to each member of your squad to be carried out within the next few seconds of real time, orders can include where to move, which way to look, stance, speed, if you want them to use any special abilities they have, etc. Once the orders are given both teams will carry out their orders, and you will be shown the results in real time, when the turn ends you will give new orders and continue to do so until one of the teams is wiped out. A 30 mission single player campaign is included as well as online multiplayer. The campaign does a good job of changing things up, instead of the usual four vs four match you will be given unique objectives, side objectives to complete, there might be more enemies or enemy reinforcements. There are 10 different and very different maps, each with their own music, the different environments and spawn points can change up how you need to play. The AI is decent, the campaign is varied, the maps and gameplay is good, and the online is fun. If you like strategy games like this it is well worth the price.

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