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The Black Death





A catastrophic plague has left a trail of destruction across 14th century Europe. Survivors confront sickness and scarce resources in a land rife with banditry. Attempt to find a cure, acquire power, learn skills and adapt to survive.

Those lucky enough to survive have come to call it ‘The Black Death’.

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Game description

A catastrophic plague has left a trail of destruction across 14th century Europe. Survivors confront sickness and scarce resources in a land rife with banditry. Attempt to find a cure, acquire power, learn skills and adapt to survive.

Those lucky enough to survive have come to call it ‘The Black Death’.


This is an Early Access Game

This means the game is still in active development, and can change drastically throughout development. The Early Access program will not only allow the player to enjoy the fantastic gameplay experience, but will also allow the player to make a real difference in how the game progresses.

The team will continue to create new features throughout the process. Those who choose to purchase the game should expect missing content, bugs, incomplete content and, potentially, game breaking problems.



Take on the role of a medieval man of science, a plague doctor, hell-bent on finding a cure to the horrific plague spreading across the land. Study the effects of the infection through experiments and autopsies on man and beast alike, with the ongoing risk of your own infection - and in danger of being lynched by townsfolk who believe science to be heresy!


Take advantage of different realistic medieval professions: Crafting fine armors to protect yourself from deadly raiders as a Blacksmith, taming animals and farming the land as a Peasant, tricking players with counterfeit goods as a Bandit, and much, much more.


Embark on a journey through a dark and gritty open-world depiction of a plague-infested Medieval Europe. Witness the plague spread in real-time through the population including your friends and enemies whilst exploring bustling towns, striking castles and plague-infested mines in your search for the cure to this deadly infection. Interact with hundreds of NPC’s; trade with merchants and hunters, clash with crusaders and bandits and be wary of infected beggars. 

You don't have to face these horrors alone - team up with other players and work together to prosper or become a menace to the world and take everything you can! But be careful who you trust...

Try to rebuild society by building a homestead by yourself, or with friends. Develop your building skills and turn a rickety shack into a powerful estate, complete with an ultimate medieval research lab to help you perform your experiments and find a cure.

Key Features in Early Access -

 Enter the world as a plague doctor, looking for a cure to the deadliest pandemic of the Middle Ages.

 Learn skills from a number of different professions to help you survive.

 A huge open world (8km2) based in 14th century Western Europe. Explore thriving castles, bandit camps, busy ports and abandoned mines.

 Learn more about the plague through physical examinations and autopsies of infected animals and humans.

 A living world with hundreds of NPC's and day / night cycle. Trade with merchants, hunt animals, talk to townsfolk and fight bandits.

 Buy deeds to houses, upgrade them, and hire staff to work on your estate.

 Large scale multiplayer, with up to 50 players per server.


  • Start as a plague doctor
  • New Character customisation
  • New skill tree - There are now 8 available professions; Artisan, Smith, Militia, Bandit, Doctor, Peasant, Hunter and Cook. With a total of 117 unlockable skills.
  • New Journal - view recipes, craft items, get key info, Knowledge/Experience and World Map. A one-stop shop for all your needs.
  • New Interaction Wheel - quickly talk to NPCs, use items, equip items, gather resources and much more.
  • Questing - Uncover more information about the lands and people of Mercia and the devastating effects the plague is having on them. Pick up some tasty rewards as you go!
  • New NPC Types


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Green Man Gaming
Syrin Studios
Action, MMOs
Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Processor: 2 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX11 Compatible GPU with 1 GB Video RAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
Recommended Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX11 Compatible GPU with 1 GB Video RAM
  • DirectX: Version 11

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Reviews for The Black Death

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The game so far has still got some bugs and problems but they are being worked on.


The max players i've seen on a server is about 7 - 10 which isn't a lot at the moment but i'm sure if the game fixes on it's bugs and problems to make the game more stable could improve that. Gameplay is not that bad the only thing quite annoying is are that the NPC's suddenly spawn behind you and some times even dissapear I haven't progressed so far but the only bugs and problems i've encountered so far: 1. NPC spawning and dissapearing randomely 2. Being locked out of your own house even though you locked the doors. 3. You can't hear your footsteps when going first person. 4. Going far away from Ravens Reach is dangerous because there aren't enough materials for you to gather to be able to survive. That was all for now.

Good Game


Game has tons of potential. I have played it since launch and the devs have been working hard on fixes/patches. Currently there are a few bugs which is expected for an "alpha" early access game (some say it was released too early). The graphics are great, and it's fun to just run around and pick berries and steal from the people while the guards watch you do it and don't do anything. You do run across other players often enough, even with only a handful of people in the highest populated server. Currently the amount of content is limited, but the devs are active in discussions and reddit and listen to people's ideas. I'm looking forward to what this game has in store and I hope that more people check it out for longer than a few minutes and write a negative review about it. Edit: Playing this game now for about a month and they have made drastic changes, especially to the stability of the game where probably about 80% of the "bad" reviews came from. The devs continue to update the game and keep the community informed.

It has a lot of potencial


This is a very good game with a lot of potential, I can see it going to great places, and the devs are very comitted to making it the best game it can possibly be. The only major issue I have run into so far (and it is a very frustrating one) is the lag that is mentioned in the other reviews. You don't notice it just running around but when trying combat or trying to craft it can get in the way quite a bit. I hope that the issue is fixed soon.

Needs more Development but Awesome Game


I really like the game and it's concepts but it badly suffers from too early access syndrome and lacks any optomization, not enough and very glitchy a.i and npcs etc. I'm going to give it a miss for a couple of months and let a few more patches and hopefully it will have taken form and unlocked it's great potential.

I like it.


I spent roughly 4 hours making wooden bowls before I found some poor fellows 3.6k gold stash and bought myself a house. Soon after I ran into another player, who was brutally murdering all the guards. I hid in my house. Every time I went past where the guards were killed, it played a slash sound followed by their screams in a loop. It was like being constantly reminded how much of a horrible person I was for leaving those guards to die, but I had a stick and dude had a fencing sword; I'm not fighting that. I found a barn I could buy and live in and it had a pig in it. I was ecstatic until the game said I already had a house, all the npcs in the village had caffeine issues too, shaking everywhere. There was a super shady npc who was selling 'basic' food in front of a poisoned well. Like we all couldn't tell you poisoned the well to boost sales, you're the only one who is selling apples to replenish my thirst. I thought bandits were just kind fellows running up to you to say 'hi' but they're running up to you because they want to brutally murder you; but if you get two and time it right, they will fight each other. They don't take kindly to you watching though and the winner will immediately turn on you.

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