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The Evil Within: The Assignment





Experience the survival horror of The Evil Within from a new perspective in The Evil Within: The Assignment.

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Game description

Experience the survival horror of The Evil Within from a new perspective in The Evil Within: The Assignment. In this gripping first episode of a two-part story, take on the role of detective Juli Kidman, Sebastian Castellanos’ mysterious partner, in a concurrent story that unravels the mysteries of her whereabouts during the events at Beacon Mental Hospital. Find out Kidman’s hidden motivations and her mysterious connection to Mobius, the shadowy group thought to be behind the gruesome events of The Evil Within.

Key features:

  • Play As Juli Kidman

    Assume the role of Juli Kidman, Sebastian Castellanos’ mysterious partner from The Evil Within. Untangle the secrets of what happened to her and discover the truth behind her connection with Mobius.

  • Unravel the Mystery

    Learn the secrets behind the STEM system and experience the horrific events from the first game from a new perspective. Finally, players will be able to confront the mysterious organization thought to be behind it all.

  • The Limits of Survival

    Encounter new threats in the shadows. Combine stealth and use Juli Kidman’s flashlight, work with limited resources and stay alert to survive and outmanoeuvre chilling new foes.

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Bethesda Softworks
Tango Gameworks
Tuesday, March 10, 2015
English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes

The Evil Within is required to play this DLC.

Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7/8.1 (64 bit)
  • GPU: GTX 460 or an equivalent 1gb VRAM card
  • CPU: i7 or an equivalent 4+ core processor
  • RAM: 4GB
  • HDD: 50GB
Recommended Requirements
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: i7 with four plus cores
  • RAM: 4 GBs RAM
  • HDD: 50 GB of hard drive space
  • GFX: GeForce GTX 670 or equivalent with 4GBs of VRAM
  • High Speed Internet Connection

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Reviews for The Evil Within: The Assignment

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Find out more about The Evil Within story


For most gamers who played The Evil Within, the Juli Kidman character and what was she involved in it was a vague point of the game, which created many questions. Fortunatly, in first tow DLCs of The Evil Within, the answers to all of your question about game story has given, In fact, many of the unsaid and obscure parts of the story in main game are well explained in the Assignment DLC. But its gameplay differs from the main game, its gameplay heavily focused on stealth and sneak instead of action. Also, Juli Kidman is weak and will face with some new creatures which haven't seen in the main game. If you have played The Evil Within and enjoyed its story, you should play this dlc.

A new experience


This DLC is really worth it and together with The Consequence make the whole experience for the game way better. This time, we forget about Castellanos and we control Kidman, a more stealth focused character that doesn't shot a single bullet in the whole DLC. Kidman will need to take advantage on her sneaking skills and avoid the creatures that surround her. Don't worry, the stealth mechanics are way better than what we saw in the main game, featuring a new covering system to get behind your enemies easier. If you ended up with a lot of questions in The Evil Within this DLC will give you some answers. I would say this is mandatory if you really liked the main game.

Horror Within


The Evil Within’s first DLC is here. In The Assignment we play as Juli Kidman, aka “Kid”. This DLC is the occasion to learn more about what happened to her during the course of the main game. Juli has very limited resources to help her survive. Her stealth abilities will be your new best friends. For Juli doesn’t really fight. There are a few shooting phases here and there but that’s all. You will be hiding in the shadows for the most part of The Assignment. And if a monster finds you, you can be sure the Game Over screen would appear soon. This element makes the DLC a very scary experience maybe even scarier than the main game. However, it is strangely not as hard as Sebastian’s own adventure. The flashlight has a very important role here. There are some neat puzzles using it. It’s a fun DLC and it’s quite long to play (A few hours).

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