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The Guild 2: Platinum Edition





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Game description

Guild 2 Platinum Edition comprises "Guild 2 Pirates of the European Seas" and "Guild 2 Venice". At the era of intrigue and fights, it's up to you to reach the highest level in society - from manufacturer to patrician, mayor and more!

The Guild 2 Pirates of the European Seas:

Guild 2 is the shining successor of the ultra successful medieval life sim, Europe 1400. The Guild 2 is a unique mixture of RPG and life simulation in an immersive middle ages szenario. The player and his party become part of history and can even change it in real-time.

Go back to the dark middle ages and found a new dynasty! Take care of yourself, because your opponents never sleep! Marry a beautiful wife and make new friends... control your life! Hand down your skills and your descendants will greatly appreciate it!

The first true life simulation series set in the fascinating medieval Europe! The Addon expands and transforms the game into an even greater experience by adding a huge area including the cities of "The Hanse" located at the shores of the European seas. Sea battles and naval trading are added to the gameplay, and a new campaign mode provides more than 10 hours of additional fun.

The Guild 2 Venice:

As in the previous "The Guild" titles, the developer gives full attention to the detailed daily routines of venetian citizens. The players will face trade and treachery, love and intrigues, merchants and beggars in old Venice. To catch the spirit of the 15th century, not just the graphics have been redone. There will be new resources and new goods to trade.


  • Huge range of vocations and career

  • Discover the most famous sights of Venice and Vienna

  • The most modern and improved RPG elements allow a creation of an individual character

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THQ Nordic
4head Studios
Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • Processor 1.8 GHz

  • 512 MB Ram

  • DirectX 9 or higher

Recommended Requirements
  • Processor 2.8 GHz

  • 1 GB Ram

  • DirectX 9 or higher, shader model 2/3


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Hard, but rewarding sim


This game is a rather interesting one. You control a family, and basically you can do whatever you want to. You can become a merchant, and trade. You can become an artisan, create stuff, then sell it. You can become a robber, and kill people, steal their money, and then buy their stuff. You can even become a politician, then if you play your cards right, you can elect your family members in every important position, and rule over the city for forever. You can even sue people, and kill your rivals...or they can kill you! And by you, i mean your family. You control every member of the family, each of them a different character, that can fight, marry, and die. Really...it would be easier to just tell you what you can't do in this game. The only thing that you should consider, is that there are no training wheels here. From the get go, the game assumes you know what you're doing, and expect the other families, to undermine/murder you at every chance they got.

Not as good as the first one.


I liked the first game a lot. I played it more then 40h and I thought that part two would be much better. Both games are about your family, trying to make your family the leading one in the city. You have to make a good stand in politics and you try to get rich on the market. For this goal you can use legal and some other strategies ;) Rob your Neighbor or claim him a to be a thief, steal his gold and sell it as yours :) Happy neighbourhood! The first game gives you a nice overlook around the city in which you are building your dominance. You can click you shop, your home and the market. Klick and you have the menu open for your task. But in "The Guild 2" you have to walk around in the small village to get to your destination (Its not that bad but it is more then a contextmenu). Maybe developers tried to build a "The Sims"-Feeling but it didnt worked for me. You still have a lot of options to work your way into the important authority you want to be. And there a lot of options to sabotage your opponents. But it seems a bit more repetitive. There is a nice depth of strategy to make you "the king of the hill". But in my eyes it isnt as good as in the first game. But if you need better graphics and a (litte)bit more "The Sims"- Style this game may fit you more. Otherwise try the first game with its expansions :)



The Guild 2 is a really cool sequel to the original city building and to some degree city survival game The Guild. It is something of a blend between RPG, RTS and management sim. The first thing you may think is that it's like Tropico, but it actually isn't. But even though it's fun, after the first 5 hours, you are going to get farily bored. Also, at one time you realize that you do not really have that much control over everything. But still, The Guild 2 is a solid sim strategy game; definitely worth checking out.

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