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The Incredible Baron combines real-time strategy gameplay with over 45 collectible animal species in a tale of exploration, science, and betrayal. 

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Game description

The Incredible Baron combines real-time strategy gameplay with over 45 collectible animal species in a tale of exploration, science, and betrayal. As Baron, you will explore an uncharted island, documenting its species and using their unique abilities to defeat nefarious adversaries in the cut-throat world of science. But as the adventure unfolds, you may begin to question the credibility of Baron's incredible boasts, leaving only your tactical skill and the know-how of Baron's crew as the deciding factors in Baron's fate.

In The Incredible Baron, you will:

  • Harness the unique strengths of over 45 new species that inhabit the island.
  • Experience a twisting tale of science and betrayal spanning 30 story levels and 60 challenge levels.
  • Customize your army and the tech tree itself as you build a team suited for each upcoming challenge.
  • Explore exotic environments presented in a gorgeous, 16-bit art style.
  • Meet a unique cast of characters and setting inspired by 18th century naturalists, Baron Munchausen, and Don Quixote.


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Black Shell Media LLC
Black Shell Media LLC
Friday, May 27, 2016
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP 
  • Processor: 1.0 GHz 
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM 
  • Graphics: Integrated graphics 
  • Storage: 250 MB available space 
  • Sound Card: Integrated audio 
  • undefined
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for The Incredible Baron

Simple but more strategy than other games of this type and great art

The Incredible Baron is a strategy game that has you summoning creatures and using abilities to defend your side of the field while you attempt to break through enemy defenses to destroy their side. The game was also available for iOS and Android but for the same price and no poor features have been carried over like with some titles coming from a mobile platform. This is certainly not a unique style of gameplay but a feature that helps this title stand out is that killing enemies will increase your progress bar on that type of enemy, once it is filled you will be able to use those creatures yourself. Another thing that sets the game apart is choosing different units and abilities before a battle which are each tied to one of three different buildings you have, each building has a certain number of slots to equip units and units can take different amounts of space. Creatures each have a color and are going to be strong against two other colors and weak against two other colors, this has you choosing units your opponent is weak to during unit selection and trying to get the correct units to fight during battle. Each unit also has three stats for health, strength, and speed and they can have unique abilities on the field. The graphics are well done, have a nice style and the units are varied and the backgrounds are nice while also having some good weather effects. The music could have been better and the battlefields could have been made more interesting with hazards but for the low price this is an enjoyable game.

Casually fun

The Incredible Baron is an RTS tug-of-war with an emphasis on color-type VS color-type. The plot revolves around an expedition gone wrong, an evil look-alike, and all the slugs you can eat. The gameplay leaves much to be deserved however. The formula has been done before, and better at that. It feels like dejavu because there is no innovation or any new mechanics that make the game stand out. There are some other mechanics such as spending gold to unlock more slots, a hatchery for slugs, a shovel that reduces prices but these have all been done before. You can get the same experience and gameplay on many free mobile games. The game does have its graphics to hold it up though as the the smooth animations and gorgeous scenery are amazing to look at. The sprites and backgrounds are amazing and work wonders for the eyes. The game isnt very in depth and I only would only recommend it for those looking for a casual RTS.

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