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Terrorists have stolen a nuclear-tipped missile and plan to blast away one of Europe's’ largest city: London!

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Terrorists stole a nuclear-tipped missile and plan to blast away one of Europe's’ largest city: London! The missiles short range is a problem, but money is not, and the terrorists find an accomplice, Ilya Rakov, son of a Russian billionaire and arms dealer, Aleksandr Rakov.

Ilya agrees to supply the terrorists with a ship that will bring the missile within range of London.

He also agrees to hunt down the only two people who are capable of foiling the plot: Steve and Sandy Fletcher. Steve and his sister Sandy are officers in the US Marine Corps. Aleksandr Rakov is horrified by his son‘s plan. Unable to take direct action, he hires the elite mercenary Austin Hawke to protect and assist Fletch…

  • Two solo campaigns / 18 Levels within 6 chapters

  • Two playable characters – both characters available for Multiplayer Mode

  • Multiplayer Mode with several multiplay options like Cooperative play, map control, deathmatch Over 15 different weapons – from the AK47 to the FA MAS

  • Unique special abilities for Hawk and Fletch: Sneak or shoot – multiple ways to finish the missions

  • Powerful level editor – great to create mods and new multiplayer maps

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THQ Nordic
T7 Games
THQ Nordic
Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements

Required System Memory (MB): 512 MB Minimum Graphics: 128 MB Shader Model 2.0 Compatible Video Card Processor Speed (GHz): 1.8 GHz Pentium® 4 Processor

Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for The Mark

Makes me feel mildly ill.

It's currently $1.50, so you know, do what you will, but I recommend spending that money on something that does not induce nausea and/or headaches. Because I can almost guarantee that you will feel physical discomfort after a couple of minutes. I've never once before had the experience of feeling nauseous when playing an FPS. But this game...it's like it's designed to achieve that effect with its narrow FOV, warped perspective, stretched aspect ratio and unnatural camera bobbing. If it wasn't for that whole thing it might've been worth one fiddy. Don't get me wrong, it's really bad, but the acting and writing can be quite funny in that bad-good sort of way. So 1 point for that.

The Mark

The Mark is a Polish project a modern shooter FPS, which is responsible for developer group T7 Games, including complex once the people involved in the production of such games as Mortyr and Kajko and Kokosz.

The Mark is your Dead.

This tactical shooter reminds me somehow on the ghost recon series. You can play with friends if you want or just alone with AI which is pretty good and bad at the same time. Most of the time you are playing alone but you can handle it all. This in case you have to kill terrorists which stole some goods which they shouldnt have at all. Beside that the game has a great level editor, me and my friends created loads of maps. Near the level editor im really speechless about the multiplayer, you can play with your friends and you can play on your own created maps. overal score i set it on 75 just in case it doesnt have decent graphics if i refer to other games which were made in the same year.

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