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The Swindle is a steampunk cybercrime caper about breaking into buildings, hacking their systems, stealing all their cash, and quickly running away again before the police show up.

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Game description

The Swindle is a steampunk cybercrime caper about breaking into buildings, hacking their systems, stealing all their cash, and quickly running away again before the police show up.

All the buildings you’ll be robbing are randomly-generated, so you’ll never get the same level twice.

Meanwhile, from the safety of your rickety airship up in Outer Space, you can modify your thief with new skills, tools, and all manner of advanced technological horrors, allowing you to take on bigger buildings with better security, for gargantuan rewards! Have you got what it takes to pull off The Swindle?

// THE_SWINDLE.GetTransmission()

London, 1849_ In 100 days, Scotland Yard will activate their breakthrough Artificial Intelligence technology, codenamed "The Devil's Basilisk"_

Its surveillance capabilities will be total. If the project is completed, your career as a master burglar will be untenable_

> Steal it, before that can happen_

Cool Key Features:

  • Procedurally Generated burglary simulator! No two maps are the same!

  • Play it your way: specialise in hacking or bombs, both are equally-valid ways through a locked door!

  • Unique time-limited roguelike/ RPG gameplay.

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Size Five Games Limited
Size Five Games
Action, Adventure, Mac
Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements


  • OS Version: Win7
  • Processor: 500mhz
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Graphics: Decent GFX card, Shader 2 compliant.
  • Network: Broadband internet connection
  • DirectX Version: 11
  • Disk Space: 1 GB
  • Sound Card: Yes
  • Additional Notes: If playing on a Laptop, please make sure it has a dedicated gfx card; on-board cards will struggle.


  • Processor: Intel "Core i3" or above
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
Recommended Requirements

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Cool Mechanics and Great Gameplay


The whole idea of the game is great and they do a great job of bringing the idea to life and making it believable. The gameplay is very, very well done. It's quite smooth and easy to get down. I love how it is all randomly generated, because it can't really get too repetitive and can sometimes really keep you interested in the game. The game does a great job to keep you going, still playing and having fun. And this game is fun, it can be challenging at times, make you experiment with how you do things, change tactics on the fly, and keep it all fresh. The story/context is fine and understandable. This game is a good buy and can be loads of fun for a very long time. I recommend this to anybody searching for a game of this type. I really like the stealth aspect as well, it's great!

Rougelike? More like Catburglarlike amirite?


The Swindle plays like many rouge like games these days; procedurally generated levels, losing all progress that isn't saved to the bank when you die, and so much fun it might be illegal. In The Swindle, you have to sneak past guards and security systems in randomly generated buildings, stealing as much as you can and using what you steal to level up your characters. You only have so much time until it's game over, and it helps add tension to this stealth game's story. You can't level everything up, so you need to focus on what compliments your playstyle. Add Steampunk Victorian London settings, and The Swindle does enough to most other roguelikes to feel similar, yet it does enough differently to feel like a unique experience.

Thief Extraordinaire


Indie Stealth games tends to be pretty common nowadays on PC but not all of them are worth the effort or the price. The Swindle is pretty unique in the catergory of Stealth games because of its setting. The Swindle makes you play as burglar living in a Steampunk world. No big quest a la Mark of the Ninja here. You're a thief and you steal things. It's as simple as that. The whole concept of the game consists in breaking inside rich people mansion to loot everything valuable you find there to satisfy your kleptomaniac's urges. The big plus here is that the level-design is randomly generated so no houses look the same. As a cat burglar you are very agile and fast. Getting on top of buildings is a pleasure in this game and sneaking inside while staying at the ceiling is just as fun. You can learn new skills and earn new tools to use in your future Heists. The game looks gorgeous and runs perfectly well. As usual with indie games, the art style is pretty cool. Note however that the game is pretty hard and that the controls are a bit glitchy. Otherwise, it's a solid game.

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