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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition


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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition

$49.99 USD

$42.99 USD


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Includes The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the Blood & Wine and Hearts of Stone expansions, as well as the entire DLC collection and the soundtracks – all in one polished package. Combined, it offers over 150 hours of mature storytelling, brutal combat, and engaging gameplay.

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Game description

Includes: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt + Expansion Pass (Blood & Wine and Hearts of Stone) + all 16 DLCs + all 3 soundtracks.

The complete experience

Includes The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the Blood & Wine and Hearts of Stone expansions, as well as the entire DLC collection and the soundtracks – all in one polished package. Combined, it offers over 150 hours of mature storytelling, brutal combat, and engaging gameplay.

You are not a hero, you are a professional

Trained from early childhood and mutated for superhuman skills, strength, and reflexes – witchers are hunters, a socially ostracized counterbalance to the monster-infested world in which they live.

A mature, dark fantasy setting

You know elves, dwarves, trolls, and dryads. But you've never seen them through the eyes of The Witcher. This is a morally ambiguous world of twisted fairytales, social upheaval, and constant strife.

Choices with far-reaching consequences

Track down the child of prophecy in a time of war – a living weapon of great power whose coming was foretold in ancient legends. Make choices that go beyond good and evil and face their far-reaching consequences.

A massive, open world filled with adventure

The massive open world sets new standards for scope, depth and complexity. Explore forgotten ruins, caves and shipwrecks, trade with merchants and dwarven smiths, and hunt across open plains, amidst mountains, and at sea. Oh, and how about a game of Gwent?

Rewarding, skill-based combat

Fight like a Witcher: an arsenal of magic, bombs, specialized potions, and expert sword-fighting skills at your fingertips! Track down and tackle formidable beasts and human opponents alike – but be prepared: some problems are better solved with a silver tongue than a silver sword

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CD Projekt
CD Projekt Red Studio
Authorised Distributor
Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Spanish, Russian, Portuguese-Brazil, Polish, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Hungarian, German, French, English, Czech, Chinese (Traditional)
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7, 64-bit Windows 8 (8.1) or 64-bit Windows 10 
  • Processor: Intel CPU Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz / AMD CPU Phenom II X4 940 
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM 
  • Graphics: Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 660 / AMD GPU Radeon HD 7870 
  • Storage: 35 GB available space


Recommended Requirements
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7, 64-bit Windows 8 (8.1) or 64-bit Windows 10 
  • Processor: Intel CPU Core i7 3770 3.4 GHz / AMD CPU AMD FX-8350 4 GHz 
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM 
  • Graphics: Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 770 / AMD GPU Radeon R9 290 
  • Storage: 35 GB available space

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Reviews for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition

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Why you still don't own it?

If you slept under the rock for the last few years and didn't get a Witcher 3 yet this is the version to get as this GOTY contains all the best content you gen get. Apart from the core game which is pretty lengthy you will be served two amazing DLC that provides long hours of fun expanding Geralt's skills and equipment. I love this game ad you will love it too. Game of the year 2015, literally that still looks amazing!

A Must Add To Any Collection

This is a phenomenal game, and a must have for anyone for anyone who enjoys action games. The crafting, combat, story, graphics and voice acting are all incredibly well done, and have only improved upon the great groundwork that The Witcher 2 had set up. The DLC adds so much to be explored, and is an addition to the game, not just filling in the missing pieces. The DLC is late game content, so if you've got the base version of the game, don't feel like you're going to need to replay the whole game to experience what's new. I highly recommend this game.

Good package for overhyped game

This game is not bad, but it is far from excellence. Gameplay is simple and shallow action RPG button mashing at its worst, but there is something satisfying in cutting off limbs. RPG element is pretty non-existent and incredibly unbalanced, because you can powerlevel this game way too fast, making most of the potions worthless and concoctions completely useless. Writing is all over the place, being nothing more than rehash of the first game (difference being Alvin replaced by Ciri), full of plotholes and contradictions. The only well written part is first half of the game, once you hit Skellige it gets incredibly boring and shows you worst parts of Windwaker. Most of the quests are fetch quests, world is large, but mostly boring, graphics are mixed bag, sometimes lookes great, like in the woods, other times like straight out of PS2 (like textures on rocks and no grass) or lazy (random shadows, only 5-7 faces for NPCs). As for the choices, those are even more shallow than in Fallout 4 - yes/no/joke/tell me more, that's it and most of them will only give you one line, which shows how insignificant it is. What makes this package worth it is Hears of Stone, which is excellent and does everything right - it's not a fetch quest, writing is consistent and incredible with some really great characters (really, best in entire series), without feeling like a rushed rehash like vanilla. Only thing bad is that it's around 10 hours long. Blood and Wine is disappointing - while the map is nice, it's actually smaller than on map screen by at least 25%. Also, the main quest feels incredibly rushed and it's short. What makes this expansion good is more fetch side quests and finally a significant change by adding mutagens. It also adds much needed challange that was missing in vanilla. Overall, this is a good game, but it's full of bugs that won't be fixed, since developers already dropped support for it, leaving it broken just like facestab in Witcher 2. This pack is worth it for Hearts of Stone and this makes this overall meh game a great one. Recommended when on sale.


When you look at amazing games, those games that keep you entertained years after their release, you see they all have something in common. They are not just games where you do stuff. They have a unique flair, a sort of distinct personality, which lets them stand out from the rest of the bunch. These games catch you in a unique way, leaving you intrigued with the world and attached to the characters even after months of break from playing games at all. This is the mark The Witcher 3 has left on me. When I first got the game I thought I'd be playing sort of a Skyrim 2. I couldn't be any wronger; and it was hard to accept the truth. This was a different game. This was a unique game. So after hours of roaming around aimlessly in the world, I started paying serious attention to the main quest and that's when this beautiful game started to open. The main story is the backbone of this game. It sort of takes you by the hand and let's you journey through the different regions, do serious leveling up and take part in numerous side activities. First thing first. Let's start with how freakin bad ass the character you impersonate is. Geralt of Rivia is a professional monster slayer in search of the two ladies of his life'his long-time lover Yennefer and his adoptive child Cirilla. Now I don't need to tell you how fleshed-out these characters are. Hell they come straight from a series of successful novels. Geralt is a real badass. He's tough and smart, sort of a silent wanderer. He's more of a hunter and a seeker than a knight and one of the pros of the game is obviously how good or evil you're going to make him. Beware though, there are a lot of difficult decisions to make and not all them have clear outcomes. Anyway if you're a bloke after a while you're going to be very sympathetic with Geralt. He and every character in this game are very humane, distinct and with tons of personality. I've never seen people's eyes look as good in a videogame as CD Projekt Red realized them. They nailed it so good the character's emotions are really on a cinematic level. The way these characters interact with each other is both grounded and artistic at the same time; so everytime you talk with some one it doesn't feel boring or ripetitive, but believable, almost lifelike while mainting a certain colorful and witty tone to it. The different factions at war in the game seem real, with their ideological and economical aspirations and you'll have to choose which side you'll take. I personally am so fond of Skellige's people, with their simple, natural and blunt ways. Geralt's friends are as cool as him and without the risk of spoilers I'd say that you'll love the straightforwardness of the dwarf Zoltan, the dedication of Triss and the easy going attitude of Dandelion. Well this goes without saying how well made are Yennefer and Ciri, which sometimes steal the White Wolf's spot light with their stubborn and complex personalities. In a way Cirilla is the real main character of the game, but enough with this. I don't want to spoil anything more. The story is both a personal and on an epic scale. You'll have to check it out for yourself. But all I'd like to say is you'll both an hero and a father; you'll wonder carefully which paths to take and wish that things will always work out for the best. This is what I call immersion and storytelling. The side-quests are extremely well-crafted. They're almost never the ordinary go-fetch x type of quest; instead they often surprise you, making you wonder ' What if I'd chosen the other path' ' like a true RPG should do. What's incrediible about this game is also the size of the world. It's more than three times that of Skyrim, bigger than that of GTA V. Not only the size of the playground is astounding, but the quality and density of details is mindboggling. It's a shame the Vanilla version doesn't allow you to explore in first person, diminishing the already good feeling of immersion. Villages and cities seem real and people seem actual inhabitants and not just puppies going around doing the same thing over and over again. What makes the world so beautiful are both the looks and the variety of it. Whiffy swaps, meadows, countrysides, green hills, snowy mountains, lakes, seas. This game has it all and relizes it in a gorgeous way. Even though the developers chose a warmer and slightly less detailed look than the famous E3, they managed to create what is probably the best-looking open world yet. And believe me, if it's beautiful on consoles, at Ultra on PC it's a real feast for the eyes. The gameplay is what for most people matters the most in a game. The Witcher 3 manages to create a very fluid and engaging combat experience, which is both dynamic and tactic through the use of Signs, Oils and Runewords. It's a joy just to kill a pack of Drowners after dozens of hours and see they're body parts splattered everywhere. People still complain about the combat not being enough complex or being ripetitive, but I simply find it good enough and a definite improvement over Witcher 2. It's a bit of an hassle to prepare Potions, apply Oils or Runes etc. before a combat, but it's the down side of being tactic right' I don't like the leveling system that much though, Twelve slots for the hardly gained ability points are just not enough. The inventory itself was badlly organized at launch, with very small texts and almost identical icons. The 1.22 Patch changed it for the better though. The part I'm a bit about are the numerous side activities. Witcher Contracts shine among them, while Tresaur Hunts rely too much on reading and can become a little ripetitive over time. The biggest gameplay flaw in my opinion are the mini-games. I strongly believe mini-games are one of the most important components of an ambitious open-world. Don't get me wrong, Gwent (apart from keeping track of the various cards you have) is absolutely engaging and challenging at times. But fighting matches and horse races are not actual mini games, but in fact, they too are side missions, so once you've beaten them, you cannot repeat them. It's a real shame CD Projekt Red, having a world this big at its disposal, a lore so rich and Npcs so grounded at its disposal, didn't put them to fruit with loads of mini-games and scripted activities you can repeat over and over again. The highest point in this style of gameplay has come from a game Witcher 3, in my honest opinion, owes a lot to: Red Dead Redemption. Just imagine what the Witcher 3 would be with a density of mini games and activities as RDD. Lore friendly gambling, dice, rescuing dames, shooting (maybe with the bow). This activities, along with infinite fighting matches, arm fighting and horse races would have really brought the replay value and immersion to a whole other level, making me feel like I could almost live in that world, being able to keep myself engaged in activities to earn money and have a purpose apart from the main story. Another complaint I have is about the absence as of now of RedKit 3, the full tools for modders to create all the content and game changes they want. With a modding tool similar to Bethesda's Creation Kit, The Witcher 3 could become in a sense Skyrim 2. While these are in my opinion Witcher 3's flaws, what good it's left is a lot, even too much to actually recount. What Witcher 3 lacks in terms of direct fun and immersion totally manages to recover in terms of world design, graphics, handcrafted side-quests, believable characters to care about and a truly cinematic story. No other game has put me in a universe this realistic, in a vortex of such emotional plot experiences and with a sense of scale you can only comprehend, if you take your time to explore the nooks and crannies of the world. The greatest achievement of this game at the end of the day is synthesized in one word: balance. CD Projekt Red has finally successfully tackled the biggest issue for open world games developers. Maintaining intact the possibility of large-scale exploration while keeping gamers engaged in the main quest. At the same time they truly nail the aesthetics of the world, crating a glowing fantasy universe which is both artistic and grounded in reality. The Witcher 3 is a true masterpiece of story-telling and open world design which will keep you engaged for dozens if not hundreds of hours even without the mods or DLCs. After finishing the game you'll wonder, what if I had chosen that other path, or done that thing' Then after hours upon hours of gameplay, you'll reboot your game, ready for another cavalcade on Roach's back in this wonderful animated landscape painting.

A very good game

This is a very good game - with interesting characters and outstanding quests. There is a great feeling of adventure in Witcher III, but the game is not without its problems. The combat and character progression system can get boring. It is decent, but there is not enough variety and interesting skills to keep the player hooked. The main plot has a rather bland ending (I got the good one and was still underwhelmed), and some motivations of the characters are questionable. What starts as a great, deeply personal story turns, unfortunately, into typical RPG-save the world fare. And the witcher sense are awful. True, they are fun in some sidequests, but you quickly realize that the entire structure of the game is just a) follow the trial, b) kill some monsters, c) follow the trial, c) kill the big monster c) go back to questgiver. But even with keeping the above in mind, this is still a very good game and I can recommend it.

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