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Through the Woods: Artbook





Open the digital artbook and dive into the remarkable world of Norse legends.

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Open the digital artbook and dive into the remarkable world of Norse legends. Discover, how Through the Woods came to life, and how the team of Norwegian developers created and shaped the game's visuals. Featuring over 30 colored pages full of concept arts and renders, the artbook of Through the Woods will completely engulf you in the chilling atmosphere of eerie Norwegian forests, where the line between our reality and the world of folklore stories is very thin.

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1C Company
1C Company
Thursday, October 27, 2016
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Reviews for Through the Woods: Artbook

nice indie

Through the Woods, Karen introduces us to a young mother whose life has taken away her years, worn out by her routine and tired of living alone with a child she can not connect with. He decides to take a family trip, to get away from the city and all the distractions that this entails to share a brief period of time with the little Espen, and who says, to strengthen that lost bond. Upon arriving at the rustic hut in the forest, an unparalleled nature, a large expanse of trees that glimpse the warm sunlight, next to a small wooden dock somewhat deteriorated that has as sole witness an extensive lake. Undoubtedly, the atmosphere and atmosphere of Through the Woods is really taken care of, each of its details is complemented and manages to generate a total immersion in the player. The humanity and joy of the day quickly hides and evaporates at nightfall, where they take as the main place the hazy and strange noises that make known a sad and pitiful reality. We are not alone in that forest, and no, it is not animals or exotic creatures that watch from the thin mist curtain.

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