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Tricky Towers





Stack your bricks to create a stable tower and try to topple those of your opponents. Cast magic to support your structure and fend off the dark spells of your rivals in this frantic physics party game.

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Game description

With your brilliant robe and magic powers, it's time to build some Tricky Towers!

Stack your bricks to create a stable tower and try to topple those of your opponents. Cast magic to support your structure and fend off the dark spells of your rivals in this frantic physics party game.

Play with up to 4 friends in local multiplayer or challenge players around the world in an online battle. Train your skills with the extensive single player trials and set a high score on the leaderboards.

With spells flying everywhere and bricks tumbling down, Tricky Towers makes for a chaotically good time!


  • Frantic physics action puzzle gameplay
  • Local and online multiplayer with 2-4 players
  • 3 different multiplayer modes; race, survival and puzzle
  • Challenging single player trials
  • Leaderboard mode: compare how you stack up
  • 17 Powerful light and dark magic spells

Visit our website: http://www.trickytowers.com 
Contact us via Twitter: @WeirdBeardGames 



It's high time for some healthy wizardry competition between friends and family and what better timing than releasing this free expansion for the Holidays. 

As well as the usual bug squashing and UX improvements, we've released a free local and online multiplayer tournament system with a printable party pack!

The Tricky Towers expansion includes:

  • Local and online tournament mode; play multiple rounds to find out who is the ultimate wizard;
  • Endless single player puzzle leaderboard mode;
  • Weekly and monthly leaderboards for the most fanatical wizards out there 
  • New achievements; 
  • Printable tournament pack (www.trickytowers.com);
  • Tricky Towers Tournament schedule; print out and hang on your living room wall to keep track who has to play against whom;
  • Official rules of the Tricky Towers Tournament Cup; 
  • Printable wizard hats to help you dress up and impress your rivals during matches;
  • 3D model of the Tricky Towers Super Cup which you can print out and give to the winner of the tournament;
  • Language select and key binding.

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WeirdBeard BV
WeirdBeard BV
Tuesday, August 2, 2016
English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Dutch
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP 
  • Processor: 1.73 GHz Intel Pentium M or higher 
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM 
  • DirectX: Version 10 
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection 
  • Storage: 400 MB available space 
  • Additional Notes: Controllers needed for local multiplayer 
  • undefined
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Reviews for Tricky Towers

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Unique & amazing!


The best Tetris game I ever played, and I almost forgot it's tetris every time I played! Such a wonderful way that they mixed it with "mage" theme combined with excellent physics. You can even apply magical power ups during the game! Suitable for everyone, you can play offline / Online, even local co op. There are three modes also! It's one of those games that you just can't miss, that you really have to try out! It's really fun, and there's endless replayability. If you see it in a sale, consider purchasing it, or checking first some gameplay! If I could, I would rate it even more. 5 stars it is, then.

Nice Multiplayer


This game is great to play with friends! I don't play tetris a lot, and I'm pretty bad at it, but with this game I can just relax and have a good time on my couch. One of the only games these times that support couch co-op on PC, much appreciated. The online functionality works good, though a (quick-) chat functionality would be handy to communicate/taunt your competitors. PC options are a bit sparse in my opinion (as a PCMR veteran), audio sliders, rebindable keys would be appreciated. I would also like an option to change language to English, as it takes my system language (Dutch), which I don't prefer for gaming. My first impressions are that this game is a mix between Tetris and Jenga, which seems to have pretty deep tactical possibilities when placing the blocks, to prevent (or cause) falling of the tower. On top of that it oozes fun and is a well polished experience, with a soundtrack that reminds me of the Rayman Legends series. It makes me happy and gets me in the right mood for playing. Overall, especially for the price, I highly recommend this game if you want some lighthearted game that is great to play with friends, local or online.

Good multiplayer focused physics based Tetris game


Tricky Towers is a puzzle game that is basically Tetris but with a new artstyle and physics giving it a Jenga style feel but with you building instead of taking down. There is a survival mode where you will try to stack as many pieces as possible without dropping any or you will lose life, a puzzle mode where you must carefully set down pieces in the correct spots without building too high, and a mode where you are attempting to build your tower to reach a finish line in the sky. The game supports both online and local multiplayer matches. You play as a wizard and can acquire different spells that will help you, such as giving you a flat surface to continue building or one that can harm you enemies, possibly by having a very large piece drop on their side that is difficult to keep intact. The game is clearly meant to be played in a multiplayer mode so you will want to have a friend to play it with, if you can find one it is an enjoyable puzzle game.

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