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Tyranny - Bastard's Wound





Experience a new chapter of Tyranny, the critically-acclaimed role-playing game (RPG), in Bastard’s Wound, a new expansion that builds upon the game’s compelling story. 

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Game description

Experience a new chapter of Tyranny, the critically-acclaimed role-playing game (RPG), in Bastard’s Wound, a new expansion that builds upon the game’s compelling story. Tyranny, an original RPG from Obsidian Entertainment, invites the player to make their mark on a world conquered by evil, and the Bastard’s Wound expansion opens up a new area of the Tiers where refugees from the war-torn world have established a haven in secret.

Delve deeper into the mysteries of Terratus as you bring Kyros' justice (or your own version of it) to a new corner of the Tiers. In addition to the new region, Bastard's Wound gives you a chance to learn more about your party in a trio of companion quests featuring Lantry, Verse, and Barik.

Bastard’s Wound will feature:

  • A Refuge from Kyros: Players will explore an all-new section of the world, centered around an illegal settlement of those who have fled the devastation of the war. What sentence will you mete out to the stragglers?
  • Companion Quests: Learn more about the history and personality of Verse, Barik, and Lantry, in new quests and interactions to earn their loyalty or enmity. 
  • Loyalty and Service: Bastard’s Wound will arrive alongside a free update to Tyranny, including new voice-acting, expanded content in the game’s third act, and an all-new path to an unseen ending. What fate awaits those who remain truly loyal to Kyros?


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Obsidian Entertainment
Thursday, September 7, 2017
Digital PC Download
Customer notes

Requires Tyranny (base game) to use this DLC.

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As you know, in this dlc you will travel to a new location which called Bastards Wound. In addition, new missions and new characters will be added to the game. If you are eager to know how your heroic team will be in the game, the Tyranny Extender Package: Bastard's Wound introduces new followers. Some of the gamers reported that Bastard's Wound dlc has some bugs and they were occurred frequently, but if you have played Tyranny and enjoyed it and don't want to experience a new significant or different content, Bastard?s Wound is especially for you.

Good to have if you plan on replaying the game


Bastard's Wound adds some new companion quests and a new area to the game with enough content that will probably add about 4-5 hours to your game. The new area really doesn't add much to the story and doesn't feel that important but it does help to flesh out the world a bit more, as do the quests for your companions. This isn't the kind of expansion you would get to be able to access new content after the endgame though, much of the new content that has been released for Tyranny would require you replaying the game to see and the content of this expansion belongs around the time of Act 2 rather than the final chapter. What is added here is good for fans of the game but without anything substantial or that lengthy and with the need to play through the game again to see this content it might not be worth it for most people.

Wounded, but still going


This expansion is pretty good, but only if you have your expectations straight. If you expect massive expansion, giving you a proper ending we were all waiting for since November of last year and expanding on act III, you will be solely, soul crushingly disappointed, because this is not a point of this expansion (sadly) and developers were not focusing on it much (as stated in interviews). There were added some new things with the free patch to Act III, which is nice, just like new game plus feature was, but that doesn't cut it. If, however, you expect only new, additional story to already existing story line to wonder off (kind of like White March), you will feel right at home, although, still, it is kind of disappointing that there are only 3 companion side-quests. Gameplay-wise, sadly, there is also not much new. Don't expect new spells or anything, treat it like The Witcher 3 expansion - one-off additional story with no significant gameplay overhaul, impact on the overall story or extension worth talking about. It is about the story. Vanilla was pretty well-crafted and thought out story that was not taken far enough with evil things (in my opinion), but it was still pretty good and slightly different take on the genre. Here? Let's say there is severe lack of subelty and without spoiling much of the game, just read the description. Sounds familiar? They couldn't throw it straight in your face more obviously. Spoonfeeding and trying to go "with the times" gone completely wrong and insulting your audience. It has the same idea for "ending" as vanilla - you would think they would try and make decent ending here with this expansion, but they pull exactly the same thing as with vanilla - it ends abruptly and I have a feeling this will be a staple of this series, to force you to buy another expansion or sequel. Also, this DLC gives at the end incredible vibe of selling you cut content from vanilla and unfinished at the same time. I mean, Oldwalls sounded important in vanilla, and yet at the same time it was pretty non-existent, here you finally can explore some part of it, but without proper closure, you have the same feeling as with vanilla after finishing it. That empty feeling of playing a good game, but with wasted potential. For the price, it could've been much, much worse, but sadly, it doesn't click like the vanilla did. It certainly lacks subtelty about its themes and this expansion is as subtle as releasing a squeeker in church. Still, that doesn't change the fact that it is an extetion (around 7 hours) of a good game and other than little lack of companion SQ, significant changes to gameplay and subtlety, it is good. Just little below expectations.

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