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Embark on a journey across continents in the Role Playing Game, Victim of Xen. Follow Will as he becomes a victim of circumstance, after the frivolous royal witch, Xen, turns him into a girl.

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Game description

Embark on a journey across continents in the Role Playing Game, Victim of Xen. Follow Will as he becomes a victim of circumstance, after the frivolous royal witch, Xen, turns him into a girl. As you search of a way to reverse the spell, you'll get pulled into something much more treacherous. Explore a dynamic story set in a rich world full of war and intrigue, with a dash of quirkiness. Fight monsters, complete jobs to earn coin, and get ready for adventure!

Key Features:

  • Unique Story

  • Dynamic World

  • Can you reverse the spell?

You can now unlock the following achievements:

  • Leave No Bug Behind
  • Spiders!
  • Assassinate This
  • For Decor
  • Chucking Chickens
  • The Bookkeeper
  • Weapon Master
Game info
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, or 2000
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Hard Drive: 50 MB available space
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Victim Of Xen

Decent RPGMaker game

Victim of Xen is a RPG game made with the RPGMaker program, with similarities to the grandfather of RPG games (I'm of course referring to the Final Fantasy series). A good storyline, decent fighting mechanics and unique enough characters (although you might recognize a few if you've played other RPGmaker games). The content is pretty good, taking me about 6 hours to fully complete the game. With many different locations to visit and some unique characters to talk to, so you'll not be too bored when travelling around. There are side quests to accompany the main mission, just not that many to make a strong impact on you. Expect to be lost a few times when you begin, as there are few indication as to what you should be doing. There aren't any mechanics made to memorize what your current objective is, so remember to read all the chat you see. Leveling is simple enough, get enough experience and you level up, with stat bonuses automatically calculated and awarded to you. However, leveling doesn't occur many times, and level 10 is considered a high level to reach. Money is important to get the best weapons, but there are methods to grind enough to get end-game gear. One gripe I have is the ending, which i felt to be quite lackluster. The ending is sudden, and doesn't quite give the player that sense of completion you feel from playing, as if there still things that should still happen. Overall a decent game to be made by the RPGMaker program, just don't expect too much from it.

Funny game !

This game is very funny and not real. if I tell the truth I do not know what is going on there, and it is fun. Always when I play this game I'm calling from friends and laugh at such things as "this house is greater than the figures!" and then just laugh. It's a pretty old game but I think to amuse some good. Personally, I would have not bought it but would like to thank Greenman through which I have the game ... it was a welcome pack. my rate 8/10 (Fun is fun)

Generic RPGMaker game that will pass the time

A fun and simple Japanese style RPG made using RPG Maker. The artwork and resources are all samples from RPG Maker itself, but have been put together in what is a reasonably fun RPG. The story itself starts a little cheesy but the stakes manage to rise a little to make the story engaging. The developer is also very active in regards to updates and customer support - fixing any bugs found as soon as possible. It's a cheap game and should be considered by anyone who enjoys the genre. Overall, an innoffensive game that will pass the time.

Decent RPGMaker game with a few missteps

RPGMaker games are pretty big right now, and this one doesn't really do anything to stand out from the pack. It's fun in the same way all of the old-school RPGs are - slaughter your way through enemies to grind up your level, talk to all the NPCs for little bits of story, silly dialogue, or (most often) no point at all, and - in this game - try to make yourself a guy again. On the good side, the game isn't really misogynistic, as I feared it might be - the main character just wants to go back to his own gender, and there isn't really anything to say that being a woman is WORSE, just not who he is inside. On the negative side, it also doesn't use the setting to say anything at all. In the end, it's pretty much just a light, fluffy, old-school RPG to kill some time and not much else.

Normal RPG Game.

The game-play is common(kinda) like other 8-bit RPG games: The character wakes up , talks to his/her mother or some girl then goes on a quest/adventure to talk to someone or do something then something bad happens after that a wild-goose chase starts. The story is fun but the objective is uh how do I put it ..stupid ?, You want to change back to boy just because your grandma keeps yelling at you for turning into a girl but if the same happened in other game/anime I bet it would be something like this "Oh you turned into a girl how cute , you better start learning kitchen work" well that's all I hope you are not angry you can punch the monitor if you forgot to save.

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