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Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Karak Azgaraz





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Game description

"I'm told Karak Azgaraz is a splendid sight.” 

The Skaven have invaded the Dwarfen fortress of Karak Azgaraz! Fight your way through 3 striking levels in this DLC for Vermintide, set among the snow covered peaks of the Grey Mountains. Battle the Skaven in the ancient halls of the Dwarfen Khazid Kro, made of cold stone and old technology. Explore the mountains in search of The Cursed Rune. Finally, make your way to the top of the mountain to light the first beacon and trigger the Chain of Fire

When completing these desperate missions in Karak Azgaraz, you will have a chance to acquire two NEW rare weapons. The Dwarf Ranger is out for Skaven blood with his new Warpick, and the Witch Hunter is not far behind wielding his sharp Falchion

The Skaven are plotting, and all that stands between them and their vile success is you and your friends. For the Dwarfs!

Key Features:

New Map: Khazid Kro - Journey through the outlying settlement of Khazid Kro in search of a Dwarfen engineer by the name of Halgrim 

New Map: The Cursed Rune - Explore the snow covered Grey Mountains in search of a vault containing a special rune 

New Map: Chain of Fire - Make your way to the top of the mountain to set the beacon ablaze and warn nearby settlements of the approaching Skaven army 

New Weapon: Warpick - Give the Skaven a few new breathing holes with this handy Warpick for Bardin Goreksson, the Dwarf Ranger. This weapon can only drop on levels included in the Karak Azgaraz DLC 

New Weapon: Falchion - Time to slice through the Skaven forces with this sharp edged Falchion for Victor Saltzpyre, the Witch Hunter. This weapon can only drop on levels included in the Karak Azgaraz DLC 

3 New Achievements - How will you fare on this new adventure?

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016
Digital PC Download
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Please note: This product requires the base game to be activated.

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Three new maps, two new weapons, and a big game update


The the three new maps have you fighting on the outskirts of Khazid Kro and atop snow covered mountains. The Dwarf gets a new weapon with the Warpick and the Witch Hunter can acquire a Falchion. The new content is all good, though the Warpick doesn't feel like that big of a difference when compared to some of the Dwarf's other weapons. Buying the DLC allows you to host the new maps and to play them by yourself but you can still join other games that are hosting the new content even if you do not own it yourself. A large update released with this DLC adding some performance, AI, and other improvements for the game, now would be as good time to buy the game if you have been putting it off.

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