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Summoned from a diverse range of worlds and time periods to save a mysterious land at the brink of destruction, the champions of Warriors All-Stars find themselves in the middle of a clash for control.

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Forge Alliances and Assemble the Ultimate KOEI TECMO Team to Save a World on the Brink of Destruction, Headed to PlayStation 4 and Windows PC via Steam®

Summoned from a diverse range of worlds and time periods to save a mysterious land at the brink of destruction, the champions of Warriors All-Stars find themselves in the middle of a clash for control. When a magical power source dries up after the king’s passing, princess Tamaki performs a ritual to summon saviours in times of dire need, but her power spirals out of control and scatters them across the domain. As the legend foretells that the land’s liberator will be crowned its new ruler, Tamaki sets out at once to seek the new arrivals and restore peace to the kingdom. However, so do her rivals Setsuna and Shiki – descendants of the royal family who also vie for the throne. Uncertain of their fate, the champions are split into three separate groups with no choice but to duke it out for dominance.

Within this volatile setting, the player must choose their allies carefully. By engaging in Key Battles and taking on Free Scenarios, players will gain access to their faction’s roster of warriors and craft their dream team. Character choices will affect the course and conclusion of the game, as their friendships are key to how the game’s story unfolds, which is further enhanced with the addition of the all-new Bond system. Relationships between characters can improve by fighting alongside one another and spending time together in the Barracks. The closer the Bond, the stronger the abilities unlocked to gain an upper hand on the battlefield.


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Koei Tecmo
Omega Force
August 2017
Digital PC Download
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Pretty fun, just expect light-heartedness


It's a weird...marriage...of themes in Warriors All Stars. The game plays as well as any Warriors game usually does, so that's no issue. But seeing Lu Bu cheer Zhou Yun on from the side with stars and rainbows n such? Kind of jarring. As long as you know you're playing a somewhat silly Warriors entry, you should be fine.

Amazing roster of characters.


Warriors All-Stars is a title clearly meant for the fans of Omega Force games because as always we get the same formula when it comes to gameplay but instead of concentration on one particular universe, we get a set of different character not connected with each other. Gameplay wise it is still well-known idea exploited for years by KOEI at this point with some grinding and a lot of slashing. Mindless but fun as always but a little expensive.

Hack & Slash At It's Finest


I have to admit I was a little worried about this game, but after seeing the amount of characters and how well it plays, I'm no longer skeptical of how well it plays. So far the controls seem to work perfectly and the graphics are very well done. A very fun game for those who enjoy more action than RPG, and even still pretty fun for those who are more into RPG games.

A good choice for Dynasty Warriors's fan


If you have played Warriors All-Stars, you will be found that this game is in the style of the Dynasty Warriors series Which has brought together many of Koei Tecmo's favorite gaming characters. In this game you will see the protagonist of the games like Musou, Ninja Gaiden and even Nioh. So, Warriors All-Stars is a Hack & Slash game that its battle scenes are epic and fascinating. You can play its storyline mode online with your friends, In this game, more than 30 new characters have been added to the game, each of which also has the voice of their main actors.

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