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Game description

Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive are glad to introduce you their new sport video game : Winter Challenge !

In full 3D and exclusively on PC CD-ROM, this winter sports video game offers you to play 4 major disciplines and almost 20 events in solo or multiplayer.

As well as the mainstream sports such as alpine skiing, ski jumping or bobsleigh, Winter Challenge, also offers the opportunity to take part in events that are rarely found in the world of video gaming. Namely, cross country, biathlon and Nordic combined.

Winter Challenge offers several difficulty levels and the possibility to gain experience through competitions taking place in the world’s most famous winter sports’ sites. Winter Challenge faithfully reproduces all major winter sports to make for the ultimate gaming experience to guarantee a maximum of thrills.

Pit your strength and skills against the top athletes and leave your mark in winter sport history !

  • 4 major disciplines : Alpine skiing, Bobsleigh, Ski jumping and Cross country.
  • 20 different events : Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super-G, Downhill, Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined, Bobsleigh, Cross Country with both classic, free and mixed styles.
  • More than 30 national teams, 750 competitors, 6 winter sport domains offering 110 slopes, tracks or circuits.
  • Represent your national team during the major international events in France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Norway and Canada.
  • 3 difficulty levels available : Junior, Pro and International
  • Back in Time function : enables the player to go back a few seconds at any time during an event, allowing him to repeat a section that he’s just failed !
  • Several modes available in solo or upt to 8 in multiplayer (Hotseat/Lan/Internet) : full season, winter sports and single event.
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Focus Home Interactive
Focus Home Interactive
Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • Windows Vista
  • 1 GHz, 256MB of RAM
  • Video Card 32MB DirectX 9.0c compatible 3D
  • 1.2GB of free disk space
  • Sound Card DirectX 9.0c compatible
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Winter Challenge

Great variety in a small game

Outside of the games released for each Olympics, which seems to have become a certainty lately, not many companies attempt to tackle the challenges of a multi-sport game, whether it be ones set in the summer or winter. Games that actually do a good job of it are even more scarce - Winter Challenge is one of those successful ones. The controls are very well placed, and getting into each new discipline is a pretty quick process thanks to this. Going from Bobsleigh to Cross Country is quite easy, and doing well in both in a matter of minutes quite possible. The graphics are fairly good, although a bit of a reduction in the lighting effects would be nice - a couple of spots during Bobsleigh appeared to have my whole team steering a course for the middle of the sun. Sound is good, especially in the skiing sections, which make up the majority of the game, and barrelling downhill both looks and sounds insanely fast. The only negative I can find to mention on Winter Challenge would be the multiplayer component, which, like a previous reviewer stated, is all but broken - not really a big loss, since from what I could tell, the online community is mostly gone at this point. There's far more than enough hours to be spent mucking about on your own in every sport to easily make this game worthy of the price.

Winter Sports

Winter Challenge is a unique game with the focus on Winter Sports like alpine skiing and ski jumping. This is a fun little game which provides an experience not common for the PC. The skiing and the ski jumping events are really enjoyable when we race against time to set the perfect time. Graphically the game is decent and faithfully create a winter event with great looking snow capped tracks on icy hilltops. There are a number of Gameplay modes and total number of circuits are over 100 which are all fun and challenging and can be competed on multiple difficulties . There are number of national teams which we can play with, that creates a sense of national pride while competing in tournaments. The game also features a number of destinations from all around the world, but mostly all locations look and feel pretty same. Controls are perfect and we can instantly jump into action adn have loads of fun. Game supports both local and online multiplayer. Offline multiplayer plays like a HOTSEAT, as both competitors take turns to set best circuit times one after the another on single PC. All in all a great game for winter sport fans. Now you can enjoy winter sports with your friends in summer.

Utterly average

In Winter Challenge, you get to take part in lots of different events (or minigames in this case) such as Ski Jumping and Bobsleighing, which is definitely the most fun, and quite amusing too. The multiplayer is glitchy and doesn't really work, and the back in time function feels as if it has been thrown in at the last second, and feels a bit pointless. Cheap, and okay for a bit of fun.

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