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Wolfenstein: The New Order


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Wolfenstein: The New Order

$19.99 USD

$17.99 USD


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Armed with a mysterious advanced technology, the Nazi’s unrelenting force and intimidation brought even the most powerful nations to their knees.

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Game description

NY Game Awards:


Wolfenstein®: The New OrderTM reignites the series that created the first-person shooter genre. Under development at Machine Games, a studio comprised of a seasoned group of developers recognized for their work creating story-driven games, Wolfenstein offers a deep game narrative packed with action, adventure and first-person combat.

Intense, cinematic and rendered in stunning detail with id® Software’s id Tech® 5 engine, Wolfenstein sends players across Europe on a personal mission to bring down the Nazi war machine. With the help of a small group of resistance fighters, infiltrate their most heavily guarded facilities, battle high-tech Nazi legions, and take control of super-weapons that have conquered the earth – and beyond.

Armed with a mysterious advanced technology, the Nazi’s unrelenting force and intimidation brought even the most powerful nations to their knees. Awakened from a 14-year coma to a world changed forever, war hero B.J. Blazkowicz emerges into this unimaginable alternate version of the 1960s. One in which the monstrous Nazi regime has won World War II, and now rule the globe with an iron fist. You are B.J. Blazkowicz, the American war hero, and the only man capable of rewriting history.

Key Features:

  • The Action and Adventure

    Wolfenstein's breath-taking set pieces feature intense mountain-top car chases, underwater exploration, player-controlled Nazi war machines, and much more – all combined to create an exhilarating action-adventure experience.

  • The Story and Characters

    Hi-octane action and thrilling adventure weaved together into a tightly paced, super immersive game narrative featuring memorable characters.

  • The History and Setting

    Set against a backdrop of an alternate 1960s, discover an unfamiliar world ruled by a familiar enemy—one that has changed and twisted history as you know it.

  • The Arsenal and Assault

    Break into secret research facilities and heavily guarded weapon stashes to upgrade your tools of destruction. Experience intense first-person combat as you go up against oversized Nazi robots, hulking Super Soldiers and elite shock troops.

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Machine Games
Action, Adventure
Tuesday, May 20, 2014
English, French, Italian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7/Windows 8
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 or equivalent AMD
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce 460, ATI Radeon HD 6850
  • Hard Drive: 50 GB available space
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Wolfenstein: The New Order

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Can't wait for the Third Entry of the franchise!

What really stood out for me is also the main reason I will continue to come back to this game long after I finished it is how precise and satisfying the shooting mechanics felt. It is just pure joy to point your gun and just shoot. Further, the weapons feel solid, distinct and carry satisfying feedback all of which combine to make one of the best shooting experience possible . It is the most basic mechanic for a shooter, but you would be surprised that most fail to deliver here. Modern shooters have made great strides in graphics and other enhancements through this medium, but it also came at a price of deteriorating the key functionalities which made this genre timeless. A lot of the essence of the genre is getting lost with modern 'refinements' being made into the genre. It is very pleasant to discover that Wolfenstein have gone back to basics with their approach to shooting. I found the firefights challenging without being frustrating most the time on the 2nd highest difficulty mode I played. The AI was definitely smart to box me in, flank and even find higher ground to get a upper hand during combat situations.Oh yeah one more thing, the game doesn't even have regenerating health, Win!

Remember Wolfenstein? Me Too!

This game is great. Shoot-em-up entertainment, strategy, and all out blasting motherf*ckers just makes for an entertaining game. Great payoff in the story and a thoroughly enjoyable narrative and gameplay. Captured the feeling of the old games (in the combat) and just a great experience.

I would recommend this game, but also would suggest waiting for a sale.

While it may not last as long as one might wish, Wolfenstein: The New Order is nonetheless a wild ride down memory lane, mixing the best of the new with the best of the old in a splendid synergy of both worlds. If you ever need to unwind with some classic Nazi-stabbing (or shooting, or eviscerating, or vaporizing...) action, look no further than Wolfenstein: The New Order - but maybe wait until it doesn't strain the wallet quite as much.

Inglorious Blazkowicz

Who can complain about killing Nazis? Definitely not B.J. Blazkowicz. The gameplay keeps aspects from the classic versions of Wolfenstein, albeit with upgrades to make it gorier and with more action. You can choose whether to be stealthy or guns-blazing in many cases, but ultimately, each level is essentially one where you start with a basic inventory of weapons, collect more as you progress, and use said weapons to kill pretty much everybody dressed in black and wearing a swastika. The true "value" of the game comes from the story, which you may have gotten an indication of from the way they marketed the game in the trailers. The developers made sure to give you a reason to take down the enemies without mercy. The game presents, on numerous occasions, insight into both lore and the world beyond the levels you play. In it, you find a world that's been conquered by Nazis who have essentially reached their peak of sadism and oppression all amplified by the lore like Deathshead and the monstrosities he's created. There is even a level where you're given something of a purity test and you can practically feel the tension when playing it. So it's obvious they put a great deal of emphasis on the environment to give you a sense of the world you're in and throw in B.Js own commentary on things so you get a complete experience. It is still ultimately a FPS game and a Wolfenstein game. True to tradition, the game is one that works around fast reflexes, fast gunfights, and an addiction to health packs and ammo drops.

get it!

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a story-rich and reasonable first-person shooter. As we can expect of modern FPS games, its difficulty tends toward the easy side; hard mode feels like normal mode, so gamers wanting a challenge would be best suited to Uber difficulty. Perhaps the best part of the game is the lore and story. The Nazis are portrayed as visceral, genocidal, sadistic and thoroughly inhuman - their thirst for progress, exemplified by their obsessive construction of concrete infrastructures, provides for both an evocative environment and narrative. Perhaps bravest of all was making the primary villain convinced of his own nobility in spite of having murdered so much of mankind; this delusional aspect helped accentuate his inhumanity. The plot isn't without structural weaknesses. For example the mission to gather a piece of moldy concrete for research had no real consequences down the line. However on the whole it was a solid hero type story, bolstered by bits of lore in newspaper and document clippings you may read as you go. I could see the influence of Half-Life 2 and Dishonored in the enemy and stealth elements, respectively - two apt and worthy sources that helped the game greatly. The New Order's longevity was an issue; I finished a playthrough on hard mode in 10 hours. There was no compelling reason to replay the game other than to find collectibles. In terms of gameplay there were a few frustrating moments, however I found that these difficult sequences could simply be sprinted past, speedrun style. Some elements are needlessly easy; for example, the Laser Kraftwerk energy rechargers being infinite use, rather than limited like their equivalent in Half-Life 2, was an oversight. In terms of design and challenge, the final mission was a particular dissapointment; a series of unimaginative, symmetric, Quake Arena style maps filled with enemies. The concluding bosses - like most bosses in the game - are based upon a sequence of actions which, with a couple of tries, can be accomplished pretty easily. I got the sense that the conclusion was somewhat rushed, as despite being set in an enormous place it ranked among the shorter and easier of chapters - and not simply because I was used to the game's mechanics by that point. Overall Wolfenstein: The New Order is a fun, if somewhat brief, experience. Given its brevity, I recommend picking it up when it is on sale; as it has been a few years since the game's release, such an event is now regular.

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