Green Man Gaming are partnering with GamesAid, a charity that's focused on harnessing the talents and energy of the gaming industry to get out and raise money for great causes.

We are proud to be raising money for GamesAid through our $50 / £50 / €50 bundle where the proceeds from the sale will go to the charity.

GamesAid is a UK based charity made up of games professionals who raise money to support a number of small UK charities, helping disabled or disadvantaged children and young people. Every year GamesAid votes on which charities to help and devotes that years' activities to providing aid to the chosen charities. Events throughout the year, like GamesAid Poker Night, GamesAid StandUp Comedy, and much more help provide essential funds and support for those most at risk in our society.

Green Man Gaming are proud to be helping GamesAid raise money for charity with our GamesAid 50 Game Bundle, all proceeds from this bundle will go straight to GamesAid to help the marginalised and needy.

GamesAid have helped a total of 8 small UK charities, charities such as Austistica who in conjunction with GamesAid have helped develop a proven therapy to aid manage anxiety in autistic children. Other beneficeries include Brighton's Clock Tower Sanctuary, the only day centre service in the city providing help and support for homeless people aged 16-25. GamesAid helped raise funds to help the Clock Tower Sanctuary provide support to vulnerable young people who despearetely need homes, jobs, and skills.

For more information on GamesAid, please click here to find out more.

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