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The Four Playable Nations In Ancestors Legacy

Half the fun of a historical RTS like Ancestors Legacy is in immersing yourself in the real-world history of your chosen faction and appreciating the authentic details that differentiate them from their rivals. The other half? Eradicating those rivals from the history books altogether, naturally.

The fearsome Vikings of the Northern Kingdoms, the canny Anglo-Saxons, the formidable Holy Roman Empire and proud Slavs to the east all come together in both solo and multiplayer modes with sharp implements pointed at each other, gritted teeth, and very little hope of sorting the whole business out with a cosy fireside chat.


Popular culture has painted Vikings as a bloodthirsty bunch of marauders who cared for nothing except bloodshed, horned helmets and Valhalla. That’s not a very holistic characterisation of the people who brought the world the magnetic compass, the tent, skiing, and combs - but their fortitude in battle has gone down in the history books as their defining feature.

In Ancestors Legacy, Vikings take to the battlefield as Norse Archers, Berserkers, Shieldbearers, Scouts, and Spear Raiders. As the Viking nation ascends the technology tiers, Berserkers, Blacksmiths and archery are unlocked (at tier II) followed by Shieldmen and top-tier technologies at the Blacksmith (tier III).

The nation’s prayers have powerful effects on the battlefield and off it. Enacting Loki worship burns all structures at a quicker rate, while worshipping Odin and Thor boosts attack and movement, respectively.


Sandwiched between the Romans and the Normans in the history books, the Anglo Saxons were around from the fifth century to 1066 - and that fateful Battle of Hastings. Known for its output of religious art and seminal poems like Beowulf, they too contributed more than battles to the annals of time. When it did come to combat though, the Anglo-Saxons were renowned for their superior ranged combat such as longbowmen.

Aptly, Longbowmen are represented in Ancestors Legacy’s Anglo-Saxon unit list alongside Huskarls and Shieldmen, Slingers, and Spear Guards. Tier II on the technology tree unlocks the Barracks and Blacksmith, while Tier III unlocks the Catapult, Huskarl, Church, Call to Arms skill, and top-tier technologies at the Blacksmith. Anglo-Saxons can pray for luck to boost their melee and ranged defence, welfare for increased resource income, and order to decrease recruitment cost and time.

Holy Roman Empire

At the peak of its reign, the Holy Roman Empire occupied territories in modern-day Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Croatia. Vast, in other words. It had staying power, too - it wasn’t until 1806 that the empire dissolved, by which point it had been around over a thousand years.

In Ancestors Legacy the troops charged with providing that enduring power are the German Archers, Panzer Cavalry, Crossbowmen, Cleaver Infantry, and Panzer Spearmen. Tier II on the technology tree unlocks Catapult, Ballista, Panzer Spearmen, Hold The Line skill, Crossbows, Imperial Steel Supply, second-tier Blacksmith techs. Tier III unlocks Panzer Cavalry and their Veterancy, along with top-tier technologies at the Blacksmith. On the prayers side, Fast reduces squad upkeep costs, Victory boosts both attack and defence, while finally Welfare boosts all resource income.


Like the Holy Roman Empire, the early Slavs were a superpower of medieval Europe who occupied great swathes of land east of modern-day Germany. Their legacy lives on in contemporary Slavic countries, and their inventions include the beehive frame and the parachute.

On the in-game battlefield, they’re represented by Slavic Archers, Mounted Archers, Cavalry, Shield Warband, and Spear Warband. The Cavalry, Spear Warband, Veterancy for Spear Warband and Cavalry, Archery, and Place of Cult are all unlocked by technology tier II, and Blacksmiths are available at tier III. When the Slavs turn to prayer, they can enact lower upkeep costs with Mokosh Worship, and attack boost with Perun Worship, while worshipping Veles lowers recruitment costs.