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Here's Which Machine Types Will You Battle In Generation Zero

Roaming the battle scarred landscape of Sweden are a variety of different machines, all focused on taking down humans wherever they find them. Each one has a distinct appearance and can be found in three variations, with increasingly complex weapon load outs and plating strength. Learning to identify them on sight, examining their behavioral patterns and discovering their weak points is therefore key to surviving in Generation Zero.


Ticks, like their namesake, are more small annoyances than direct threats, at least when encountered on their own. Primarily engaging players via a leap attack, they can handle only a little damage before being defeated, making them easy pickings when found in smaller groups. However, players should be cautious of larger Tick groupings, as they can easily overwhelm an unprepared traveler. 


Seekers are unarmed foes, but ones that can cause an inordinate amount of trouble. Existing only to alert other robots to the players’ location, they emit an alarm upon sighting the player drawing attention from other enemies in the area. Easily dispatched with a shot to their thruster, or a disabling shot to their alarm rig on top of the robot, they should still be treated as a priority as they can rapidly fill the area with robotic assistance.


Sharing group traits similar to wolves, the Runner is a fast moving foe that often travels in packs. Oftentimes armed with a submachine gun and known for its powerful leap attack, they are a formidable foe at both near and far ranges. A well-placed shot to their rear fuel tank will destroy them, but doing so will also eliminate much of the salvageable material they would normally drop upon defeat.


Hunters are one of the deadliest enemies in in Generation Zero. With weaponry designed to sow discord and terror, they will engage the player from a distance and then proceed to sprint towards their target, quickly closing the gap. Armed with a lethal pneumatic blade, a machine gun, and gas grenades, they can quickly eliminate the player’s options in combat. Their head is one of their few weak points, though upgraded models have additional armor in this area.


Often seen roaming the wilds gathering resources, Harvesters are a prime target for material and loot. They are however not to be underestimated in a combat context, as they are well armed to repel attackers. Missile pods, toxic gas, concussion pulses, and a devastating leg stomps all mean they need to be approached carefully. Gas tanks on the Harvester’s rear and its eye modules are all prime targets for a quick takedown.


The largest robots in Generation Zero, Tanks are a huge menace and a true test of a player’s combat abilities. Armed with a myriad of weapons and standing tall over players and buildings alike, they are to be treated with maximum caution and only engaged when a solid plan of attack is in place. Weak points include the head, sensors, fuel tank, and leg hydraulics, but they need to be taken apart component-by-component in order to be fully defeated. Simply focusing on one structural weakness is not enough to down these colossal opponents.

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