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How Intel Are Supporting Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Author: Gina

Intel have been working with indie titles and the AAAs that we know and love to bring the ultimate gaming experience to the comfort of our gaming chairs as well as esports and major gaming events.

Intel has most recently been involved with Bluehole, the developers behind the incredibly popular Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Since the announcement of what the team at Bluehole will be bringing to Gamescom this year, Intel revealed they will use their own Game Dev program to support the developers. The Intel Game Dev program focuses on providing updates, technical resources and marketing opportunities to game industry developers. The program is also key asset used at events to support smaller indie titles and showcase game reveals. Intel will be using the program to support Bluehole at Gamescom, with the news of their esports tournament that will feature the game’s top 80 players and influencers.

This isn’t the first time that Intel have been involved with Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, as they provided the gaming systems for the PUBG Charity Invitational earlier this year. The event raised over $100,000, with Bluehole matching the first $100,000, to make a grand total of over $200,000. The event was streamed over Twitch and was made possible using Intel’s gaming systems, providing the systems to the 64 streamers who took part in the event. The money raised went to Gamers Outreach, an organisation that provides equipment, technology and software to help kids cope with treatment inside hospitals.

Intel have teased that there is more to come when talking about their relationship with Bluehole and the increasingly popular PUBG, which has just become the most played non-Valve game on Steam, as well as surpassing the team’s expectations by selling over 6 million copies.