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What is Vampyr?

From Life is Strange developer DONTNOD Entertainment comes a completely different beast. A beast with fangs. Vampyr is an action RPG where you take on the role of a plague doctor in London, 1918. A plague doctor with - you guessed it - fangs.

Playing as a Vampyr, you must decide whether to give in to your hunger pangs for human flesh with whoever you please, or to carefully select those who do more harm than good. In this choice-heavy story, your decisions will have consequences.

When you take a person’s blood you also get access to their memories, understanding their connections to the people around you. Every death will create ripples and impact your community, so make sure you choose the right cut of meat before you sink your teeth in. Saying that, DONTNOD promises there is no black and white morality here - just shades of grey, and presumably crimson.

Use otherworldly powers to spy on the lives of those around you, pinpoint your next victim, and lure them to your dining table. Be careful, though, because if Vampyr hunters get wind of your nefarious acts, they will track you down. Luckily, you have powers in your arsenal for such an occasion. As well as being able to use your speed and agility to flee encounters, you will be strong enough to face them fang-on.

Attack with ranged and melee weapons to damage your enemies and dodge attacks to avoid a stake through the heart. Every successful attack or dodge will fill your Blood Gauge, allowing you to unleash your full power on those unsuspecting normies. Drain their life fluid from a distance, or summon ethereal spikes from the ground to impale your enemies like a warning to anyone else who dares attack.

If you are missing the Legacy of Kain series, or Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Vampyr should exist in a comfortable middle-ground between the two, offering a bloody blend of the decision-based gameplay from The Masquerade and the exciting combat of Legacy of Kain.

Vampyr is out in spring 2018.