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Ghost Recon Wildlands Gear

Tools and gear will be your reliable back up in missions and with a wide range of cool arsenal at your disposal; you’ll never be far from a quick getaway or chaotic explosion.

The Ghost Recon Wildlands gear has been designed to interact with your environment and mould to your gameplay style. You’ll be able to unlock new tools along the way and improve your current kit as your progress through missions. Check out the kit below,


As part of your starter kit, you will be equipped with a pair of binoculars that will allow you to identify enemies and suss out missions. The Ghost binoculars are simple and easy to use, with a powerful 3x zoom, night vision and extras you can unlock such as thermal vision.


The latest addition to the super cool gear is a drone. As seen in gameplay footage, the drone seems to be a key component in spotting hidden enemies and exploring environments. However the drone can be detected and although it’s great for spotting targets, be wary when getting too close to enemies.

You will be able to upgrade your drone and unlock exclusive features such as night and thermal vision. You will also be able to activate detonations to disable enemy vehicles and watch towers. Finally, the drone will be able to deliver bombs, a stealthy and deadly approach to an enemy wipe out.


The Ghosts will also have access to the latest grenades and explosives, such as frags, C-4 and diversion grenades.

These explosives can be used in different situations, if you need to destabilise your enemy with a flash bang, cause large amounts of damage or leave traps for them, there’s an explosive for it.

With a plethora of diverse gear at your disposal, you’ll be spoilt for choice when taking on the Santa Blanca cartel.

You’ll also have a wide range of weaponry available to you throughout the game and missions.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Gunsmith

A huge part of the Ghost Recon world is to be able to make it your own, which can be applied to both the gameplay and customising your hero.

Green Man Gaming

Ghost Recon Wildlands Map

When Ubisoft started to create the Ghost Recon Wildlands map, authenticity was at the core of what they wanted to achieve. The game is set in Bolivia in South America, which offers a desolate and raw setting that extends to all areas of the game.

Green Man Gaming

Ghost Recon Wildlands Open World

The first Ghost Recon in the series to take on an open world gameplay. Ghost Recon Wildlands will be launching March 7th 2017 and will be available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Green Man Gaming