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Mass Effect Andromeda: The Kett

One of the brand new alien races that will be making it’s debut in Mass Effect: Andromeda is the Kett.

Unlike the clean, sleek, hard surfaces as seen on the majority of the alien races that inhabit the Milky Way in the original Mass Effect trilogy, the Kett have a more organic design in regards to their architecture and armour.

Even though there hasn’t been much information released about the Kett we can confirm that they will be one of the main antagonists in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Mass Effect - The Kett
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Mass Effect Andromeda Returning Alien Races

With a few new alien faces set to make an appearance in the new Mass Effect, we take a look at which of our beloved species will be returning from the previous games.


Who Are Sara and Scott Ryder?

In Mass Effect: Andromeda Sara and Scott Ryder are twins aboard the Tempest, a Starship that is piloted by their father Alec Ryder, a Pathfinder tasked with heading the Tempest’s mission to explore the Andromeda Galaxy.


Mass Effect Andromeda Squad Mates

A new game in the franchise, Mass Effect: Andromeda starts afresh with its characters, a part of the game that Mass Effect has always gotten so right.