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Mass Effect: Andromeda - The NOMAD

The NOMAD is a six wheeled rover exploration vehicle in Mass Effect: Andromeda. It is also the main mode of transportation that Ryder uses when exploring planet surfaces.

Unlike the Mako in the original Mass Effect trilogy, the NOMAD has no offensive weaponry, the vehicle is designed for planetary exploration instead of all out combat. The vehicle will also be equipped with a boost function so gamers will be able to navigate over planetary terrain faster. You can however still run over enemies with the NOMAD if you so choose.

Compared to the Mako the NOMAD is faster, stronger and more maneuverable. This is due in part to the team who helped develop the NOMAD for Mass Effect: Andromeda. BioWare enlisted the help of the Need For Speed developers when creating the NOMAD in order to get the best driving experience possible in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

In Mass Effect: Andromeda players will also be able to fully customise the NOMAD with new parts, vehicle upgrades and custom paint work. This means the NOMAD can be unique to the player and gives another level of customisation to the game.

Mass Effect The Nomad Vehicle
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Mass Effect: Andromeda - The Andromeda System

The original Mass Effect trilogy was based in the Milky Way and the premise for Mass Effect: Andromeda sees our heroes boarding the Tempest and exploring a brand new galaxy in order to find a new home for humanity.


Mass Effect Andromeda Ship: The Tempest

Your spaceship in Mass Effect: Andromeda doesn’t just act as a mode of transport, it’s a place where you can think about your abilities, character progression, form relationships and plan your next move.


Mass Effect Andromeda Open World Environment

The Mass Effect: Andromeda open-world environment will be similar to the original Mass Effect, where you had more freedom as a player.