Introducing our new Members Price

We're introducing a new way to shop - get treated like a VIP when you sign in and pay the lowest prices with our new Members Price! By replacing our site wide vouchers, we're making it simpler, faster and easier for you to shop on Green Man Gaming.

How does it work?

1. Sign in & search

2. See the Members Price
3. Pay the best price!

Why are we doing this?

We believe in giving our customers the best deals on our store. Our customers deserve to get something back for their loyalty to Green Man Gaming. That’s why we’re introducing the ‘Members price’ to give them even better discounts!

On top of this, we’re replacing the old site-wide vouchers with the Members Price to take out the complexity in finding the best deals on our store. This means that the price you see on the product page will be identical to the final price in your shopping cart because the product has already been discounted for you.

Customer Benefits

Special prices for loyal customers

All signed in customers (with a Green Man Gaming account) will get a special members price - the best discounted price on the site!

Transparent and clearer pricing

Always see the cheapest price you can get from Green Man Gaming whether you’re in the product page or shopping cart. Of course the discount you get depends on whether you’ve signed in or out. Remember to sign in first before clicking on the item you want to purchase to get the best deal on the site.

Shop for deals faster

By saying goodbye to the old site-wide voucher, it's now simpler to get the lowest price on the site!

Green Man Gaming is an official retailer of games. We promise to give you the best price possible by negotiating the best deals for you with official publishers and distributors. We make buying from us fast and secure and offer a purchase guarantee to all customers.

For further information, please visit the Member’s Price FAQ page.