Your guide to Green Man Gaming’s main Summer Sale

We running flash deals every 12 hours until the sale ends on 4 August 2017. So, make sure you keep your eyes on our video game Summer Sale page at all times so you don’t miss out on the best digital PC game deals right now!

Our biggest and best summer sale ever also includes over 7,000 different PC games at great prices with extra vouchers of up to 25% off new releases for customers who buy from our flash deals.


Guide to getting the best deals in the sale



Visit the Summer Sale page to see all the deals.

It’s got our daily flash deals and the different themes all in one place!


Check out our daily flash deals

Be quick, they only last 12 hours and change at 11AM GMT and 11PM GMT everyday. Look out for the counter to see how much time remains to claim vouchers.

Flash deals = the deepest discounts on the best PC games! Plus, you’ll get some extra sweet discount vouchers (up to 25% off new release titles such as Far Cry 5, Shadow of War and much more) or a free mystery game in your inbox if you buy any of the flash deal PC games.


Add your games to the basket

Don’t forget to use voucher SUMMER2017 to save even more money and pay for your purchases. Again, Don’t forget to use your voucher code!


Check your email inbox...

..for your confirmation email from Green Man Gaming.

Look out for your game keys plus all the extra discount vouchers you can use in the sale.


Come back to the Summer Sale...

...page to use your voucher codes and check out the flash deal of the day again.


So what are you waiting for?

Head over to our Summer Sale right now and start saving on your favourite PC games.