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  • Intel® Starter Pack - 4x games
  • 1x Gold Gift*
  • 15% sale-wide voucher**
  • Intel® Starter Pack - 4x games
  • 1x Silver Gift*
  • 10% sale-wide voucher**
  • 1x Bronze Gift*
  • 7% sale-wide voucher**
* You'll get a 100% off voucher redeemable against selected games, listed here.

Free Intel® Starter Pack

In our exclusive Intel Starter Pack you can choose 4 games out of a possible 10 when you buy a Gold or Silver tiered game. This pack includes games such as Star Trek Bridge Crew, Raw Data, Gas Guzzlers Extreme and in-game content for free-to-play shooter Dreadnought.

Got your intel® starter pack key?

Choose 4 from the following:

Full games

  • Star Trek Bridge Crew
  • Raw Data
  • There came an Echo
  • Goat Punks
  • Gass Guzzlers Extreme

In-game content for

  • Tera
  • Dreadnought
  • Star Trek Online
  • AdVenture Capitalist
  • Star Wars Pinball

When you purchase a Gold or Silver game, you will receive the code for your Intel Starter Pack via your confirmation email. Once you've got your code, you need to head to Intel and follow the instructions on site. Once there you can choose your 4 free games out of a possible 10.

A maximum of 3 Intel® Starter Packs can be redeemed per customer. Each game can only be redeemed a maximum of 2 times.

With your tiered rewards, you will receive a 100% off voucher, redeemable against selected games. These games differ according to whether you bought a bronze, silver or gold pack.

You will receive your voucher code via your email confirmation. Once received, you can apply this code to one of our selected games and receive it for free.

With each reward you get a sale-wide voucher, redeemable against any sale game. From the Gold pack you get a 15% voucher, for Silver 10% and for Bronze 7%. You’ll get the code for your voucher in your email confirmation of purchase.



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